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left & found

What was gay? "In an increasingly accepting world, homosexual men are all too eager to leave their campy, cruising past behind. But the price of equality shouldn’t be conformity."

Where the wild things aren't. "It has become harder than ever to find quick, recreational sex... Where are the men of stereotype, the randy fellows who are always ready for casual tumbles? Are the guys with insatiable libidos now hiding somewhere outside of West Hollywood and the West Village? These days, even finding an online hook-up takes too long.

Gay people today are boring, artist David Hockney says, because they are so conservative, and “want to be ordinary”.

Dustin Lance Black on why the LGBT and black civil rights movements are connected.

The anti-gay backlash has started...

...And four million gay men are beaten up every year...

...But the number of countries criminalising homosexuality has fallen from 92 to 76 since 2006.

Male-on-male sexual harassment is real.

Here's the annual OUT Hot List.

Coming out as an atheist, as queer, and as polyamorous.

Why polyamorous marriages are the next step to equality. (Image)

Now is the time to start talking about racism in the LGBT community.

I'm black and gay; America is white and straight... but I'm deeply in love with America.

How highly gendered toys present an exclusively heterosexual worldview to children.

Atheism terrifies people because it makes us think about death.

news from america

This is 22-year-old Kevin Kantor. One day, he logged into Facebook, and his rapist appeared under People You May Know.

The painful price of aging in prison. "Harsh sentences have given us an aging prison population, and all the medical problems that come with age are beginning to choke the system."

Former college wrestler Michael Johnson - aka "Tiger Mandingo" - has been jailed for sixty years for exposing former partners to HIV.

Johnson claims he has been locked up in solitary confinement for the past three months.

Ninety black gay men have signed a letter of support for Johnson. Veteran activist Peter Staley says, "Missouri, and Johnson's sex partners, may well feel they got some sort of justice today, but at what cost? This verdict and sentence will make it much harder to slow the spread of HIV. Others will become infected because of today's "justice." This sentence practically screams "don't get tested" to every citizen in the state, especially young black men."

This is Thomas Miguel Guerra. He has been sentenced to six months in jail for purposefully spreading HIV to his former boyfriend - and is thought to have had unprotected sex with at least 24 other men.

Meet Derrick Cobb. He was "kicked out of the house at 16 by a homophobic stepfather and was taken in by an older gay man. Derrick was young and naive and trusted this man. Later that year, his 'trusted partner' gathered a group of men together who drugged and beat Derrick. They raped him repeatedly until he was unconscious and bleeding. On that night, he contracted HIV. He was just 17 years old."

Out hotelier Mati Weiderpass is no longer sorry for hosting Ted Cruz - and now he's lashing out at so-called "gay extremists".

The driver of the Amtrak train that crashed has been identified as gay equality activist Brandon Bostian. You can see where this is going...

...Fox News contributor Sandy Rios says his sexual orientation was "a factor". "It is reasonable to ask if this... train driver was on meth or had history with it, given gay proclivities to it."

The Amtrak accident isn't part of "the gay agenda". "It's a strange feeling, even for a journalist, when someone you know becomes the focus of a national tragedy."

"Homosexuality is a behavior," Michigan billboard declares.

Texas antigay bill dies as midnight deadline passes.

Missouri's anti-gay House Speaker John Diehl has resigned after getting caught sexting with freshman intern.

Half of LGBT Americans identify as Christian...

...But why are more gay Americans identifying as Christian when overall numbers are diving?

America is becoming less Christian, and US Christianity is becoming less white.

Lesbian and her twin brother convicted of hate crime for carving up gay man's face as he lay on sidewalk.

College football player Steward Butler attacks gay couple, gets kicked off team.

The lunch lady who got lucky with a 16-year-old high school athlete - and his 18-year-old brother.

Why are Palo Alto's kids killing themselves?

They built it. No one came. "On two gay men in Pennsylvania who tried, and failed, to build a commune of their own."

First federally approved monument honouring LGBT veterans dedicated at the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery.

The government knows LGBT immigrants are often raped in detention. It puts them there anyway.

What will happen when Harlem becomes white? "While many black residents, old and new, are thankful for the new amenities that gentrification brings, others worry that an emerging brand of black pride could do away with the community’s politically nourished roots."

Scenes from a life in Negroland. "A meditation on life in the black 'upper class.'"

New York storefronts: What a difference a decade makes.

Is Los Angeles the new new Brooklyn? "The city is latest target of the New York Times’ tired metropolitan comparison. But does the paper get it wrong by forgetting low-income neighborhoods?"

Philadelphia's Osage Avenue police bombing, 30 years on. "On 13 May 1985, Philadelphia police moved in to arrest four members of a radical black liberation group called Move – but a bungled raid left 11 people dead. Alan Yuhas revisits the only aerial bombing carried out by police on US soil."

Thirty years after the fire, Pam and Ramona Africa remember the early days of MOVE.

Young black boys and men explain the racism they face in their daily lives.

Josiah Jennings (aka gay porn star Sean Zevran) talks about the protests in Baltimore and Ferguson...

Lost boy. "On May 25, 1979, Etan Patz was allowed to walk to the bus stop in SoHo, Manhattan, by himself for the first time. Dressed in an Eastern Airlines captain's hat and armed with a dollar, he told his parents he wanted to buy a soda to eat with lunch. Stan and Julie Patz never saw their six-year-old again."

news from the uk

The British Home Office still won't accept Jamaican Orashia Edwards is bisexual — even after he submitted photos of himself having sex with a man. Watch:

Gay couple outraged after local road named "Bangays Way".

London Uber driver kicks out two gay men from car for kissing.

Taxi driver Ian Beetlestone and Transport for London unveil London's first rainbow taxi.

Five London police officers sacked for posting pictures of public online.

Soho stories: celebrating six decades of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. "London’s once sleazy yet exhilarating district of bars, cafes, clubs and cabaret is rapidly being transformed by the relentless tide of gentrification and globalisation. Here, regulars past and present celebrate the Soho they knew."

Meet the London Black Revolutionaries.

General Election 2015 | Why Britain has more gay MPs than anywhere else.

General Election 2015 | How the LGBT candidates did in the UK general election.

General Election 2015 | Here’s how David Cameron’s new team voted on same-sex marriage.

General Election 2015 | All those evil-sounding Tory policies and how they'll affect you.

General Election 2015 | Labour has failed but it’s the low-paid and hard-pressed who will suffer.

General Election 2015 | Ten good things that came out of the General Election.

General Election 2015 | If you think Ed Miliband was too leftwing you weren’t paying attention.

General Election 2015 | Chuka Umunna shows how the media is robbing us of "normal" politicians. "With this unforgiving intrusion into personal lives – but not policies – the media is driving away the candidates we need, leaving just the on-message robots."

General Election 2015 | Chuka Umunna's shame: the Labour MP is 36-years-old – and not even married!

General Election 2015 | This pursuit of the hungry shows the monstrous side of modern Britain.

Down Street: The secret history of a lost London station.

Wales | "Ride me" bus advert sparks online backlash. (Ed: As if they didn't see it coming...)

Northern Ireland | This is Mike Whitla, from Bangor in County Down. He was wrongly accused of making and owning child porn because police mistook images of twinks on his computer for child porn.

news from europe

Ireland | The country's oldest gay bar, Loafers in Cork, has been forced to permanently close just weeks before Ireland’s referendum on marriage equality.

Ireland | A family used in an anti-gay ad actually support marriage equality.

Ireland | Supermarket investigating after magazine’s gay kiss covered with price labels

Iceland tops first Gay Happiness Index.

Denmark | The Danish government is being asked to apologise for protecting a Nazi doctor who experimented on gays during the Holocaust.

Sweden | Activists use "gay propaganda" to fend off Russian submarines.

Luxembourg | Prime Minister Xavier Bettel marries boyfriend Gauthier Destinay, becoming the world's only current head of government to be legally married to a same-sex spouse.

Austria | Vienna’s streetlights go gay for Eurovision.

Germany | Whipped, drenched in petrol and kidnapped by his family: The story of Nasser El-Ahmad.

Germany | A gay holocaust survivor recounts his experiences.

Germany | The rape of Berlin. "The USSR's role in the defeat of Nazi Germany World War Two 70 years ago is seen as the nation's most glorious moment. But there is another story - of mass rapes by Soviet soldiers of German women in the dying days of the war."

Germany | Berlin battleground - 70 years later, in pictures.

Germany | Do not miss this incredible colour footage of a devastated Berlin in July 1945.

Russia | Vladimir Putin’s government policies blamed for growing HIV epidemic.

Georgia | The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Georgian authorities to compensate gay equality activists after they failed to protect them from assaults at a gay pride event in May 2012.

What gets abandoned by desperate migrants trying to get to the EU.

news from latin america

Cuba | Thousands witness a mass same-sex wedding in Havana.

Puerto Rico's population swap: The middle class for millionaires.

Brazil's $900 million World Cup stadium is now being used as a parking lot.

news from africa

Nigeria | Twenty-one young men have been arrested in for being in a "gay cult".

Kenya | Newspaper shamed for its "top gays" list.

Gambia | "I will slit your throat," President Yahya Gammeh tells gay men, leading to protests outside Gambia's High Commission in London.

Uganda | Frank Mugisha on the fight against oppression.

Feeding Kenya's street kids: An evening with Nairobi's "Messiah".

Sudan | The forgotten pyramids of Meroë.

Why Africa might be "the market of the future" for illegal drugs.

news from asia

India | World cricket chief Narayanaswami Srinivasan accused of holding his gay son captive - and forcing him to marry a woman.

India | Rape, theft and blackmail: True stories of the risks gay Indians take for sex.

India | Bollywood choreographer Shiamak Dawar sued for sexual harassment by two former (male) students.

China | Which provinces are the most gay friendly?

China | 30-year-old man "accidentally" hacks 15-year-old boyfriend to death.

Taiwan | An 18-year-old and a 20-year-old have been arrested after a video of them having oral sex on a train went viral.

Japan belatedly joins gay equality movement.

Japan | The hotel that has installed a "crying room" for sad women.

Australia | The states where "gay panic" is still a defense.

Australia | Gay Australia ambassador offers to resign after Prime Minister Tony Abbott snubs partner.

Australia | Labor MP Ed Husic - the country's first Muslim MP - has backed the campaign to legalise marriage equality.

news from the middle east

Ten reasons why it’s great to be gay in Israel.

What's it like to work in the Middle East as a gay person?

Syria | Young gay Muslims forced to fight for ISIS. "Counter-terrorism experts have uncovered 'highly charged' texts between jihadists, revealing strong feelings between two young members that are possibly in a same-sex relationship."

art & design

Pictures | Historic London merges with modern-day capital.

Venice Biennale 2015, in pictures.


Call for submissions: Nepantla: A Journal Dedicated to Queer Poets of Color.

What do we want from writing? Money? A career? Recognition?

Seven things you never knew about Christopher Isherwood.

John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Quantum hairstyles – or, being in the moment.

Why do we re-read our favorite books as kids, and why do we stop when we get older?

Review | The Art of Looking: The Life and Treasures of Charles Leslie. "Charles Leslie has lived a glamorous life and amassed a huge collection of LGBT art. Kevin Clarke's art-packed book tells his story. Then there are also a lot of naked guys."

Review | Nothing Looks Familiar, by Shawn Syms. "These vignettes of ethically entangled adolescents suggest a promising world of potential, one that in the stories featuring adults seems easier to dream about than to make real."

Review | Boo, by Neil Smith. "The construction of plot is unlike any you’ve ever seen. If you’re able to suspend your belief for the sake of strong characters, you’ll find that the very devastating thoughts of this thirteen-year-old are shockingly intimate, relatable and, in their own way, true."

Review | Orient, by Christopher Bollen. "An engrossing story that gets better and better the more you read it."

Mouthfeel, the new gay culinary magazine with a punk twist.

"I Breastfeed My Dad": Meeting the people behind the grim headlines of women's weekly magazines.

shouting in the night

The Missing Generation, a new performance piece investigating "the contemporary impact of the loss of so much of an entire generation of gay and transgender people to AIDS in the 1980s", premiered last weekend in San Francisco, with a 20-city tour taking in Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Maui. Watch:

Director John Coppola’s And All the Dead, Lie Down, starring former porn star Colton Ford, "follows Alvin and Foss, two men who begin to face troubles in their relationship after receiving an unexpected call from Foss’s delinquent brother." It runs at LA's Studio C on Theatre Row until 6th June.

Taye Diggs is the new star of Broadway's Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Viva VHS: the nostalgic charm of wobble and hiss. "A whole new generation of artists is rushing to resurrect the retro videotape for their shows. One of them explains its evocative appeal."

at the movies

An ode to anti-assimilationist filmmaking. "[Leo] Herrera is part of a generation of queer artists tasked with chronicling a community of shifting realities."

The biggest sluts in action and superhero history.

Six reasons modern movie CGI looks surprisingly crappy.

Inside Logo’s new show - Cocktails & Classics - about classic movies.

"Actors are cattle": When Hitchcock met Truffaut. "Hidden necrophilia in Vertigo, glowing milk, an on-set spat with Montgomery Clift … in 1962, Alfred Hitchcock revealed his tricks, and the often shocking meanings behind his films, to fellow director François Truffaut. Now their talks have been turned into the revealing film Hitchcock/Truffaut."

James Dean and the Actors Studio, in pictures.

Sixteen camp classics that keep us laughing.

Blacking up, wacky Asians and the Libyans: The worst of '80s movie racism.

This awesome Star Wars-inspired poster for Magic Mike XXL.

Review | Futuro Beach. "At times as fascinating as it is infuriating, [it] will reward those who falls under the hypnotic spell of its intense imagery, while leaving others out in the cold."

Review | Eat With Me. "Well worth seeking out... extremely heartfelt, sweet and entertaining, dealing with great empathy with a variety of issues, from facing middle-age and wanting more from life, to dealing with sexuality not just for the family of a gay person but also for the person themselves.

Review | Alimuom ng Kahapon. "A poignant dissection of same sex-romance, caught up between competing priorities."

Review | Candid Love. "An unusual and surprisingly challenging documentary which thrusts you into a situation that’s not uncommon but which is easy to dismiss or judge, but shows that underneath the complex issues of things such as mental health and addiction are real people looking for love and happiness."

Review | The Surface. "A drama that’s more interested in its characters than purely their sexuality, following a character whose journey will cause many who’ve ever felt adrift in the world to reflect on their own life."

Watch | Two clips from HBO’s A Prayer for Uganda; and the trailers for Alimuom ng Kahapon, and Boys in Brazil...

the box

All of this US TV season's cancellations and renewals.

CSI cancelled after fifteen seasons. Why we should mourn it.

American Idol cancelled — and Americans really, really don't care.

Gay sitcoms are failing because they're bad. "While this writer commends NBC for taking chances on gay sitcoms, he argues that the network's strategy of making them overly silly and broad helps no one."

Sitcom based on the life of LGBT advocate Dan Savage picked by up by ABC, will air this autumn.

New series Grace and Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as a female odd couple who are thrown together after their husbands (Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston) come out as gay and leave them — for each other.

Doctor Who's infamous aborted 1985 season: The true facts.

Hollyoaks teen Harry Thompson (actor Parry Glasspool) revealed as Ste's new love interest.

The Young and the Restless star Greg Rikaart marries television writer Robert Sudduth.

Gays of our lives: What sort of a week have our favourite gay characters in soap had? Above, Finland's Secret Lives.

Jussie Smollett praises Lee Daniels as his "gay father".

Empire – the kind of smart, addictive show British TV doesn’t know how to make. "While British TV drama is either stuck in a Downton past or ticking off diversity boxes, the US now has a slew of slick, sassy shows like Empire. Is this black drama’s big breakout moment?"

Is Empire basically Dallas with hip-hop and gay people?

The Empire brothers cover Essence.

Jonathan Groff admits he's "bummed" Looking was canceled.

Britain's Channel 4 is to air a documentary on gay saunas.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Miss Fame after she sashayed away.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Trixie Mattel after she sashayed away (for the second time).

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Katya after she sashayed away.

Out Magazine Hot List: The Prancing Elites.

Gay acrobats get engaged on Italian TV show Italia's Got Talent.

Thomas Roberts on how he went from suicidal teen to the first openly gay cable news anchor.

Fox News contributor Guy Benson comes out - but makes it clear he's not a gay rights activist.

Cable news is in trouble, and it’s more about the news than the cable.

Watch | New web series BAIT, season one, episode two: Happy Anniversary; the latest episodes of Real Eyes Realize Real Lies and Miles + Cal; and the trailer for Grace and Frankie...

beats, rhymes & life

The man who broke the music business. "A CD plant employee ushered in the modern era of music piracy by teaming up with a shadowy 'Scene' crew on IRC chat."

If you want to use music, you've got to pay for it. "Music's crisis, and how to fix it."

Radio is the most stable part of the music industry, but that's not a high bar to clear.

Music streaming: What your options look like now.

Hot Shmurda. "He went from a viral pop hit to an arrest for conspiracy to murder charges in just under six months. Was Bobby Shmurda 'too real' for his label?"

Talking to the Freaky Boiz.

Talking to OWS, the artist formally known as JLS's Oritsé Williams.

Talking to Shamir. "His speaking voice, like his persona, is similarly rife with fascinating multitudes. It’s high-pitched, giggly, and mischievously fast, yet coupled with the worn softness of someone on their death bed. It’s also, like his singing voice, unquestionably androgynous."

Out Magazine Hot List: Shamir.

Tyler, the Creator explains use of neo-Nazi logo on gay pride T-shirt.

Madonna posts photo of "gay Muslim and Jew couple" kissing.

Watch | Shamir - Darker; the incredible new video from KAOS favourite Doug Locke - King, "inspired by his own experiences of being bullied as a kid growing up in Houston, Texas"; Zebra Katz - You Tell 'Em, from his new EP, Nu Renegade; Cazwell - Downtown; and Belgian singer/rapper Stromae is live on The Jimmy Kimmel Show...


Woman watch more male gay porn than men.

Talking to infamous "gay twin" Taleon Goffney.

What it's actually like at one of London's piss dungeon orgies.

Retired porn star D.O. (Dionisio Heiderscheid) returns as a Playgirl model.

Brandon Jones explains how to become a porn star.

Behind-the-scenes with XL, Sean Zevran and Ken Ott.

Here's another uncomfortable-looking triple penetration. Ouch.

Sean Duran takes KAOS favourite Tyson Tyler.


Why the signing of openly gay basketball player Derrick Gordon by Seton Hall - a Roman Catholic University - is huge.

Inside Velvet Gloves, New York City's first and only boxing club for gay men.

Homophobia in Australian sport "alarming" and "surprising".

NFL teams claim Michael Sam is not one of the 2,880 best football players in America.

American sports are the most homophobic, unsafe, but Brad Thorson’s tale shows there’s reason for hope.

The mud-wrestler no-one wanted to touch.

Tyson Gay case costs 2012 US Olympic men's sprint relay team its silver medal.

Video of rugby playerKorbin Sims groping opponent Willie Mason during a game goes viral.

rag trade

Yves Sambu's incredible pictures of Congo's La Sape movement.

The curious history of men in heels.

Lingerie for men.

Fifteen things you didn’t know about Yves Saint Laurent.

st. elsewhere

Half of Americans infected with HIV are not being treated.

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline forms new partnership to find the cure for HIV.

Boffins discover a molecule that renders HIV vulnerable to immune system attacks.

The device that eliminates the need for HIV sufferers to take daily medication.

How PrEP is being blocked by bureaucracy.

The institutions of HIV infection.

Why an HIV guidebook for the newly diagnosed is long overdue.

Watch | Unzipped episode 4: The Condom Broke; and psychotherapist Matthew Dempsey on gay men and bottom shaming...

Twelve things to remember when checking your balls for lumps.

How do testicles know when to stop making more sperm?

How does aspirin actually work?

The people who think they are made of glass.

Parasomnia is a pain – but you can conquer your night terrors.

Why you should consider having a DNR.

This is what happens to your body after you die.

How dying has changed since 1960.

ghetto romance

Bob Page and Dale Fredriksen - here with their 15-year-old twin sons Owen and Ryan - get married.

How Thorsten Middelhof and Naparuj Mond Kaendi overcome bigotry.

hell's kitchen

High noise levels are why airplane food sucks, boffins claim.

Here's why UK supermarket sales are falling.

Too many frozen pizza options are making us fat.

The bullshit hypocrisy of "all-natural" foods.

Why can't you distill liquor that's 100 percent pure alcohol?

betta work!

Delivering pizza is one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

The rise of automated cars will kill thousands of jobs beyond driving.

The women working in NYC's nail salons are treated more terribly than you can imagine.

The dreams and nightmares of Singapore's hired help. "Asia’s gleaming city-state is a beacon of opportunity for impoverished women in next-door Indonesia, but life here can just as quickly become a dark hole of disappointment and despair."

planes, trains & automobiles

Why is there a hole in airplane windows?

Four facts everyone should know about train accidents.

The real story behind the demise of America's once-mighty streetcars.

The epic battle over the Lusitania's biggest mystery. "Retired venture capitalist Gregg Bemis owns the salvage rights to the Lusitania — and he thinks he can solve the 100-year-old mystery of why it sank so quickly. His biggest obstacle: The Irish government, which has fought him for years over his plans to explore the wreck."

planet earth

The awful truth about climate change no one wants to admit.

The ecotourism industry is saving Tanzania’s animals and threatening its indigenous people.

inside the spaceship

US companies are throwing a fit because they're losing control over the internet.

Is Grindr for sale?

How Grindr is digitizing the labelling of gay men.

How we sold our souls – and more – to the internet giants. "From TVs that listen in on us to a doll that records your child’s questions, data collection has become both dangerously intrusive and highly profitable. Is it time for governments to act to curb online surveillance?"

The walled gardens of the web are growing. "You can check out anytime you like ... but you can never leave."

How to fix most any computer glitch by yourself.

Microsoft is to stop producing Windows versions.

In memoriam: AOL CDs, history's greatest junk mail.

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

Dad bod: What is it, and why is everyone suddenly talking about it?

Meet the guy who owns the world's largest penis collection.

And finally, Andrew says "just move on!" Meet Martin again; Walter talks about his criminal record; and Qaadir gets attacked by a rat...
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Issue 213: 04-17 May 2015
On the cover: Michael Johnson.





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Anonymous said...

That cover headline sounds like you blame his victims? White college boys had bareback sex with him?

KAOS said...

Anon, the headline states the facts: White college boys did, indeed, have unprotected sex with Michael Johnson. It is a fact that he is HIV+, and it is a fact that he has gone to prison for having unprotected sex with them. Readers can draw their own conclusions from these facts.

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