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left & found

Is the LGBT community eating its own?

Why we must stop sex-shaming gay men who want to take PrEP. (Image)

Why can't we talk about homophobia in the black community? (Image)

People of colour aren't 'outrage merchants'. Sometimes we need anger just to survive. "The legitimate concerns of people of colour are quelled by racism every day. Even that’s not enough – we’re also told we trade in it."

Is it time to ditch the term "black, Asian and minority ethnic" (BAME)? (Image)

Twenty-four late-great black gay personalities we shall never forget. Above, Ephraim Lewis, the subject of this week's cover. More on him below.

Remembering LGBT history didn't begin with Stonewall.

Ten years before Stonewall, there was the Cooper's Donuts riot.

Twelve quotes proving Harvey Milk still gives us hope.

Christians flummoxed by the gay lions of Noah's Ark.

How to destroy every single argument against marriage equality...

Are your gay friends making you poor?

In this golden age of plastic, we’ve forgotten the true value of money. "The dominance of credit and debit cards means we’re moving to a time in which ‘I want’ does get everything. But we could be on the verge of a cashless backlash."

Have our cultural tastes become too childish?

news from america

Turns out Out NYC Hotel co-owner Ian Reisner donated cash to rightwing presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas...

Former Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert accused of paying to cover up "sexual misconduct" with former male student, indicted.

Sixteen anti-gay leaders exposed as gay or bi.

Bullied gay student and LGBT activist Isaiah Smith sues Texas school district.

The boy who burned inside. "There was no one to protect Marco Flores, and, just 9 when it started, he couldn’t protect himself. But then one day he realized that others he loved were in danger, and that it was up to him — up to him to end it."

College footballer Steward Butler indicted on hate crime charges for assaulting gay couple he saw kiss on the street.

Bayna El-Amin, the man wanted in connection with Manhattan "anti-gay chair attack", is himself gay, and "and pretty popular in the ballroom scene."

Lesbian posing as man lures married lawyer into fake gay hook-up, then stabs him to death.

Whaaa...? Teacher quits after reading "homoerotic" Allen Ginsberg poem in class. The poem includes the words "please master call me a dog, an ass beast, a wet asshole"...

Why Indiana was the perfect storm for a HIV outbreak. "Poverty, prescription meds, and slim medical services are all behind HIV infections in rural Indiana."

Can black police be pro-black and pro-blue at the same time?

A city of two tales. "The Cleveland police are still adamant that they did nothing wrong in the killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice."

And this: Police wanted to charge Tamir Rice with “inducing panic” and "aggravated menacing”.

Struggle in San Francisco: Being black and gay in the bay. (Image)

Pittsburgh Pride under fire for booking homophobic, racist Igloo Australia Iggy Azalea.

Long Beach Pride, in pictures.

DC Black Pride, in pictures.

Stonewall Inn on track to be named historical landmark.

LGBT military personnel, in pictures.

Sexual orientation soon to become protected class in US military.

Meet the gay veteran who had a "ton of fun" in the Korean War.

Remembering our LGBT heroes as One World Trade Center opens. "The tallest building in the western hemisphere is now open on the site where 2,753 people died, two dozen of them members of the LGBT community." (Image)

Fail. Westboro Baptist Church reverses Ireland's flag so it becomes that of Ivory Coast.

Tennessee pastor Boyd Watson Holder Jr. steals $US60,000 from church, spends it on gay dating sites.

Amtrak 188 crash: Attacking gay train driver Brandon Bostian won't un-crash that train.

How a late-night cabaret saved a gay teen runaway.

Homelessness among LGBT youth "endemic" in the United States.

Suicides among black children rise as rates for whites drop.

Why Baltimore blew up. "It wasn't just the killing of Freddie Gray. Inside the complex legal infrastructure that encourages — and covers up — police violence."

Rick Santorum’s presidential bid isn’t funny, it’s terrifying.

Sam Ciccone, the co-founder of America’s first gay police association, is dead. He was 71.

Canada | An old shoebox gives a glimpse into one gay man's life in 1940s-60s vancouver.

news from
latin america

Argentina | A court has reduced the sentence of a child abuser because the 6-year-old victim is gay. "Since the child was gay, the abuse wasn’t as bad as if he weren’t," the Buenos Aires court concluded.

Mexico | The tragedies of Mexico City’s Tlatelolco housing complex. "Scene of the final brutal conquest of the Aztecs, the massacre of protesters ahead of the 1968 Olympic Games and the collapse of an entire housing block in the 1985 earthquake, Tlatelolco embodies Mexico’s painful history."

news from the uk

A gay teen came out, was made homeless and was then sexually assaulted on the same day.

LGBT housing services devastated by austerity cuts. "Homelessness among gay, lesbian and transgender people is rising but the few organisations that offer help are struggling to survive."

Orashia Edwards' deportation flight canceled pending another appeal.

Senior gay London police officer Chief Inspector Paul Cahill appears in court on drugs charges.

Poppers could be banned, as the government seeks to crack down on legal highs. Why the ban is mind-bendingly stupid. "The most deadly substances abused in our society are alcohol, sugar and tobacco, not cannabis, ecstasy and nitrous oxide."

Muslim mayoral Rabina Khan hopeful pledges to reopen historic East London gay bar The Joiners' Arms.

Birmingham Pride, in pictures.

Broadcast regulator Ofcom blocks radio station’s plans to drop LGBT commitments.

The new Conservative government delays pledge to scrap the Human Rights Act, which has been used in many legal cases to argue for protection for LGBT people.

Abracadabra! Britain’s political elite has fooled us all again. "Bankers, bosses, selfish politicians; all are masters of misdirection. It allows them to escape blame-free."

These children of Thatcher are free to cut, cut, cut – and they’re loving every minute.

How five more years of Tory rule will destroy our sense of reality.

Margaret Thatcher's biographer compares marriage equality to “asbestos”, “communism”, and “high-rise housing”.

Double lives – a history of sex and secrecy at Westminster. "There are now 32 openly gay MPs, but for much of the 20th century many politicians were forced to lead complex, clandestine sexual lives. Michael Bloch tells their stories and salutes their powers of subterfuge."

Northern Ireland | Bakery stops serving all wedding cakes - so they can't be made to do gay ones.

news from europe

Ireland | Marriage equality comes to the Emerald Isle as the country becomes the first in the world to approve marriage equality by popular vote. In pictures.

Ireland | Why the decision will reverberate around the world. The Vatican ain't pleased, though.

Ireland | Don't be blinded by the Yes vote: Ireland is still oppressing its LGBT population. "Equal marriage is too often conflated with absolute LGBT equality but the reality continues to be alarming."

France | Talking to a man who rubs his penis against women on trains.

Greenland | Parliament legalises marriage equality. (Image)

Switzerland | Court rules gay couple can't both be fathers to their son.

Germany | Angela Merkel rules out introducing marriage equality, despite 75% of Germans being in favour of it.

Austria | Vienna’s gay-themed traffic lights set to become a permanent sight in the capital.

Norway | Inexplicable crime. "On the psychology of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik."

Latvia | Only 2.5% of Latvians support EuroPride in Riga.

Poland | Parliament rejects gay civil partnerships for a fourth time.

Russia | Police break up "unauthorised" LGBT equality rally in Moscow, arresting activists. In pictures.

Russia | Deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin warns the West will collapse under the onslaught of ISIS and gays.

Kazakhstan | Anti-gay law ditched ahead of Winter Olympics bid.

Turkey | Men who masturbate will find their hands pregnant in the afterlife, anti-gay televangelist warns.

news from africa

Morocco | Three men jailed for gay sex.

Uganda | Hundreds gather for peaceful pride.

Uganda | Insane tabloid brands Birmingham Pride an “anal sex fete”, and a “mega sex festival.” The hysterical article continued, "notorious bum drillers brought work in the city to a standstill since that fateful day, nothing else mattered.”

Mozambique | Gay sex officially legal from 29th June.

Guinea-Bissau | Africa's first "narco-state", Guinea-Bissau "has been a key hub in the international drugs trade for nearly a decade. Hit by military coups and poverty, it's used by South American drug cartels as a route to smuggle cocaine to Europe.

Hooked is a five-part report in graphic novel style of the human impact of that trade. It explores difficult themes of drug taking."

news from asia

Hong Kong | 65% of Hong Kong student teachers harbour anti-gay attitudes.

Taiwan | First Pink Dot LGBT rally in Taipei attracts 3,000. In pictures. Watch:

Vietnam | "Poisonous" gay erotica novels - which accounts for the majority of book sales in the country - banned by government.

South Korea | Hate-filled Christians queue for weeks to block Queer Culture Festival.

South Korea | "Straight" comedian Baek Jae Hyun arrested for performing oral sex on sleeping man in sauna.

South Korea | Learning from Seoul's Sampoong Department Store disaster.

India | Harish Iyer's mother posts newspaper ad seeking a husband for her son, indicates preferred caste.

Australia | Thousands rally in Sydney for marriage equality. Has conservative Australia given up the fight on marriage equality?

Corporate Australia adds to pressure on government over marriage equality.

art & design

Atis Rezistans, a group of artists in the slums of downtown Port-au-Prince, created these photographic versions of the tarot deck.

Meanwhile, Alexey Kondakov's series 2 Reality, seamlessly places the subjects of classic paintings in present-day Kiev.

New York's "Black Market" proves art fairs can turn up.

Authors, architects and artists line up to lambast London's "abysmal" garden bridge plan.

The Observatory: One World Trade Center looking squarely to the future. "Trip to the top is no 9/11 history lesson – it’s all about the views of Manhattan and beyond, the human feat that is New York ... and sheer height"

Habitat 67: Montreal's "failed dream... The pilot project of Moshe Safdie’s mission to reinvent apartment living became mired in controversy – yet it remains a functioning icon of 1960s utopianism, and one of that period’s most important building."

South African artist Zanele Muholi’s new exhibit Zanele Muholi: Isibonelo/Evidence, at the Brooklyn Museum, runs until 1st November. In pictures.

Michael James O’Brien’s images of ’90s drag artists.

Alex Sturrock's images of the London only Londoners see.

Robert Clayton's images of a council estate in Birmingham in 1991 "visually crystallises the legacy of Tory government".

The element that made the 20th Century shine.


The Passion of Sergius & Bacchus, by 2015 Lambda Literary Award Nominee David Reddish, fictionalises a true story of love between two Roman soldiers.

Tanith Lee, the novelist and screenwriter, is dead. She was 67. In addition to ninety books, she also wrote two episodes of '80s SF series Blake’s 7.

The tabloid century: How popular papers helped to define Britain.

Review | The American People, by Larry Kramer. "'Look at a map,' Kramer writes. 'Florida is America’s penis and the Everglades is its rectum and the Gulf of Mexico is what we pissed and shat into.' Right from the beginning it’s clear that this is a book with an agenda. Forty years in the making, Kramer’s text aspires to history more so than to fiction — though it’s a peculiar history, to be sure, one that reads like a True Hollywood Story or a legend."

Talking to Alison Bechdel. Asked about whether something was lost as "queer culture" becomes "more mainstream," she responded: "I feel wistful for the sense of being special. When gay people were rejected, there was this camaraderie and this sense of community that I don’t feel anymore. I miss that."

Do not miss Toril Orlesky’s webcomic Hotblood!

Or how about joining TJ and Amal?

shouting in the night

Taye Diggs - newly announced as taking lead role in the Broadway musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, tells TMZ he'd been a drag queen in high school and "experimented with homosexuality, ass play [and] I worked the streets in male prostitution."

The first-ever DragCon, in pictures.

at the movies

Queer filmmakers embark on Twin Peaks documentary about "an abused gay teen's obsession with Lynch's masterpiece".

Houses of LaBeija, Pendavis, Xtravaganza to represent at Paris Is Burning screening after outrage over Brooklyn-based community arts organization BRIC neglecting to include members of the ballroom community or from the film. (Image)

Fifteen queer documentaries that helped define us.

The first documentary on homosexuality - The Rejected, first aired on 11th September 1961 - was considered lost. Now it's online.

New book by former agent alleges Judy Garland lit herself on fire, slit her wrists and had lesbian car sex.

Tomorrowland exposes Hollywood’s originality problem.

Tomorrowland should have been great — so what went wrong?

San Andreas is just the latest film to kick the crap out of LA.

Why fewer computer graphics make for better movies.

The ten gayest things about the Mad Max franchise.

South Korean gay couple Kim Jho Gwang-soo and Kim Seung-hwan get married, are the subject of documentary My Fair Wedding.

The nineteen best-reviewed movies on Netflix right now.

How Sidney Poitier paved the way for Barack Obama. "With his cool, dignified eloquence, Sidney Poitier primed the white US imagination for its first black president. But thanks to his roles in such films as Who is Coming to Dinner, he was also accused of being a white person’s fantasy of blackness."

Twenty-five of the bitchiest Joan Crawford quotes.

Jaws, 40 years on: "‘One of the truly great and lasting classics of American cinema’. The true meaning of Jaws has been picked over by critics and academics ever since its release in June 1975, and even its status as the first summer blockbuster has been questioned. But isn’t it just about a killer shark?"

Ten horror movies that were really cursed.

Review | Chocolate City. "The filmmaking screams first-timer with continuity errors galore, dropped story threads (even one for his own character), and straight up bizarre editing/pacing choices."

Review | San Andreas. "The hardcore disaster porn movie we deserve... Nowhere near the best movie made this year. Indeed, it might be one of the worst. But it is, without a doubt, one of the most unapologetic, self-aware, and entertaining romps of 2015."

Review | Seek. "Although some will find it a little slow and lacking in incident, Seek’s fascination with people, modern life, and learning acceptance and happiness, slowly begins to have an effect and it turns into something worthwhile."

Watch | Wild Horses (starring James Franco, in yet another gay role, and Josh Hartnett) trailer; Those People (about "a New York painter named Charlie, who is obsessed with the son of a disgraced investment banker in the jungles of the Upper East Side") trailer;

the box

Did your favorite TV show get canceled? Here are seven reasons it might have.

Everybody says network TV is dying. Nobody told network TV.

Why network TV is collapsing, in two data sets.

Netflix renews Grace and Frankie for a second season. The show sees Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as two women who find themselves living together after their ex-husbands revealed they had been in love with one another for 20 years.

Bianca Del Rio eviscerates Kathy Griffin. "The gays love her because she plays the gay card.'Oh, I love the gays! The gays are...' Fuck you, cunt!"

Talking to RuPaul about city vs country, cutesy vs bitchy and US vs UK.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Kennedy Davenport after she sashayed away.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Pearl.

Male contestants on The Bachelorette fall for each other. "We've gotten very close in the shower."

LA gay bar The Abbey to get its own reality TV show.

Gay male model Aaron Frew removed from Big Brother for "inappropriate behaviour".

Benefits Street meets The Hunger Games is a new low for the BBC. "Poking fun at poor people — isn't the Beeb better than that?"

How to Get Away With Murder star Conrad Ricamora and Looking’s Daniel Franzese played the only HIV-positive characters on television in 2015. Here’s why they agree that’s a huge problem and what TV producers should do about it.

David Duchovny can’t save Aquarius from its Charles Manson confusion.

...But why are people so upset about a scene in a TV show and so indifferent to true-life cases?

The Twin Peaks effect: Why TV loves a creepy town.

Why it took forty years to see a gay character on Star Trek.

Eleven unforgettable HIV storylines in TV history.

Twenty-five unforgettable gay TV kisses.

Why are TV writers fawning over royalty?

Gays of our lives: What sort of a week have our favourite gay characters in soap had?

Talking to Layton Williams, the sizzling out gay actor from Beautiful People and Bad Education.

Terry Sue-Patt, the actor best remembered for his role as Benny Green in Grange Hill, is dead. He was 50.

Terry Sue-Patt: How Grange Hill reflected a changing Britain.

Terry Sue-Patt: Children's TV shows like Grange Hill used to connect us to the real world. "The death of Terry Sue-Patt has reminded me of how easy it is now for someone to slip downhill unnoticed."

Watch | The latest episodes of BAIT (episode 3 - Lovers & Friends); FREEFALL; Finding Me the Series; Conspiracy Theory (look out for an appearance by HotRod); The Circle NYC (look out for an appearance by Envy); and Dr. Drea sees a client.

beats, rhymes & life

How the compact disc lost its shine. "It’s 30 years since Dire Straits’ Brothers in Arms began the CD boom. How did the revolution in music formats come about and what killed it?"

The brief life and tragic death of Ephraim Lewis. "If things had gone to plan, Ephraim Lewis would have been a household name. Music execs spent millions trying to turn the boy from Wolverhampton into the British Michael Jackson. Then in 1994, Ephraim Lewis jumped from a balcony in Los Angeles. The secrets of his brief, troubled life only emerging a year after his death... Lewis was also a man with secrets; for instance, about his sexuality."

Ephraim Lewis reissued. "Lewis left a small but notable body of work that did a fine job of indicating the talent he possessed – talent that was silenced far too soon."

Ephraim Lewis, dark androgyne.

From Liberace to Sam Smith, the evolution of gay music.

Meet Frank Ocean's new collaborator, Christophe Chassol.

Talking to Will Young. "I'm basically a pervert."

Out gay rapper Kaoz drops new album, The End Is Beginning.

Out country singer Steve Grand on mean gays: "I have never been able to understand how people who have been misunderstood or mistreated … then intentionally misunderstand and mistreat others when they know the pain of that."

Review | EarthTone – New Balance. "It’s no secret that EarthTone is one of my favorite gay rappers. So the day when his new mixtape New Balance dropped, I eagerly listened to it in its entirety."

Listen | Haleek Maul - Kingdom Come. "A towering song with nods to both his Brooklyn home and his Barbadian roots."

Watch | Mika - Good Guys (the song is a bittersweet homage to "heroes dressed up in gold," the men, many of them gay, who inspired the singer growing up); EarthTone - Belligerent; RuPaul - Modern Love; and Adore Delano - Give Me Tonight...


The last old-school orgy in New York.

Californian porn models face having to wear protective goggles on set, if new proposals are enacted.

Gay dating app SCRUFF ranks American cities by body hair.

International Mr. Leather Weekend, in pictures.

Str8UpGayPorn hacked after blogger publishes name of industry veteran; leading industry figures express outrage, demand Str8UpGayPorn is taken down.

Retired gay porn star Brandon Hawk wants you to pay him money to get back into gay porn.

Talking to Mr Cali.

Behind-the-scenes with Ken Ott and friends.

Behind-the-scenes with Colt, Kennedy, and Quinn on the set of Corbin Fisher.

Dominic Santos and Austin Wilde's epic sex session, in pictures. Read the KAOS review here.

Did Brad Pitt once order recently deceased gay porn star Cameron Fox from the Rentboy website?

Tyson Beckford might call America’s Next Top Model winner Keith Carlos “short”, but he sure measures up in other departments...


Openly gay track and field star LeQuan Chapman named athlete of the year.

Weary Michael Sam downplays being a gay player in the Canadian Football League. "I’m just here to play football," he told a press conference. "I’m not here to try to do anything historic." And who could blame him?

You can now buy a Michael Sam Montreal Alouettes jersey.

Texas college bans gay athletes from dating or supporting marriage equality.

The life of a transgender kickboxer in rural Thailand.

Herndon Monument climb, in pictures. Video.

Athens goes nuts for returning NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo (the "Greek Freak").

rag trade

Levi's and Stonewall: how fashion embraced gay rights. "Slogan T-shirts have been an activism staple for decades. As Pride kicks off this month, we look at how fashion and gay rights have evolved together."

Yes, wearing a hat is eccentric – but here's why I do it anyway.

st. elsewhere

HIV home-testing firm taken by surprise by UK demand.

How to date an HIV-negative guy. "Think your status is the only one that matters? You're wrong."

Study sheds light on Truvada’s ability to prevent HIV infection after one week of dosing.

Hepatitis B carriers are learning too late for treatment.

Does paracetamol do you more harm than good?

Four myths about hydration that refuse to die.

Justin Jedlica, who has had more than 190 cosmetic operations, goes under the knife again to get angels wings.

How anabolic steroids make you stronger – and how they destroy you.

Watch | Unzipped episode 5: What Scares You About HIV?; and new series #AskTheHIVDoc.

How to not break your dick during sex.

When it comes to sexual desirability, balls are often treated as an afterthought.

Six maps and charts that explain sex around the world.

Seven common myths about meditation.

Hallucinations and delusions are surprisingly common.

ghetto romance

Why I'm polyamorous and proud. "Simon Copland was 16 when he came out as gay. Now – with two partners – he faces a much more difficult coming out."

Shamir answers your relationship questions!

hell's kitchen

Tallywackers, Dallas’ all-male version of Hooters, opens for business.

Is tea Britain's national disgrace?

Expensive wine is for suckers. This video shows why.

Why is the vinegar on your salt and vinegar potato chips a powder?

The war on Big Food. "How packaged-food companies like Campbell and Hershey are responding to the backlash against pesticides, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, growth hormones, antibiotics, gluten, and genetically modified organisms."

Sea spaghetti in the supermarket: The unstoppable rise of seaweed.

Faeces, bacteria, toxins: Welcome to the chicken farm.

The supermarket of the future.

This is where every penny of every dollar you spend on food goes.

Why you should stop drinking bottled water.

betta work!

Will automation and the internet of things lead to mass unemployment?

Yes. Self-driving trucks are going to kill jobs, and not just for drivers.

We are no longer paid what we are worth – just look at dog walkers. "With some dog walkers now paid more than the average employee, it’s clear the days when pay was linked to effort, skill and the societal worth of a job are over."

Sex, drugs and luxury: The life of a bellboy at a five-star hotel.

Sex, piss and violence: My life as a youth hostel receptionist.

planes, trains & automobiles

Why you should stop going on cruises.

Watch this incredible footage of a ship being broken up.

Inside Tokyo's infamous suicide train station.

Why are US train drivers called engineers?

Living in a trailer. "On touring America and the culture of trailer parks in the early 1950s."


Seven adorable animals that are also murderous monsters.

Animal pictures of the week. Above, the giraffe with a broken neck that's survived for five years with a zig zag spine.

planet earth

Talking to a seismologist about how screwed California would be in a San Andreas–style earthquake.

California turns to fake grass in response to drought.

The heat and the death toll are rising in India. Is this a glimpse of Earth’s future?

Don't believe the label "flushable" - disposable wipes clog sewers around the world.

inside the spaceship

The internet has finally become TV.

The always up-to-date guide to streaming blocked content overseas.

Here's why you should delete AdBlock right now.

Here's why people actually "like" your posts on Facebook.

Google Photos launches, allowing users to store unlimited media for free.

The best way to manage your photos online in 2015.

Why the Nigerian prince email scam won’t die.

The people who can't let go of old gadgets.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

Could future human beings all look like Brazilians?

Twenty-seven hilariously bad maps that explain nothing.

The real ads of the Mad Men era.

And finally, Rogue "Marbie" Scott is bored; Qaadir deals with a difficult customer; Andrew explains why he hates gay things; and Walter on race being a liability...
See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 214: 18-31 May 2015
On the cover: Ephraim Lewis.



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