...out of time

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there..."

THERE'S SOMETHING I just love about this advert. I think it's the strings. The whole thing makes me feel all wholesome and pure. And I love grocery shopping. Boy, do I love it. Sniffing out the loss-leaders, the BOGOFs, reading labels for nutrional information, squeezing vegetables. And occasionally finding something strange and new. I like to seek out my favourite checkout lady (I have a phobia of male checkout attendants - it just doesn't seem right buying ones groceries from another man). One Asian lady even age-checked me when I was buying a bottle of Malibu a few weeks ago, bless her (the second time that's happened in Morrisons. Maybe it's some ploy to curry favour - unless you're 17, who hates getting age-checked?)

Supermarkets are heaven, but grocery shopping is a skill. I know people who succumb to the marketing, the mind control, and oppressive, depressive strain that is herds of Other People. These poor souls go into supermarkets and buy the things they want, things they want right now, and they pay the price the supermarket wants right now. And that just ain't how it's done. I wish I could impart my knowledge, my skills, but it's instinct, kids - and you either got it, or you don't. Happy shopping.


Frank León said...

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