Think you know your gay slang? Here's 10 for you to try out on friends, family and colleagues!

kaka queen n. [1950s-1960s] (gay) one whose sexual preferences involve excrement, a coprophage. 

lay it out v. [1960s+] of a homosexual of either sex, to admit and poss. flaunt one's sexual preference. 

macaroni queen n. [1980s+] (US gay) a non-Italian gay man who prefers Italian partners. 

naff adj. [1960s+] (gay) not available for fucking/fun. 

oncer n. [1960s+] (gay) a homosexual who never repeats a sexual encounter with any one partner but continues to seek new people. 

Paris brothers n. [1950s-60s] (gay) homosexuals, esp. twins [play on stereotyped views of French sexuality]. 

quack n. [20C] (US Black) a homosexual [? he 'ducks down' for sex] 

raggedy android n. [1950s-1960s] (camp gay) an unsuccessful and thus impoverished male prostitute. [play on Raggedy Ann, a children's doll + android

sad-ass n. [1960s+] (US gay) a sadist. [deliberate mispron. arse

tondalayo n. [1950s-1960s] (camp gay) an ostentatious, flagrant homosexual. [proper name of any 'African queen']

  Shamelessly lifted from Cassell's Dictionary of Slang, by Jonathon Green
Pictured: Paris brothers? Bel Ami twins Milo and Elijah Peters (top), and Kristen Bjorn's Mendez twins (bottom).


Sanya said...

Naff is Polari (effectively gay slang used pre-decriminalisation, if you didn't already know). If you're into the exploration of gay history through the use of language, I'd be happy to direct you to some very interesting reading: it's practically forming part of one of my final year English Literature dissertations.

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