Savage Garden Singer Arrested For Alleged Racist Attack

Darren Hayes, formerly that warbler out of Savage Garden (he's the camp one who had the sham marriage with some poor cow) has been arrested following an alleged racist attack on a waiter in a restaurant in London.

An Australian uttering racist slurs? Surely not!
Of course the cheerful fair-go Aussie (they're such a sunny people, so they keep telling everyone) denies the charge, but I'm with the police and the Australian's victim on this one - no smoke without fire, eh?
Back to the colony with him, I say, where racism is the national sport.


Tré Xavier said...

I think there's a great possibility that he's guilty. As far as racism being a national sport for Aussies, I'm not so sure. I say that based on my experience with Austrailian men. The guys I've known to be Austrailian are usually attracted to Black men. It may be that Austrailians fall into a category that I've noticed of the Italians, Irishmen, Russians, and Germans that I've known in my time. That category being that if they like Black men, they REALLY like Black men. But if they don't like them, they hate them.
So let's wait for the truth to come out before passing any judgement. And if he's guilty, but the truth never comes out for our eyes to see, Karma being the bitch that it can be, will definitely do a number on him.

ka-os said...

Well, I lived in Australia for a miserable 12 years, and from my experience Australians are rabidly xenophobic and racist. There's also an excellent blog by an African-American that goes into some depth on the subject,

As for Australians who "really like black men", I'd take a wild guess and say that they're also the kind of white guys who drool at the thought of sex with a black guy, but whose friends are all white.

Racism in Australia is endemic; spend some time there and see how they treat the Aboriginal people, and you might change your mind...

Tré Xavier said...

I have prided myself on admitting when I am wrong. And since you do have the more personal experience, I have no choice but to take your word for it. With that in mind, it is a shame that it is that way out there in this day and age. From what you're telling me, it rings remnants of the apartheid that existed in South Africa.

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