It's a man's world, and you men can have it

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 M A N I A 
special edition*

Al Odusanya, by Sean Gomes (more pictures).

TheMaleForm (more pictures).

Marcio and Marcos Gomez Patriota, by Dimitris Theocharis (more pictures).

1. Staniel Ferreira, by Joseph Bleu (more pictures).
2. Matt McGlone, by Tony Duran (more pictures).
3. "Lights Out", by Andrew Christian (more pictures).

1. Jae Yoo, by David Urbanke (more pictures).
2. Matthew Logos, by Kevin Amato (more pictures).
3. "Lick", by Andrew Christian (more pictures).

Sam Glenn, by Michael Furlonger (more pictures).

1. Paolo, by Paul Reitz (more pictures).
2. Renan Rocha by Diogo Andrade (more pictures).
3. Cristian Grib, by Livia Alcalde (more pictures).

"Dolce&Gabbana Gym", by Mariano Vivanco (more pictures).

1. Alex Cruz, by Gregory Vaughan (more pictures).
2. Vasa, by Rick Day (more pictures).
3. Clancy, by Scott Hoover (more pictures).

Kevin Rettinger, by Mirko Fuhrherr (more pictures).

1. Lorenzo Vargas, by Adam Gardiner (more pictures).
2. Jon Z, by Felix Mercedes (more pictures).
3. Kevin Warhol, by Rick Day (more pictures).

1. Vincent Harrington, by Toni Smailagic (more pictures).
2. Henry Michaels, by Calvin Brockington (more pictures).
3/4. Courtland McEachrane, by Toni Smailagic (more pictures).

1. David Sciola & Michael Baptiste, by Daniel Holfeld (more pictures).
2. David Burgos, by Idris+Tony (more pictures).
3. Luiz Leite, by Didio (more pictures).

Gregory, by Sergio Garcia (more pictures).

1. Michael Fortes, by Ricardo Nelson (more pictures).
2. Kevin Rettinger, by Mirko Fuhrherr (more pictures).
3. "Newbie", by Andrew Christian (more pictures).

Richie Kul, by Leonardo Holanda (more pictures).

1. Lucas & Jare,d by Toni Smailagic (more pictures)
2. "LOV-A-RAMA", by Bruce Weber (more pictures)
3. "Bayou Beau Underwear", by CC Brooks Photography (more pictures).

Thom Evans, by Cameron McNee (more pictures).

1. Oraine Barrett, for Interview magazine (more pictures).
2. Fabrice Calmels, by Giuliano Bekor (more pictures).
3. Daniel F, for G Magazine (more pictures).

Alfredo Disdier, by Edwin J. Lebron (more pictures).

1. Conrad, by Toni Smailagic (more pictures).
2. Eric Block, by Thomas Synnamon (more pictures).
3. Sidney, by Lëo Castro (more pictures).

1. Justin James, by Tom Cullis (more pictures).
2. Manny Cruz, by Barbara Anastacio (more pictures).

1. "Camera Obscura", by Lope Navo (more pictures).
2. "Ca-Rio-Ca", by Lëo Castro (more pictures).

1. CJ Peralta, by Joseph Bleu (more pictures).
2. Dylan Williams, by Rick Day (more pictures).

Wallpapers, by Disponivel (more pictures).

1. David Ratcliffe, by Joe McCormick (more pictures).
2. Felipe Anibal, by Lucio Luna (more pictures).

Maikel Castro, by Didio (more pictures).


Mannequin Mania Special Edition:  06 May - 10 September 2012.

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*Not all models feature lifelike articulated movement.
Some models feature small parts not suitable for size queens over 18.
Colour and packaging may vary.

"It's a man's world, and you men can have it."
Katherine Anne Porter, American author, 1894 - 1980.


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