I don't care what you think unless it is about me


DeShawn knew it was wrong to send semi-nude selfies to his 18-year-old bi curious nephew Elijah - but the kid kept demanding it. Where would it end?

Luis loved to exchange selfies with his homeboy Angel. They pretended it was about showing off that hard work in the gym, but secretly they were thirsty for each other. But what if Luis' devout Catholic Moms finds out?

Deon can't believe he let his trainer creampie him in the showers after their morning workout. What if his wife finds out? 

Chula wonders how he can seduce his married boss. Should he entice him with a wrestling session, or pretend he needs a shoulder to cry on?

Elroy knows his homeboy Marcus is going to get married in the morning. Tonight is his last chance to get him into bed. Will their simmering sexual tension finally boil over?

Kris can't believe he let two college jocks suck on his nipples on the subway. One minute the train was pulling out of the station, and the next he was being mauled by insatiable youths. How could they be so forward?

Andrzej was shocked to find himself taking a nude selfie in his sister's bathroom. He had just made love with her boyfriend Jamal while she was at mass.

Jamal couldn't help but take a victory selfie after sleeping with his girlfriend's hot brother Andrzej. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off the boy from now on.

Elijah knew he was playing with fire sending this hot selfie to his hot uncle DeShawn. But what would his Mom's musclebound brother think about his twink body? How could he hope to satisfy him?

Dante plots to take back control of his Daddy's company by hate fucking his nemesis Marco. Blackmail? No - just business!

Tayshaun is bemused after an airport cavity search turned into a mini orgy.

Marco knows Dante is planning something - but he's ready for him! The pretty redskin bitch won't know what hit him! "I own 51% of this company!"

Fabian doesn't know why he gets so aroused by taking nude selfies in his big brother's bedroom - but what if he gets caught?

Hiraku doesn't know why his tutor keeps plying him with sake during his late night study session, but he's ready to find out!

Brandon knows he's asking for trouble turning up for detention like this. But while Mr Johnson is off having rumpy pumpy with Miss Crawford the librarian in the stationary cupboard, Brandon knows he'll pay for his bad behaviour in class with those troublesome ballers Jamarion and Casey.

A snapshot of the hottest selfies online, 1st March - 30th April 2015.

"I don't care what you think unless it is about me."

Quotation; Kurt Cobain, American singer-songwriter, 1967–1994.
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Mike said...

The stories with the pix are hot! Keep them coming!

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