Forget Barack - Paterson Is The Man We Want

Could this man be the new Doctor?

That's what the betting man says - bookmakers Paddy Power is offering odds of 3-1 on Paterson Joseph becoming the first black actor to play the lead role in Doctor Who.

The current incarnation, Scottish actor David Tennant, announced earlier this week that he would be stepping down from the role after next year. Tennant is the tenth actor to play the part since 1963.

Speculation on who replaces the outgoing incumbent is a popular sport in Britain (almost as much as public drunkenness and leering at barely legal teenage girls in national newspapers) which usually swamps any other news. In fact, the identity of the twelfth Doctor will probably relegate coverage of the US election to the back pages, somewhere between the horoscopes and the crossword.

It's a bad time to be a white supremacist - not only is The Ruler Of The World likely to be black, but the Doctor might be too. What next? Black people in Neighbours? Jamaican bobsledders?

In all seriousness, there's absolutely no reason why the 11th Doctor can't be black, or indeed anything other than a Caucasian from the United Kingdom. Surely if a northerner can take on the rule, anyone can?

Just so long as it isn't an Australian.


tdot said...

'Just so long as it isn't an Australian'

You killed me with that one..!

ka-os said...

I forgot to mention South Africans too, but then with an accent like that, one would be perfect to voice the Daleks. "Ex-stem-in-ight, eh."

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