It's a man's world, and you men can have it

 M A N N E Q U I N 
 M A N I A 
special edition*

Daniel Tai, by Farrand Bloch (more pictures).

Gigolo, by ShootMeUp (more pictures).

Izaak Love, by James Demitri (more pictures).

1. Dylan Hart, by Sean Higgins (more pictures).
2. David Ramirez by Joan Crisol (more pictures).

Sérgio Fialho (more pictures).

1. Julian, by Frank Louis (more pictures).
2. Leonardo Possatti By Hugo Toni (more pictures).
3. Ashton, by Diane Betties (more pictures).

Marcelo Souza (more pictures).

1. Leonardo Possatti (more pictures).
2. Philipp Jelenska.

John Krupa, by Hudson Wright (more pictures).

1. Diego Fragoso, by Jean-Francois Gschwindt (more pictures).
2. Shannon Wallace, by Kwame Dwumah Brimpong (more pictures).

You Get What You Pay For, by Giampaolo Sgura (more pictures).

1. David Ramirez, by Joan Crisol (more pictures).
2. Blood Sport, by Nathaniel Goldberg (more pictures).

Cultures by Muchachomalo (more pictures).

1. PUMP! underwear (more pictures).
2. Patriota Twins by Damon Baker (more pictures).

Jean Carlos Santos, for Rufskin (more pictures).

1. Marcelo Souza (more pictures).
2. Sérgio Fialho (more pictures).

Sex Extinct, by Briefs Men Underwear Brazil (more pictures, and more here).

1. David Davila, by Dave Ouana (more pictures).
2. Marcelo Souza (more pictures).

Rafael for G Magazine (more pictures).

1. Ray Luis, by Murray! (more pictures).
2. Peter Picciano, by Thomas Synnamon (more pictures).

Addicted Underwear (more pictures).

1. Junior, by Dylan Rosser (more pictures).
2-3. The photography of Murray! (more pictures).

Xavier for ES Collection Brasil (more pictures).

Gert Kist (more pictures).

Jorge Beirigo, for W For Up (more pictures).

1-3. Jeremy Scott SS13 Show (more pictures).

Mannequin Mania Special Edition:  11-25 September 2012,
and some earlier material I missed last time!

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*Not all models feature lifelike articulated movement.
Some models feature small parts not suitable for size queens over 18.
Colour and packaging may vary.

"It's a man's world, and you men can have it."
Katherine Anne Porter, American author, 1894 - 1980.


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