It's a man's world, and you men can have it

special edition

Raul Caja, by Claudio Harris.

Erick Laframboise, by Justin Violini.

Keith Hernandez, by Matthew Pandolfe; and two shots from Trunk Show, a new book by Jason Salzenstein.

Silverio Pina, by Mustafa Sabbagh.

Paolo Roldan, by Michael Stratton; Harry Goodwins, by Kwannam Chu; and Gonçalo Teixeira, by Rick Day.

Misa Patinszki, by Darren Black.

Sebastian Sauve, by Cliff Watts; Matt Kemp, by Tony Duran; and Peter Picciano, by Thomas Synnamon.

Gui Costa, by Tom Hoops; Igor Ramos, by Glenn Prasetya; and Malek, by David Vance.

Simon Van Meervenne, by Koray Birand; The Myth Of Hero's, an editorial by Branislav Jankic; and Laurence Rodriguez, by Jamie Luca.

Fashion Hooker, an editorial by Erion Hegel Kross.

Mark Westinghouse, by John Paul Tran; William Prazeres, by Prema Surya; and Ramon Mattos, by Marcio Neves.

Leandro Lima, by Maurizio Montani; Laurin Krausz, by Sandro Bäbler; and Michael Quezada, by Jason Wang.

Moe Jeudy-Lamour, by Rainer Torrado; Nil Hoppenot, by Damien Blottière; Pin-Up Boys, by Client Magazine.

Savil, by Dimitris Theocharis; Ronaldo Martins, by Gui Paganini; and Jake Andrews, by Scott Hoover.

The Witching Hour, an editorial by Christopher Hench.

Joseph O, by Rick Day; Boys Boys Boys, by Giampaolo Sgura; and two shots from Bruno Gmünder's latest anthology, Turnon Sports.

An image from C-IN2's winter campaign.

Nous Men, by Scott Hoover; Lucas Fox, by Hay Torres; and Stone Torso, an editorial by Matthew Stone.

Boyband FYD naked for Gay Times magazine.

And lastly, new Rob Evans.

This Mannequin Mania Special Edition covers 26th September - 8th October 2011.
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"It's a man's world, and you men can have it."
Quotation; Katherine Anne Porter, American author, 1894 - 1980.


thegayte-keeper said...

PERFECT ending...LOVE me some Rob!

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