EARLIER THIS YEAR, a big screen adaptation of Sex & The City was released. Actually, that's not true, a ninety minute advert for Products was released, with the characters from Sex & The City grafted on to make people watch.

Noah's Arc is often referred to - for better or worse - as a black, gay SATC. So, when I heard the news that the prematurely cancelled series would also be bursting onto cinema screens, I had my doubts. Television and film are very different beasts, and one doesn't necessarily translate into another. Just look at SATC - a depressing, cynical exercise in vulgar consumerism.

When Noah's Arc first appeared on our screens, it was unique: a show that wasn't about white gay men. It was Queer As Folk in colour, and funnier. The series suffered under the tyranny of network television censorship (that NA was as hot as it was is a miracle) and a minuscule running time. But it was bursting with heart and soul, and audiences fell in love with Noah, Ricky, Alex and Chance - not to mention their numerous sexy suitors. Season two ended on a cliff-hanger, but with criminal disregard for the loyalty of the viewing audience, Logo cancelled the series, just when it was finding its feet. Let's not be bitter, because we have something to celebrate. Noah and Wade are getting married! We might not have a Season 3 (yet), but we've got Jumping The Broom. So what happened after the car crash? Did Noah wake up and find Wade in the shower? Did the whole of season two not happen? Was it all a dream? Don't be silly, kids. The movie is set at some point after the crash, which Wade survived. That's not a spoiler - he's all over the publicity photos, and Noah's Arc without Wade would be like SATC without Big. But what of Dre, I hear you cry! Well now, you'll just have to watch and see. And what of Jumping The Broom? It's a joy. A big, sexy, laugh out loud joy. There's smiles and frowns, and tears, and... er, Baby Gat (Jason Steed). Oh, Baby Gat. He's back, innit, full of bruvs and bluds, u get me. This one needs his own series. He lights up the screen and steals the show. I beg u, giv the boi his own show, innit. Brandy's (Jennia Fredrique) back too, bringing a lil fem to the table. Gary LeRoi Gray's Brandon is a refreshing addition to the clique. They're all welcome guests. Only Gregory Kieth's Trey is missing in action, which is a real shame. His long-suffering relationship with Alex was always a pleasure to view. Don't worry, all is not lost - he puts in a welcome cameo via webcam, in a pleasing throwback to Season one. It's a shame we couldn't exchange Trey for Jonathan Julian's depressing Eddie. I'm not quite sure if it's the character, or if the actor isn't quite at home here, but Eddie just gets me down. At least in the series his appearances were kept to a minimum - but we're forced into close quarters with him here. But that's a small quibble. The truth of the matter is this movie is packed with so many "OMG - I can't believe he/they just did that!" moments that such minor shortcomings can be overlooked. Noah's Arc: Jumping The Broom is heartfelt, hilarious and packed with eye candy. This wedding cake has all the right ingredients. Don't miss it, gur'.


Taylor Siluwe said...

Just stumbled on this review of Jumping the Broom, and was curious to know what you thought. I know I loved it and I'm thrilled to see you did too. So many people complained about this or that, but screw them.

** I don't know when your opinion began to matter so much to me. ;-) **

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