The Lego Man

I have a confession. I was a Lego kid. I loved the stuff. But I'm not going to embarrass myself by revealing how old I was when I finally stopped messing about with it, except to say that I lost my virginity before I lost my Lego sets. Let's just leave it at that. Some years later, I spent a small fortune on eBay buying back those 1980s sets I'd once owned, and which my adolescent self foolishly disposed of. They're now housed behind glass, unplayed with, and untouched by human hands. Nathan Sawaya is a man who's taken his plastic passion a bit further; his New York studio is home to more than 1.5 million bricks, which he uses exclusively to build some pretty amazing sculpture. He can even recreate you - yes, YOU - as a full-size Lego replica. I think I'd like that. See more of the man and his art here.


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