Trying to be the me without you


New(ish) music - for you! Londoner and Unklejam refuge Tyson comes with the banging After You're Gone. Bloc Party refuge Kele Okereke brings What Did I Do, featuring some girl, although his vocal contribution is so slight I'd suggest it's Some Girl (barely) featuring Kele.

More UK flava: Loick Essien's epic, gorgeous, Me Without You, easily my favourite of this lot. As Popjustice say: "In the current pop climate it takes balls bigger than a prizewinning pumpkin to steer of the ubiquitous lowest common denomiguetta club sound that has pop pinned to the wall by its throat, and on the basis of his second single we can conclude that Loick Essien does indeed, metaphorically, have a sizeable scrotum."

Miguel is singing about Girls Like You, looking like a bit of a girl himself (we like). A bit more low key is an Addicted Prince Royce.

Here, we have some French boys rapping - it's Mokobé - Taxi Phone; and Corneille, with Des Pères, Des Hommes Et Des Frères.

Surprisingly, Will Young's reentry isn't a disaster - Jealousy isn't at all bad. Soul/rock stalwart Andrew Roachford has a new album out this month - Addictive - but there doesn't seem to be a single to promote it, so here's the classic Lay Your Love On Me.

South Korean boyband SHINee have released a new video for their hit Lucifer, for the Japanese market (and for your viewing pleasure, the much gayer original)...

Finally, an honorary mention must go to Jamaican reggae singer Mista Majah P, who has released the world's first pro-gay reggae album (there's a sentence you thought you'd never see). The best part is he's straight. Mista Majah P said: “I want to counter the myths that all Jamaicans are homophobic and that all reggae music is violent and anti-gay. I’m seeking to challenge ignorance and reach out to gay people.”


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