One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors

We're not too far away from a general election, so we thought it would be fun to put the political convictions of Doctor Who companions under the microscope. Is your favourite a leftie, or a neocon? Green or anarchist? Read on...

Barbara Wright

History teacher Miss Wright knew what was right! And despite enduring the horrors of the French Revolution (The Reign of Terror, 1964) she couldn't help but side with the peasants. It was bloody, but our Babs knew the best way to deal with a toff was Madame Guillotine.

Ian Chesterton
Labour Party

Our solid, dependable Sir fought injustice through time and space - and upon returning to London in 1966, was relieved to discover Labour's Harold Wilson in charge, overseeing the abolition of capital punishment and the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Dodo Chaplet

The fab Dodo could only have been a lovely leftie, but it was the ILP's pioneering opposition to the nuclear bomb that won the heart and mind of our favourite Chaplet.

Ben Jackson
Labour Party

Sexy sailor Ben was a working man - and what have the Torys ever done for the working man? 'Nuff said.

Polly Wright

"You're just a stupid peasant!" posh secretary Polly blasts earthy Kirsty in The Highlanders (1966). That mentality still holds fast amongst Tories today, but we suspect stuck-up Polly would have defected to UKIP in later life. No to the Human Rights Act! No to immigration! No to gay marriage!

Victoria Waterfield
Conservative Party

The Doctor first encounters Victoria in the country pile owned by her wealthy father, Edward Waterfield. The English rose then spent a year being consistently appalled by a parade of illegal aliens, before settling down with a nice middle-class family. The family all voted for that nice Tory Edward Heath.

Liz Shaw
Liberal Party/Liberal Democrats

Our favourite redheaded boffin was never happier than when she was firing up a bunsen burner, or filling a test tube. Personal liberty and minimal government intervention - preferably in the form of research grants - could best describe her political philosophy.

Jo Grant

Groovy Jo Grant vacated the TARDIS to go off up the Amazon (the river, not the tax-dodging online retailer) with a tree-hugging hippie, so there's no doubt where her loyalties lie. Sadly, with climate change an increasing threat, it would seem Jo has proven more adept at defeating the claws of Axos than carbon emissions.

Sarah-Jane Smith
Liberal Party/Liberal Democrats

The paternalistic, self-serving Tory party holds no appeal for this plucky journalist, who was fond of preaching women's liberation to medieval kitchen maids.

Harry Sullivan
Conservative Party

The delightfully old-fashioned Navy boy votes Tory, but we won't hold that against him. After all, "Harry Sullivan is an imbecile!"

Tegan Jovanka

Hotheaded trolley dolly Tegan was fond of castigating aliens for their working conditions. Upon witnessing Logopolis, she upbraided the Monitor, "Back home in Brisbane, we call that a sweatshop." Everybody out!

Peri Brown

Travelling with the Doctor, Peri got more than a few glimpses of what a Republican future looks like, on worlds like Androzani Major, Varos, and most viscerally on Necros, where rampant capitalism has seen the dead monetised in the most nauseating way possible. No wonder she couldn't wait to escape Reagan's '80s.

Melanie Bush
Conservative Party

"There's nothing quite like tea and crumpets, is there?" Mel simpers in Paradise Towers to a pair of carnivorous pensioners living in a crumbling tower block, much like a clueless Tory MP would to a single mum on benefits in, say, a crumbling tower block. Mel's vote went to that nice Mrs. Thatcher.


Vote? Gordon Bennett, do me a favour! No justice, no peace, fuck the police! No more throne, no more crown, fuck shit up and burn it down! Occupy, decolonise, liberate and organise! Working class heroes! Direct action! Anarchy in the UK!


John G said...

These are all spookily accurate, I think! - tho as always you're a bit hard on Polly, who is by inclination kind...

kaos said...

Au contraire, sir! If I am too hard, you are too kind! The woman is a monster, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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