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left & found

Out's 9th Annual Power List: 2015's fifty most powerful LGBTs.

A scientific look at the damage parents do when they bully their gay kids.

These portraits show homeless gay youth as they wish to be seen.

"Whenever a counter-culture, anti-culture, sub-culture, underground thing gets absorbed into the mainstream, it loses its face. I’m noticing that. I’m vying for a more equal cultural trade. So the world gave us marriage and kids? Thanks! Now, take this bottle of poppers and let us give you a life-changing rim-job in the bathroom of the gay bar you think it’s fun to go to because they play such great music." Dane Terry skewers queer homogeneity.

The freedom and pathology of risky sex.

The pink mob strikes again...

...And why hating straights is no way to get gay equality.

Are gay men more racist than straight men?

The unauthorised biography of a black cop.

The library is open for the philosopher-queen. RuPaul opens up in 90-minute New York Public library interview.

What it's like to be intersex.

news from america

This is 22-year-old Juan Carlo Ramirez, a gay man who was murdered outside a bar in the heart of Houston's gaybourhood last month.

Meet 20-year-old neo-Nazi Kenneth Morgan Stancil III. He shot dead his gay boss, 44-year-old Ron Lane, after he was dismissed for absenteeism, and told reporters he hates "faggots with a passion".

25-year-old Hungarian Andras Vass is facing 155 years in jail for running a gay sex slave ring in Miami. It's alleged he kept three young gay men locked up and forced them to prostitute themselves for up to twenty hours a day.

Meet Sergeant Shane Ortega, the US's first openly trans active military soldier.

Mourning the death of transgender teen activist Blake Brockington.

Two Denver TSA agents fired for conspiring to feel up good looking passengers.

Tyler Clementi anti-bullying bill reintroduced in Congress.

The improbable, 200-year-old story of one of America’s first same-sex marriages.

How an extreme anti-LGBT legal powerhouse is working to enact "religious freedom" laws.

Indiana governor Mike Pence's approval rating plummets with historic speed after religious freedom fiasco.

Louisiana hopes to pass a religious freedom law tougher than Indiana's.

Miami Beach Pride 2015, in pictures. Actor Mario Lopez was there, getting into the spirit by grabbing a male friend's "juicy" butt.

Where do LGBTs live? Fifty cities ranked.

The US cities with the highest, lowest percentage of LGBTs.

Billboard advertising gay hookup site Squirt stirs up controversy in Dallas.

Meet the Weather Underground’s bomb guru. "What led to the 1970 explosion of a Greenwich Village townhouse, in which three members of the Weather Underground were killed, and what happened to the group after."

The dancers who keep performing on New York's subway, despite the threat of arrest...

The monster next door. "Beatrice Munyenyezi told her New Hampshire neighbors that she was refugee from the Rwandan genocide. Half of that was true."

San Francisco Saint Mary’s Cathedral drenches homeless with water to keep them away.

The ghost town of Los Angeles. "How a small neighborhood next to LAX airport slowly disappeared."

Crackdown in a Detroit stripped of metal parts. "Detroit is trying to end the longstanding practice of “scrapping,” which is the only way some of its residents can earn a living."

What happens when you build a town around a prison?

The silence on abuse of transgender inmates in US prisons is deafening.

Canada | Toronto police officer Luke Watson goes pink for LGBT antibullying campaign.

Canada | The incredible true story behind the Toronto mystery tunnel.

news from latin america

Puerto Rico | Government to no longer defend marriage ban.

Jamaica | Homeless gay teens thrown out of Kingston shelter by mob.

Jamaica | President Obama’s parting shot: A rainbow over homophobic Jamaica.

Curaçao | The anti-Jamaica that keeps getting better.

The surreal world of Venezuela's queues.

Brazil | Social conservatives have taken control of Congress and are trying to reverse marriage equality and other progressive victories.

Brazil | How the Olympics are screwing Rio de Janeiro’s poorest citizens out of housing.

news from europe

United Kingdom | One third of churchgoers hide support for gay people.

United Kingdom | Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who groped male priests while comparing marriage equality to child abuse, has resigned.

England | Two teen boys claim they were forced to fight, steal, and finally have sex after being threatened with a knife by a 14-year-old.

England | This is 16-year-old Usher Sawyer. He has been jailed for at least 15 years after being found guilty of the robbery and murder of a gay man. Sawyer stabbed 39-year-old Martin Thomas to death in his own home in Roehampton, London.

England | This is 25-year-old Shane Dunn. He slashed the throat of 55-year-old Ian Garrod and left him to die, after he meet Garrod on Grindr and had sex with him - fueled by crystal meth.

England | 29-year-old man's genitals bitten in anti-gay attack as people walked past and did nothing.

England | LGBT Londoners protest the closure of the iconic drag venue The Black Cap. Reaction. It was closed without warning on Sunday 12th April by pub company Faucet Inn...

...Meanwhile, a campaign has been launched to save another London gay bar, the historic Royal Vauxhall Tavern. It has been sold to property developers.

England | Why London's LGBT community needs drag more than ever.

England | The tragic true story of the last UK men hanged for gay sex.

England | End of the road for London's traditional street markets? Meet the last stallholder in Hackney's Waste.

England | Northampton Greyfriars demolition: Mouth of Hell faces "blow down".

England | New £1 coin design, created by a teenager, unveiled.

England | What do London's young homeless voters think about the general election?

Ireland | Marriage equality mural unveiled on building in Dublin.

Spain | Forty percent of all the hate crimes last year were targeted at LGBTs.

Italy | The gay sex harassment case shedding light on orgies at the Vatican.

news from africa

Ghana | Gay porn stars will be hunted down, arrested, and tortured.

Uganda | How the government spent 600 million on PR to deal with anti-gay law backlash.

Uganda | The LGBT community is fighting back — with information.

Nigeria | Lagos must prosper. "The hopes, dreams and failures of Nigeria’s commercial capital."

news from asia

Meet the twenty-one heroes changing LGBT Asia for the better.

Seven things gay travelers should appreciate about Southeast Asia.

Pakistan | Trans person gang-raped, two others killed in Swabi.

India | How the recriminalisation of homosexuality has stirred up blackmail, abuse and violence.

India | Railway Police are investigating allegations of a police blackmail ring extorting gay men.

India | The deadly global war for sand. "Paleram Chauhan, a 52-year-old Indian farmer, was shot dead during the summer of 2013. The reason: his opposition to a gang of criminals stealing his village’s sand to sell on the black market."

Vietnam is being flooded with gay Chinese pulp erotic novels.

China | 90% of women married to gay men suffer domestic abuse.

Taiwan | Taipei gay gym raided twenty-six times in six months.

South Korea | Teachers banned from talking about LGBT issues.

Laos | Discover gay Luang prabang with local boy Somphorn.

Sri Lanka: | The two faces of paradise.

Singapore | Ikea under fire for supporting anti-gay pastor's evangelistic magic show.

Australia | 48-year-old gay man Warren Batchelor beaten to death with pole after he was caught having sex in a park toilet in Perth, Western Australia.

Australia | Third inquest into suspected gay-hate murder ordered twenty-six years after his death. 27-year-old American Scott Johnson's naked body was found at gay cruising site North Head in December 1988.

news from
the middle east

Egypt | Court upholds ruling allowing for deportation and ban of gay foreigners.

The crash of EgyptAir 990. "Investigating a pilot’s choice and the death of 217 people."

Iran cleric claims a father's fantasies during sex causes homosexuality.

art & design

Artistic activism. Artists adopt the power of the poster to raise awareness for LGBT immigration reform.

French photographer Denis Dailleux's pictures of Egyptian bodybuilders posing with their mothers.

Juan Jose Barboza-Gubo and Andrew Mroczek's pictures of gay men in Peru.

New York's ClampArt is currently presenting a retrospective exhibition of photographs by Luke Smalley, until 9th May.

The outlandish plans for London that almost got built.


Pink cadillacs, guns and objectifying straight men: On the road with gay, black zine The Tenth.

Larry Kramer claims Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon were gay in his new book, The American People: Volume 1.

Beyond, the queer sci-fi anthology you need to be reading.

Dale Peck’s Visions and Revisions, a new memoir about coming of age as a writer — as a person — during the AIDS crisis.

The twenty-five most homoerotic friendships in literature.

The bizarre, automated future of publishing.

John R. Gordon's writer's diary: Fat-free writing (without anorexia).

Twenty great writers on motivating yourself to write, no matter what.

Review | Daydreamers, by Jonathan Harper. "There can be no doubt that this collection heralds a major new talent."

Review | Drama and Delight - The Life and Times of Verity Lambert, by Richard Marson. "Richard Marson is to be commended for fashioning a gripping memoir of this woman's life and career."

shouting in the night

Grindr the Opera to open in New York – and it's more than just a gimmick.

Jonathan Groff made his boyfriend sit in the back of the theatre at the Tony Awards, the Looking actor has confessed. "I was still very scared and insecure about being gay. I did the stupidest things."

Talking to former EastEnder Thomas Law about Beautiful Thing.

Soapbox superstars: thirty-five years at London's Speakers' Corner, in pictures.

Broadway Bares promo pictures.

Broadway Bares Solo Strips, in pictures.

Broadway Bares: Top Bottoms of Burlesque...

at the movies

Taiwanese auteur Tsai Ming-liang's ode to adolescence, Rebels of the Neon God is finally released in the US. No longer simply a cult classic, [it] is part of the history of gay youth consciousness in popular culture.

Talking to Mike Stabile about his new documentary Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story.

We need to see realistic LGBT people on our screens, not toxic caricatures.

Larry Duplechan, in his own words, on the movie they made of his book Blackbird.

LGBT characters have all but disappeared from the movies.

Bollywood "is filled with closet gays who pretend to be straight," claims Indian actress and politician Kirron Kher.

Rock Hudson's secret gay life revealed by "true love" Lee Garlington. "I stood outside his cottage on the Universal lot, pretending to read Variety, which was probably upside down at the time. He walked down the street. He looked back once. That was it."

The top ten queer biopics you’ve never seen.

Melbourne Queer film festival director on the struggles of staying relevant. "One of the biggest challenges facing film festivals in 2015 is remaining relevant to young people."

Review | The Year We Thought About Love. "Brodsky’s heartwarming ethnographic-style documentary shocks, awes and entertains its school-age audience with a surprising interracial kiss between two teenage males."

Review | Such Good People. "Entertaining, silly and keen to keep a smile on your face, Such Good People is such good fun."

Review | Three In A Bed. "There’s some charm and some laughs, but Three In A Bed is a somewhat uneven movie which never quite overcomes the problems that many genuinely micro-budget productions face."

Faye Dunaway is writing a book about the infamous Mommie Dearest.

The movie star and the missing totem pole. "John Barrymore once had a totem pole on his Beverly Hills estate. But where did it come from?"

Twenty things you didn’t know about your favorite classic Hollywood stars.

Why we cry when we watch movies.

Trailers | Rebels of the Neon God; Jess & James; Pink Moon, which is set in a world where it’s straight people who are ostracised; Supernatural, from Thailand, described as "futuristic, experimental, homo-erotic and with elements of a political essay"; Seek; and Jurassic Park, recreated in Lego!

the box

Furious 7 is further evidence of how TV took over the world.

How our obsession with series finales is hurting TV.

An open letter to HBO: Save Looking.

Looking finale to start filming in the autumn.

Looking's Russell Tovey on filming gay sex scenes with straight guys.

Talking to Russell T. Davies about Cucumber and Banana, as the new series starts airing in the on Logo (following RuPaul's Drag Race). Worth reading for the comments from American viewers!

Looking back at Queer As Folk.

Looking back at Oz. "Profoundly disturbing, it's a show that you don't want to miss, yet don't always want to watch... There is, with good reason, still nothing on television quite like it."

Black-ish doesn’t perpetuate racist stereotypes; it expertly demolishes them.

Don Lemon asks does Empire portray black families poorly?

Fifteen LGBT storylines viewers want for Empire season 2.

The gay legacy of Glee.

Guy Wilson - who is heterosexual - talks about making his gay love scenes authentic on Days of Our Lives.

The Bold and the Beautiful unveils transgender character. "You’re not my sister, Maya ... You’re Myron, my brother."

Gays of our lives: What sort of a week have our favourite gay characters in soap had?

Lost in Space to get 18-disc high-def Blu-ray set release.

Now The Golden Girls get a Lego makeover.

Even Sesame Street is being gentrified.

The 20,000 fake phone numbers used for TV.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Max after she sashayed away.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Shangela.

Talking to RuPaul's Drag Race's Latrice Royale.

Review | Cucumber & Banana. "A genuinely ambitious, sometimes thrilling and never less than interesting gay drama is marred by having too many characters it’s difficult to empathise with (you don’t need to like them, just not to think they’re total assholes) and a slightly too misanthropic edge that sometimes feels like it hates everything, without offering much of a way forward."

Twelve more ’90s TV shows that we absolutely must revive immediately.

Trailers | The Prancing Elites Project; and new webseries Eden's Garden, about the female to male urban transgender community. Plus, watch the latest episodes of Triangle; and Real Eyes Realize Real Lies...

beats, rhymes & life

Wale says the world is ready for a gay mainstream rapper.

What Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Kanye West say about the black experience in America.

Drake's despicable reaction to Madonna's kiss. As one readers says, "He agreed to this stunt, right? He lifts his head up to kiss her and then tries to grab her hair. He's all for it. It might have been gross (it's gross to watch) but be a gentleman and keep it to yourself. If I were Madonna, I'd be pretty miffed at this. Keep it professional, Drake."

Frank Ocean announces new album, Boys Don’t Cry, due in July.

Blue dropped by Sony following the poor performance of their recent album Colours.

An LGBT earthquake is happening in country music.

Barry Manilow married his manager Garry Kief in a private ceremony last year.

Talking to out musician Aiden Leslie.

Eight boy banders, and the boys they loved.

Why music fans need to see Colin Hanks’ Tower Records documentary All Things Must Pass.

Music video sex scenes that will scar you for life.

Videos | Aiden Leslie - I Just Go; Shangela - Uptown Fish (look out for "gay twin" Kyle Goffney); Leon Bridges - Coming Home; and Shamir - Call It Off.


The KAOS Top 30 Gay Porn Stars of 2015. Who comes out on top...?

Christopher Luke McAteer, the Corbin Fisher model who performed under the name Clay, is dead. He was 18. McAteer died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Sean Cody model Jarec Wentworth held for extorting $US500,000 from wealthy GOP donor, sends lengthy email from prison telling his side of extortion tale.

Brent Corrigan didn't have a face lift.

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca del Rio makes an appearance in’s Look What The Boys Dragged In.

The comments about Lucas Entertainment's nine-man bareback "breeding party" are priceless.

Talking to "Britain's Best Bottom", Darius Ferdynand.

Talking to TitanMen’s new exclusive Eric Nero about sex on military bases, and deep-sea diving.

2015 Prowler Porn Awards, in pictures.

BelAmi gives its models a private gym, plans reality series.

Meet Lucas Entertainment's spectacular new model Drae Axtell.

Behind the scenes with Diesel Washington and Micah Brandt.

Behind the scenes with Corbin Fisher models.

Behind the scenes on The Asiancy season 9.

KAOS favourite Adrian Hart returns.


Josh Dixon: Anti-gay law will cause me added stress during national championships in Indiana.

Derrick Gordon transferring from UMass.

Could Michael Sam be heading north to play in the Canadian Football League?

Former 49er Raider Kwame Harris arrested. In 2013, Harris was convicted of misdemeanor domestic abuse and assault for beating up his then-boyfriend after an argument over soy sauce and stolen underwear at a restaurant.

Japanese lawmakers to examine LGBT discrimination ahead of Tokyo Olympics.

Out baller Jason Collins signs on as NBA and NCAA analyst for Yahoo Sports.

The troubled, tormented, surprisingly lucky life of Michael Graham. "He was one of the most hated players in NCAA tournament history. Then he bought a $1 million lottery ticket."

After the crash. "Friends, teammates, and family remember the career, legacy, and tragic death of former Charlotte Hornets guard Bobby Phills."

inside the spaceship

Mortal Kombat reveals first gay character.

Russian Siri accused of homophobia.

Women only make up between 3% and 35% of online commenters on major news services in the US, UK and Australia.

The most concerning element of Facebook’s potential new power.

Let’s challenge Google while we still can. "The internet giant is growing so fast that if the EU fails to tackle its monopoly status now, in a decade or so Google might be too big to be held to account."

Google now allows you to download your saved search history.

Internet Explorer brand killed off by Microsoft, making way for new, renamed browser.

st. elsewhere

The man who broke his penis during sex.

HIV spreads like a computer worm: Researchers find virus mimics an online infection - and warn early detection is key.

Six reasons to rethink HIV prevention.

New antibody suppresses HIV for twenty-eight days after a single dose.

In America, the FDA has approved two new HIV combo pills.

Boffins discover vaccine for herpes.

Gay men most likely to get skin cancer.

Looking at sick people primes your immune system.

Paracetamol is no good for back pain.

Why a long night's sleep may be bad for you.

Does being overweight reduce dementia risk?

Fatal silence: Why do so many fortysomething men kill themselves?

You can train yourself to pee less often — and eight other surprising facts about urine.

Five things men should know about their bodies...

ghetto romance

The beautiful marriage of Karthik and Sandeep.

The truth about gay men, sex and penis size.

You're cute for a black guy!

hell's kitchen

The 35-day life of a KFC chicken in a shed full of 34,000 birds: Documentary reveals conditions some of the 23 million birds the fast food chain uses each year are kept in.

Shrinkflation! How big brands have cut the size of products - but not the price of them.

An exhaustively complete food tour of Seinfeld.


The lion hugger. "In 2012 Valentin Gruener rescued a young lion cub and raised it himself at a wildlife park in Botswana. It was the start of an extraordinary relationship. Now an astonishing scene is repeated each time they meet - the young lion leaps on Gruener and holds him in an affectionate embrace."

Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for.

Fox Grom's pictures of Siberian huskies.

Is this the world's only black flamingo?

How March of the Penguins ruined the nature documentary.

planes, trains & automobiles

Germanwings Flight 9525 and the science of blame.

Was the Titanic doomed from the start? The chart that points to yes.

How open gangways could greatly increase subway capacity at little cost.

planet earth

Eleven images that capture the incredible vastness of space.

What will happen in Vegas won't stay in Vegas. "On the rapid disintegration of the ecosystem in Las Vegas."

The Rio Grande is now just a trickle.

Breathing poison in the world's most polluted city.

betta work!

The brave new world for workers with HIV.

What's it really like to work at McDonald's?

Is the future of America a crummy service job stamping on a human face, forever?

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

These Doctor Who tattoos though.

And finally, dear white people, says Rogue "Marbie" Scott; Andrew discusses obsession; catch up with Martin; and Qaadir talks about his dumb ass job...

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Issue 210: 14 March - 19 April 2015
On the cover: Shane Ortega.





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