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Leave It On The Floor at the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival.
Photo: Calvin Fleming.

||||| Homeless youth: the next battle for gay equality.

Expanding black masculinity to end black on black anti-gay violence.


||||| Tyler Clementi murder trial: Dharun Ravi texted friends about spying on Clementi and said, "Keep the gays away".

> Meet 17-year-old Asante Cotman, a gay Virginia high school student suspended for wearing high heels. Video report.

< Nightclub bouncer caught on camera beating gay man outside club in West Hollywood.

||||| Shawn Loftis - aka World of Men porn magnate Collin O'Neal - was fired from his teaching job last year when his alternate career was uncovered. But he's now back at work teaching at Nautilus Middle School.

< Gay sheriff Paul Bebeu's ex-boyfriend Jose Orozco to sue for $US1 million, citing "abuse of power, malicious prosecution, defamation and more."

US fastfood chain Chick-Fil-A targeted by hoaxers with homophobic recruitment poster.

||||| The Lavender Scare: How the US fired 5,000 gays in 1953's witch hunt.

< Another gay military homecoming, boys? Sean Sutton welcomes back boyfriend Navy sailor Jonathan Jewell.

||||| Gay marriage saves immigrant. "A gay Costa Rican immigrant has been saved from deportation because of his marriage to an American man."

> Obama's transgender ex-nanny: He laughed at my lipstick.

||||| Texas execution: How much is a death worth?


||||| Catholics told to oppose gay marriage in church masses.

||||| Catholic newspaper The Tablet predicts government will "bow to public pressure" on equal marriage consultation.

||||| Meanwhile a columnist for the rightwing Daily Mail newspaper writes, "Church's opposition to gays marrying shows its irrelevance"...

...And The Times maintains its attack on equal marriage opponents.

||||| Multi-million pound "gay divorce" tests civil partnership law.

< Gay Nigerian asylum seeker John Abraham saved from UK deportation.

||||| Magalie Bamu and Eric Bikubi jailed for life for the murder of 15-year-old Kristy Bamu.

||||| Olympics volunteers "quizzed on how to treat gays holding hands".

||||| NORTHERN IRELAND: Police hunt gang after man raped in Belfast.

> Digital map of the Titanic's debris field to be released for 100-year anniversary.

||||| It wasn't an iceberg that sank the Titanic. Turns out it was the Moon.


< NETHERLANDS: This is Kalanzi Marvin Richard, a gay Ugandan in danger of deportation back home. Activists are fighting to stop it.

||||| Pope rallys against gay marriage in a speech to US bishops visiting the Vatican City.


> CHILE: This is 24-year-old Daniel Zamudio, who was beaten and had swastikas drawn on his chest in a suspected anti-gay attack by neo-Nazi.

||||| HAITI: Still in crisis two years after devastating earthquake.

< HAITI: Scavenging on landfills for a living.


||||| The Obama administration's bold but risky plan to make Africa gay-friendly.

> CAMEROON: Courts delay appeal of Jean-Claude Roger Mbede, who is serving three years for gay sex. Amnesty International says he's a prisoner of conscience, calls for anti-gay laws to be lifted.

||||| ZAMBIA: Africa rising? Building on China's Zambian frontier.


||||| JAPAN: Fukushima, before, during and after.

< THAILAND: Worshippers at a giant Buddha statue in Ang Thong province.

> SOUTH KOREA: South Korean actor Hong Seok-cheon fights back against homophobia.

< AUSTRALIA: How RuPaul ruined Sydney Mardi Gras.


||||| IRAQ: Government complicit with plan to massacre gays and "emo" youths, and the murder of 100 others.

||||| SYRIA: Popular newspaper stirs up homophobia with salacious article claiming gays are proliferating due to the Syrian uprising.

> AFGHANISTAN: Four 20-year-olds named among victims of deadly attack on British soldiers. They are (top row, left to right) Sergeant Nigel Coupe, 33, Corporal Jake Hartley, 20, Private Anthony Frampton, 20, (bottom row, left to right) Private Christopher Kershaw, 20, Private Daniel Wade, 20 and Private Daniel Wilford, 21.


||||| How LSD helps alcoholics to give up drinking.

||||| Coke and Pepsi change manufacturing process to avoid cancer warning.

||||| Can you build a human body?

||||| What drives a man to kill himself and his family?


< The turtle with extras.

> A tornado on Mars.

||||| Solar storms: Five facts you should know.


||||| Could the digital cloud used for storage ever crash?

||||| Gaydar seeks investment for global growth ambitions.

> Mass Effect 3 gay sex scene slammed by gaming fans.


< Review: Monstress, by Lysley Tenorio. "The vibrant stories in Lysley Tenorio's debut depict an immigrant experience that reveals the implications of what it means to be a perpetual outsider. Intimate portrayals give way to larger meditations in these eight stories of Filipino fiction."

||||| Review: Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America, by Christopher Bram. "As delicious as your favorite desert but far less ruinous to your waistline."

> Review: Glow of Our Sweat, by Francisco Aragón.

||||| Writing about AIDS: Gregory G. Allen and Kergan Edwards-Stout talk about their new novels and how they were told their stories were too depressing for mainstream publishers.

< In Kabul, Afghan artists use graffiti to depict the violence and injustice of women's lives.

> Evocative images of abandoned office spaces...

...And Days Lost, an exhibition of photographs depicting abandoned vehicles and derelict buildings photographer Katja Mayer, showing at London's The Print House Gallery:

||||| Photos of paint drying:

< Early 20th-century photos of Paris...

...And back in the 21st-century, the twin towers rise again. Not everyone is thrilled about "another giant Foster glass thing", however.

||||| The most beautiful fast food restaurants in the world.

||||| Incredible cut paper artworks by Eric Standle:

< Sculptures by London-based American artist Nancy Fouts.

The pigeon light.

||||| Jean Giraud, the comic artist known as Moebius, is dead. He was 73.


||||| Colin Farrell voices support for Stand Up! Dont Stand for Homophobic Bullying, the campaign launched by Irish gay youth organisation BeLonG To.

< 10 of the best worst movies. Left, Glen or Glenda.

||||| And on that note: Mean Netflix reviews of experimental films.

> High-fashion sketches of superheroes and villains.

< 20 amazing modern illustrated movie posters.

||||| So about those Will Smith is secretly gay rumours...

Watch Man in the Mirror, a Joel Schumacher short from the PBS Online Film Festival.

||||| Watch Megalomania, in which the whole of London is "a construction site, caught in a state of change that could mean dramatic decay or intensive development. Buildings on every street appear behind layers of dust and scaffolding, while familiar structures such as the London Eye provide support for clusters of makeshift homes."


||||| Is timeshift and streaming the saviour of scripted TV?

< Here's the latest from gays in soaps around the world. Left, Emmerdale.

||||| Desperate Housewives trial: Cherry hit Sheridan as a scene demonstration.

> Former Hollyoaks boy man Ricky Whittle flashes his tits in LA.

||||| 12 TV shows we can't believe aren't on DVD.

< Philip Madoc, the actor, is dead. Madoc is best known for his role as Dad's Army, and multiple roles in Doctor Who, most notably mad scientist Solon in the 1976 story The Brain of Morbius.


||||| Annie Lennox on gay men, Rihanna and why the F-word has been devalued.

||||| Will Young thinks Rihanna isn't a good role model.

> Some sexy Simon Webbe, boys? Our favourite Blue boy helpfully Tweeted this shot for our viewing pleasure.

< This is a doll of Michael Jackson, by Noel Cruz. Check out his other mini manikins!

||||| Hackers stole unreleased Michael Jackson songs.

> Coolio spends a night in jail. With his son.

< Raphael Saadiq talks to Lenny Kravitz. Who's still looking like that.

||||| Earworms: Why songs get stuck in our heads.

||||| Jimmy Ellis, the musician, is dead. He was 74.


< Miami-Dade Transit ain't pleased to discover gay porn being filmed on public bus route.

||||| Talking to François Sagat.

Behind the scenes on Lucas Entertainment's apocalyptic Last Day.

||||| Creepy porn magnate Michael Lucas proves just how big an asshole he really is. Vile.

||||| The twink who wouldn't pay: Jake Lyons vs. Corbin Fisher.

< "Leave it to an aesthetic wizard like Michael Lucas to conjure up beads of ejaculate as perfect in their droplet-ness as on the tears on a Disney princess, and as immune to gravity as basket of a butterfly kisses."

> Uh-oh. Who made Domino Star teacher?

||||| Photos of 1960s Parisian prostitutes.


||||| Manchester United striker appeals fine for homophobic Tweet: "This is not what I deserve."

< Alexis Copello of Cuba competes at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul.

> Will Claye of the United States at the IAAF World Indoor Championships in Istanbul.


< Serkan Ozkaya's statue, "David (inspired by Michelangelo)", parks up briefly in New York City on its way to Louisville, Kentucky.

||||| The inspirations behind 10 cartoon character names.

> The most bizarre theme parks in the world. Left, Love Land in South Korea.

||||| And finally, watch Brazilian short A Escolha (The Choice)...

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