One Year On: Lynden David Hall

February 14 marks the first anniversary of a beautiful soul singer, Lynden David Hall. He was 31.

Born on 7th May 1974, he was a singer, songwriter, producer and arranger, from Wandsworth in South London. He won a MOBO award for Best Newcomer in 1998, the first British artist to be Best Male Artist by Blues & Soul Magazine. He released three albums: Medicine 4 My Pain, The Other Side and shortly before his death, In Between Jobs. He's been described as an urban soul poet, his songs invested with an intelligent male sensitivity. He's smooth, funky and real.
DJ Trevor Nelson said at the time of his death: "It's the loss of a great talent unfulfilled... He was one of the biggest talents of his time, and ahead of his time in many ways. He was a very unassuming guy, very quiet and introverted, not your typical wannabe pop star. It's a sad day for British black music, but knowing Lynden as I do, I hope the attention that this brings him will make people go and re-visit his music."
If you love soul music, and you don't know about Lynden David Hall, you need to discover him. Beg, borrow or steal a CD. Visit his official myspace page. The man may be gone, but a little piece of his soul lives on.
Lynden David Hall died one year ago. He was 31.


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