Eric Gyamfi

A r t
S k o o l
A r t  i s  n o t  a  t h i n g ,  i t  i s  a  w a y .

The work of Ghanaian artist Eric Gyamfi, whose work focuses on at-risk minorities (women and children), and sexual identity. He says, “My works in many ways are a reflection of my own days, gone and ongoing, centered with family and society orbiting around it. As such, there is a direct response to the actions of these entities, subliminal or otherwise, that I attempt to explore through a conscious reconstruction process, a performance of sorts, using monochrome photography as a tool to document those experiences, on themes of sexuality and gender, religion and tradition. These themes are further explored on a framework of a country that is still struggling for its own place between the old and the new (modernity). Using my own body as a narrative tool, with the eye of an insider, I develop these photo sequences as a commentary on the times I live in, both as an African man, and a human being, bearing in mind its notions of masculinity, manhood and sexual identity, and the psychological complexities associated with these constructs, as I struggle to secure a sense of self and place in a country that is struggling for same.”

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