Boris wins, London doesn't

IT'S ALL OVER. London is once again lumbered with the bloated horror that is Boris Johnson, who retains his mandate to continue ransacking the purses of the less well off - whilst taking care of his wealthy friends in the City. As we all know from that classic moral fable, Dynasty, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The brutal Tory party has long since realised they can get away with a "take from the poor and give to the rich" policy by installing in office a figurehead the public likes. Anyone with half a brain can see that David Cameron is a slimey phony, but the average voter seems to see instead a good-looking, honest politician with his heart in the right place ("we're all in it together"). The true distillation of this of this clever tactic can be seen in Boris Johnson, a shrewd, cynical and manipulative politician who inhabits the Oscar-worthy role of hilarious, lovable buffoon. So whilst the ubiquitous single mother is distracted by his funny antics, Boris has his other hand deep in her purse.

Despite Johnson's supposed popularity (no one I know - save for one rogue Tory friend - likes him), and Ken Livingstone's near universal lack of it, the contest was as close as it could be: Johnson stole the victory by just 62,538 votes (out of 3,362,139 total votes cast).

Quite simply, that means most Londoners (he received just 971931 of first preference votes) don't want Boris Johnson as Mayor. His victory was secured by Tory voters, and morons who think he's funny on TV. Those who voted for Ken Livingston did so because he was the best man to run London, and not because they liked his cabaret act.

London has been betrayed by those voters who voted for Johnson on the basis of his winning personality. It's been betrayed by those Londoners who couldn't be bothered to vote, and worse still, by those who did vote, but voted for a pointless third candidate who had no chance of winning. One close friend told me he cast a "protest vote" for Liberal Democrat Brian Paddock - the epitome of the self-indulgence and selfishness of those Londoners who ought to know better. They know Boris is no good, but let their personal dislike for Ken cloud the big picture. It is they who, above all, are to blame for Ken Livingstone's loss, and the deliverance of our city, once again, into the fat paws of a brutal Tory.



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