Boys Over There

Apparently, there's a bunch of people somewhere on the island of China (it's part of the Russian Federation - honestly, didn't any of you pay attention in geography?) running around and throwing things, and some are even jumping headlong into artificial bodies of water. Who knows what it's all about, but I can't see it catching on.

In any case, here at theka-osblog, we're not as shallow as the rest of you, and realise that there's sports other than sex. Moreover, these sports professionals happen to look jolly good, so that even those of you averse to running around and jumping into sandpits will have something to consider.

My favourite games haven't started yet - you know, the running - but we've had some jolly fit lads contorting their bodies in the name of something called gymnastics today. Most lovely of all is Japan's Kyosuke Tomita, who can do some jolly clever things with a vaulting horse (no giggling at the back, please):

Gosh, just imagine... Yang Wei of China also makes a pretty picture, and may have won a nice prize for his exertions:

Then there's Matthew Mitcham, who's Australian (but that isn't his fault, he was probably just born that way). He's also a Homosexualite, which is nice. This is what he looks like:

Here's a photo of two nice Colombian boys, Victor Ortega and Juan Guillermo Uran, falling into water:

Colombians in speedos -what more could you ask for, really? The running and stuff starts at 0200hrs London time, and I foresee an all-you-can-eat buffet of pecs, calves and deltoids.

Sport's great!


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