Civilization is a movement, not a condition; it is a voyage, not a harbour

special edition

Kern Alexendar, by Seth London.

Aaron, by Urban Shotz Photography; Jakob Bertelsen, by Henrik Adamsen; and David Agbodji, by Kevin Amato.

Cody Callahan, by Rick Day; Paolo Roldan, by model David Agbodji; and Baptiste Giabiconi, by (who else) Karl Lagerfeld.

"Mould Of Me", a story by photographer Didio for F.Tape's co:lab.

Jake Andrews, by Scott Hoover; Antonio Vizcaino, by Shameer Khan; and Nick Ayler, by Scott Hoover.

Paolo Roldan, by Ivan Muselli.

Duquaine, by Urban Shotz Photography; Jon Kortajarena, by Sebastian Faena; and Kaylan Morgan, by Rick Day.

Bruno Shigueo, by luki; model Zakaria Khiare; Tom F.; by Sam Devries.

Chad White, by Mariano Vivanco.

Charlie Preston, by Jeremy Kost (more from that shoot here); and Peter, by Urban Shotz Photography.

Tarek Amar, by Arnaldo Anaya Lucca; Ben Bowers, by Josh Williams; and Aaron Chin, by David Arnot.

"The New Romantics", by Rxandy Capinpin.

Pim Bras, by B. Charles Johnson; twins Jean and Omar, by Kevin Slack; Brock, by Eric Ganison.

"Face/Time", by Idris+Tony; Olivier Chapusette, by Sylvain Norget; Icaro Lima, by Cesar Dutra.

The photography of Carmelo Blazquez Jimenez; Alex Marte, by Roberto Chiovitti; and "The Heat is On", by Rudolfo Martinez.

Stephan Raczak, by Sam Scott Schiavo; "Photographs of my Neighbors from Bungalow 10c", by Bruce Weber; and "Vistando La Bella Piscina De Mark", by Mark Henderson.

Humbert Clotet, by Anthony Meyer; and Paul Roemer, by Rick Day.

Lewis Valleau and Louis Mayhew, by Jon Malinowski; and Luis Valdez, for DaSoul.

Finally, 21-year-old Murilo Rezende, who was murdered in São Paulo last week.

This Mannequin Mania Special Edition covers August 13-26 2011.
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"Civilization is a movement, not a condition; it is a voyage, not a harbour."
Quotation; Arnold Toynbee, British historian, 1889-1975.


thegayte-keeper said...

Glad that I get to voyage with those I am among.

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