*"If one of the custodians of Western culture is a corporation like Amazon, perhaps they should be regulated like the financial world. We need regulation in the cultural world too so that they don't restrict anything, like Amazon did." Edmund White on Amazongate.

*And Amazon isn't the only cyber super power out to get us: is Google harbouring homo hatred too?

*And how about Facebook? Campaigners claim it's become a breeding ground for racists and far-right extremists.

*Homocaust in Brazil.

*Wockner reports on the latest developments in the Boycott Jamaica campaign.

*Scottish woman fined for homophobic abuse. The victim? Her son.

*Tom Daley, the teen diving prodigy, is bullied out of school.

*And in America, another innocent young boy is bullied to death.

*Some good old-fashioned African homophobia - in the boardroom!

*"Activists against homosexuality in Uganda stormed parliament on Tuesday protesting against the practice and demanded a probe into the practice in the country." There's so many things wrong with that sentence that I don't know where to start. Meanwhile, here's some quality Ugandan journalism: "This is a killer dossier. A heat-pounding and sensational masterpiece that largely exposes Uganda's shameless men and unabashed women that have deliberately exported the western evils to our dear and sacred society. They have been influential in spreading the gay and lesbian vices in schools to kill the morals of our lovely kids!!" Heat-pounding? What's that when it's at home then?

*The Gay Commandments, according to thegayte-keeper. Unfortunately, not everyone in the blogosphere has signed up to No.3, Thou Shall Not Practice Racism.

*And while we're on the subject of bible-stuff, Theology Now breaks down the great book's advice on raising children. Warning: contains violent imagery that some readers may find disturbing (but that's the bible for you).

*Is the Westboro Baptist Church going to do a Jonestown? Well, if it's God's will, so be it...

*Humanist victory? Andrew Copson, director of education and public affairs for the British Humanist Association, joins the BBC's Standing Conference on Religion and Belief.

*Superstition trumps science: Jews, Muslims, win the right to deny a post-mortem.

*13 things that do not make sense. I can think of many more, like Lost, and James off The Apprentice, but NewScientist is looking a bit deeper than pop culture. The Kuiper cliff, the Wow signal and the Pioneer Anomaly certainly got my attention.

*And while we're on the subject of things that don't make sense, how about this? Yeah, let's clone people, because the breeders ain't churning out enough livestock already.

*Why don't these mad scientists use their genius for something useful, like a cure for blindness?

*We're all going to die! (I know, again.)

*Where's the remotest place on Earth? (Anywhere you can't reach by Tube, if you ask me).

*Saturn like you've never seen it before. (I wish it was Uranus, just so I could say something puerile, but it's definitely Saturn.)

*The Sun is quiet and the galaxy smells like rum. And tastes like raspberries too.

*It's shrinking! It's growing! No wait, it shrinking! Er... no, it's definitely growing. (This ain't what you think).

*What happens when you combine HD video and slow motion technology? This:
*And the award for Best Science Fiction TV Theme Tune of all time goes to... Doctor Who! I'll go along with that - but the rest of the top 10 sucks. I mean, Buffy? Really? It's a dreadful piece of music. Where was Blake's 7, Star Trek: Voyager, Survivors et cetera...?

*Plastic boy slut Cristiano Ronaldo promises to watch Corontion Street. I know, I can't believe I just typed that either. (File under "Really Dumb Non-Stories".)

*This is pretty cool - a TV house through the ages. Who would've thought?

*Speaking of places appearing as somewhere they're not...

*Good brother/bad brother.

*Tube trains attacked.

*In Soho, you can pay in kind.

*TK Maxx shunned by Piccadilly Circus.

*Surprise surprise - bored already, Boris won't bother to stand for Mayor of London next time around.

*Lauryn Hill making a comeback this July? Except... well, what the hell happened to her?

*Tinchy Stryder wanted to be bigger. I mean, er, taller.

*Robbie Daw wonders who's really buying CDs anymore. I have to confess, I rarely do, but then there's little out there that excites me enough to want to pay for it. Lady Gaga? Piss off.

*Naked Japanese poptart!

*Brain music!

*Wanna be a porn star?

*Breathe gin!

*Rent a friend!

*Naked Swede twinks!
*"The reassuring stage set that everyday reality in the suburban west presents to us is torn down; you see the ragged scaffolding, and then you see the truth beyond that..." J.G. Ballard, 1930-2009.

*"Look — I'm 5-feet-9, I have a deep voice and I have a way with a line. What can I do about it? I can't stay home waiting for something different. I think it's a total waste of energy worrying about typecasting." Bea Arthur, 1922-2009.


On the cover: Shawn Sutton, by Idris + Tony.


Dusty Boot said...

Nice news clips, as always.

ka-os said...

Thanks Dusty - and it's nice to see a friendly face, with all the haterade coming my way :(

Dusty Boot said...

Ahhhh.... that's part of having a blog - your life, opinions, and beliefs are out there for people to see and read, like and dislike (and vice-versa).

Cheer up, have a glass of wine (or maybe you're already on your 2nd or 3rd... in which case, stop!) :) :)

Urban Shotz said...

On point - as usual.

A couple you may have missed:

Woman Sees Jesus in Her Cheese Toast

Man auctions 'Hand of God' wall

Enjoy your weekend.

Sanya in España said...

I don't hate you! Anyway: -

Anti-Gay Google: Ironic, considering how many gay porn sites can be accessed if you take away the SafeSearch (don't ask me how I know that).

Racist Facebook: Incidentally, there are counter-groups calling for these people to be penalised and to shut down their inflammatory netwroks, but it seems to be a question of what you can or can't regulate. It's clear to me, but I'm sure what I think inappropriate is probably perfectly acceptable for some.

Christian Parenting: You think that's bad, check out my blog in a few hours, or tomorrow! I've got a great one waiting in the wings...

Images of Saturn: So beautiful! Google Space is pretty good for images, too (as long as you don't go to any "gay" planets...

Sci-Fi Tunes: And the Prisoner? How the hell did the Twighlight Zone come 7th! I'd say that and DW should ahave been wrestling for the top spot, considering more people recognise the tune than they would the name of the programme!

Bye-Bye Boris: This means I might avoid the entire Boris Mayoralcy! The problem is who replaces him. Sure, Livingstone is running again, but what if the Tory replacement candidate looks far more attractive? Look at what's happening with Cameron: Everyone KNOWS he has nothing new to offer, but he's still looking more ATTRACTIVE than Brown, or anything "Labour" have to offer.

Lauryn Hill: She's welcome to come back, but she needs to change that hair...

That is all

ka-os said...

LOL Urban Shotz - I did miss those, but I think I sufficiently covered my Religious Lunacy obligations in this week's post. Bless the cheese toast woman though, poor cow. She'll go to pieces when the toast starts going mouldy.

Sanya - you know about The Prisoner? And as for the Boris alternative, the Conservatives seem to be lining up Shaun Bailey, a.k.a. the young sexy black dude from Hammersmith. But young politicians are always c**ts, except for Shami Chakrabarti... although she's not actually a politician as such. And Lauryn Hill? Never mind the hair - what happened to her face?!

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