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||| 9/11: the 10th anniversary. Complete and comprehensive coverage from The Guardian.

|||  9/11 timeline: The story of the day. (BBC News)

||| 9/11: beyond words. "The 9/11 attacks may be impossible to quantify, but key words and figures help to explain their magnitude." (The Independent)

>>> GLAAD has a round-up of GBLT-related 9/11 news, such as the story of Father Mychal Judge, "the gay Catholic priest who was killed by debris from the collapsing World Trade Center as he was caring for victims", and Mark Bingham (right, with mother Alice), "the openly gay rugby player and 9/11 hero who helped save countless lives by giving his own in a revolt against hijackers on Flight 93".

||| The Advocate looks in detail at Bingham.

||| The children left behind. "They lost a parent in the most traumatising of circumstances. Joanna Moorhead hears some of their stories, of grief, pride and hope."

||| Ordinary lives, once. "They were just horrified bystanders, like the rest of us, as the planes struck. But the ever-widening ripples in the aftermath were to change them forever." (The Independent)

||| First responders left out of 10th anniversary event.

<<< How three photographers captured the aftermath of the attacks.

||| Above, photographer Katie Weisberger's stunning picture of the Twin Towers, seen from above.

>>> Richard Drew talks about his infamous Falling Man picture. The Daily Mail suggests America wants to forget the 200 "jumpers".

9/11 films: how did Hollywood handle the tragedy? "In the 10 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks, film directors have responded in myriad ways. Peter Bradshaw charts the rise and fall of the 9/11 movie." (The Guardian)

...And a brilliant compilation of the Twin Towers many big screen appearances, pre-September 11. Just lovely.

||| There's another variation on that theme here; again, with video.

<<< The 2,753 empty chairs honouring the 9/11 victims. Stunning.

||| How artists are capturing memories of that day...

...And the art of 9/11. "Since the drama of 9/11 overtook even the wildest of fictions, writers and artists have struggled to interpret what happened on that day and in its aftermath." (The Independent)

||| 9/11 stories: The Guardian's short fiction project "brings together writers from all over the world to examine what has changed and what has not over the course of the last decade."

||| Five must-read books about 9/11 and its legacy, that humanises the horrific events of that day.

||| Exploring musical responses to 9/11. "From mawkish ballads to pro-war pop, there have been some awful attempts to commemorate 9/11 in song. But the terrorist attacks have inspired fitting tributes too..."

>>> TIME magazine loses its iconic red border for only the third time with its 10th anniversary cover.

||| The Twin Towers still stand tall – in memory. "I remember the World Trade Center as it was. If I close my eyes, I can see it still. And I don’t mean just the towers or the skyline — everyone remembers those. I mean the insides. If I concentrate, I can take a mental walk through the public areas of the World Trade Center, from the mall at street level, down to the PATH station in the sub-sub-basement." (Irish Echo)

<<< Pictures and video from the World Trade Center mall, left largely intact after the towers' collapse.

||| Memories from the wreckage. "Six people tell the stories of mementos kept from that day - some of which were retrieved from the rubble the twin towers left behind."

||| Inside the "bigger, better" World Trade Center; video.

||| After 9/11, safer skyscrapers rise.

||| BBC News has an interactive, zoomable image of the work at the World Trade Center site.

||| View a 360 degree panorama from the plaza of the National September 11 Museum.

>>> How the twin towers were built: an audio slideshow. (BBC News)

||| 9/11 lost decade: The American dream, and the missing years. "The terror attacks of 2001 ushered in a decade of wars that shattered Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving the world's only superpower robbed of its confidence and stripped of its illusions." (The Independent)

||| America reflects...

Issue 102: 11 September 2011

||| Remember what was going on this time last year? No? How about a reminder? Read Issue 75.

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