LENSED: David McIntosh

I don't do sport. I don't like doing it and I don't like watching it. "What about Gladiators!" I hear you cry. Oh, if only sport was as silly and camp as Gladiators. Then there's the Gladiators themselves - David McIntosh, for example, who plays Tornado. Oh my. He's a serving Royal Marine Commando who's been in Afghanistan, Somalia and Northern Ireland (I'd be happy to show him the sights - and I'd even polish his weapon whilst he's there). He's gone and got naked for gay rag AXM Magazine, along with a bunch of other celebrities. They're not all naked together, sadly. Oh, Tornado. (Sigh).More pictures here.


Niyi Crown said...

Sweet heavens above. To believe I almost styled a shoot with him. Oh how I wish I didn't turn it down.

ka-os said...

Mr Crown, you're clearly clinically insane. Go and stand in the corner with your back to the classroom until told otherwise.

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