It's a man's world, and you men can have it

 M A N N E Q U I N 
 M A N I A 
special edition

Josh Guidry by Joseph Bleu (more pictures).

1-2. Boy Panic, by Nasty Pig (more pictures).

1. David McIntosh, for Rufskin (more pictures).
2. Pontus Borg, by Gorka Postigo (more pictures).

1. Jason Boyce, by Tony Duran (more pictures).
2. Keith Van Nelson, by Horacio Hamlet (more pictures).

1. Mateusz Rogenbuk, by Robin Alfin (more pictures).
2-3. Philipe, for OMG Brazil (more pictures).

Alex, for OMG Brazil (more pictures).

1. Raul Nero, by Dookie Ducay (more pictures).
2. Feliz, for OMG Brazil (more pictures).

1. Benjamin Charles, by Mikey Whyte (more pictures).
2. Junior, for OMG Brazil (more pictures).

Conrad Bromfield & Andrew Gonzalez, by JD Barnes (more pictures).

1-2. Arthur, for OMG Brazil (more pictures).

Renan, for OMG Brazil (more pictures).

Chariffe Greaves, by Shavonne Wong (more pictures).

1-3. Louis Mayhew and Miguel Vazquez, for Toni Smailagic (more pictures).

Kyle Goffney, by Serge Lee (more pictures).

1. Kirill, for ES Collection (more pictures).
2. Laurence Hines, by Rick Day (more pictures).

1. Overboard, by Andrew Christian (more pictures).
2. Julius C Carter, by Kevin Thomas Garcia (more pictures).

Mannequin Mania Special Edition:  08-21 April  2013.

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"It's a man's world, and you men can have it."
Katherine Anne Porter, American author, 1894 - 1980.


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