Oral Sex Linked To Throat Cancer

Here's a scary newsflash - NewScientist.com reports that those of us who have had more than five (just five!) oral sex partners are 250% more likely to contract throat cancer than those who don't have oral sex. I guess that means nuns and straight men are going to be okay, then.

The research team that uncovered this happy news discovered that this was due to human papillomavirus (HPV) - a virus implicated in cervical cancer - being transmitted through oral sex. The team hopes that their findings will encourage us all to use condoms - and whatever it is the Lesbians use - during oral sex, something I think is highly unlikely, given the wildfire spread of barebacking.

Still, the mention of cervical cancer should give all us battymen hope - I'm no boffin, but isn't it the female of the species who has the cervix? Maybe this HPV malarkey only effects the straights.

Here's hoping...


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