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hen I first heard about Lascel Woods, it was on a friend's Facebook page: "Lacell wud luk gud in drag if he done it. Duno if dey wud let an openly gay boy win doe unfortunately."

Ah, from the mouths of babes...

Splashed across the pages of Britain's favourite tabloid yesterday was, "X Factor star Lascel Wood’s porn shame: Singer’s vile video on web."

Oh my. What could this vile video be? A group rape scene like those favoured by that tabloid's beloved football stars? Or maybe something really evil, like child rape or bestiality. That's what it sounded like: VILE.

Or, could it be no worse than the barely legal girls plastered naked across its infamous Page 3?

In fact, Lascel's "vile video" was a solo jerk-off clip, recorded on a webcam, and posted on a site "the name of which is too vile to publish" (unlike the pictures of barely legal girls with their breasts out for national consumption), made when Lascel was "18 or 19". So when he was a kid, basically - which at 20 he still is.

Still, The ScumSun newspaper had all the ammunition it needed to destroy a young gay boy, brought up in foster homes, now trying to make a decent life for himself. Congratulations - with any luck, it'll drive him to suicide, at which point The Scum will make a martyr of him.

Remember, it was The Scum who outed Britain's black gay footballer Justin Fashanu, who subsequently committed suicide.

Lascel appears on The X Factor tonight and tomorrow, where we'll discover if he makes it through to the next stages of the competition. If The Scum has anything to do with it, he'll be dead in the water by Monday's first edition.

Watch the singing here.

Watch the full audition here.


♫Musiques Poetry♫ said...

We all have a past. I don't understand why the media want to dig up trash and people's past. So what he was involved in porn. I'm sure many other people on the show have a past. It shows that they only did that to the gays.

Jai said...

It hardly counts as porn though, does it? Jerking off on a webcam? Please!

Anonymous said...

The Sun piss me off. Masturbation is a perfectly natural and healthy thing to do, what's so terrible about allowing other people to watch you do it?

Am I the only one who spent a good portion of the day unsuccessfully trying to find this video on the Internet? haha.

Jai said...

Anon. - you're far from the only one. I've had a massive spike in traffic, driven by people searching the following:

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Lascel's "vile video" was a solo jerk-off clip

...and dozens of variations!

Prince Toddy English said...

Honestly, solo masturbation scenes are so tame that I refuse to even watch them...Even if it was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (okay maybe I would watch his). So I just don't get the controversy. Unfortunately, not many are openminded about allowing a person to grow and change.

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