Proposition 8: All White Gay People Are Bad!

"When white evangelical Christians (or Mormons for that matter) attack GLBT people, the response is loud and harsh: bigots! homophobes! haters! But when black religious leaders attack gays, which is a regular occurrence in many churches, the response is muted because, well, it’s a cultural thing and we white people just wouldn’t understand. Bigotry is bigotry, whether emanating from the pulpits of white churches or black ones." So writes someone smart, called Kevin Naff, in response to an article by someone stupid, Jasmyne Cannick. Oh, what the hell, she's a vile, racist c***. Yay! Got that out of my system. Oh, Miss Cannick (above), what if I was black and you were white? What would that make you, and your views? Read Kevin Naff's excellent article here. Cannick's racist diatribe is here.
Elsewhere, the adorable-looking Reverend Irene Monroe (below) was trying to build the bridges Cuntick - er, I mean, Cannick - is intent on destroying: "The present-day contentious debate between black and queer communities concerning what constitutes a legitimate civil rights issue and which group owns the right to use the term is both fueled and ignored by systemic efforts by our government that deliberately pits both groups against each other rather than upholding the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution that affords each of these marginal groups their inalienable rights. While it is true that the white LGBTQ community needs to work on its racism, white privilege, and single-issue platform that thwart all efforts for coalition building with both straight and queer communities of color, the African-American community needs to work on its homophobia."
Reverend Monroe talks a lot of sense. I like her.
Towleroad has comprehensive coverage of the Proposition 8 drama, which seems to be all about white vs black and not at all about Us vs Them. And that's a shame.
So kids, what lessons have we learned today? 1). White gay people can be quite racist (but it's wrong and bad). 2). Black gay people can be quite racist (but it's ok and totally justified). 3). Not all black lesbians are Evil Bitch C***s (and at least one is jolly pretty). 4). Mormons are bad.


moneda said...

Just so that you're aware, for at least one of your readers who tries to visit your blog regularly and would've previously recommended it to others, your use of the word cunt to denigrate a woman was disturbing and disappointing.

ka-os said...

I'm very sorry you feel that way Moneda.

Please let me clarify, however, that I do not use the word to denigrate women in general, any more than I use the word fag to denigrate all gay men. The 'c' word is extremely powerful and loaded, yes. But frankly, there are some people to whom that term applies, and in this instance, I stand by its use.

I'm not in the business of political correctness, or pussy-footing around issues I feel strongly about. Cannick's views are divisive and destructive, and very at odds with my own, and in the heat of the moment, my raw feelings on a subject might translate graphically, and, as you say, disappoint certain people.

At the top of my blog it says "opinion". Many of the articles here are raw opinion pieces, not considered dissertations.

Fianlly, let me once again apologise to you, and anyone else, who is unhappy that I have chosen to use the 'c' word. It isn't a general swipe at women; in the same article I give props to Reverened Irene Monroe. The use of that term refers to one person, and one person only.

taylorSiluwé ..... said...


ka-os ... you just rated yourself an upgrade link on my site. I thought I was all alone in my disgust of Ms. Cannick's racist views. After the Prop 8 passage, I saw her on FOX representing the black gay community [GAG!] and saying we had bigger fish to fry than marriage.

I nearly broke my TV. Wow, I just had to say that. I feel you, I feel you ... I feel you!!

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