The Worst White People In The World

Australia and South Africa. Oh dear. What a pair they are. Specifically, white Australia and white South Africa. They just make white people look bad. Really.

The Australian government has decided to apologise for the "historic mistreatment" of Aborigines. You know, the people the white invaders/opressors stole the land from, proceeded to subject to genocide, before rubbing the native's noses in it by establishing a counterfeit national identity, soaked in bogus patriotism, and served up with a side of xenophobia. The apology might make some loud, proud Aussies feel better about themselves (even more so than before, if that's possible) but what difference will it make to the Aboriginal people?

Their average lifespan is around twenty years shorter than the average white Australian, illiteracy among Aboriginal children is around 80%, and 1 in 71 is the ratio of Western Australian Aboriginal people held in prison or juvenile detention (vs 1 in 1140 for non-Aboriginal people). Boy Uninterrupted has written a swell article about it all here.

Australians might be an obnoxious bunch, but at least they make some effort to gloss over their ugly "inner-facist" with a lots of smiling and happy chatter (just don't mention the natives). White South Africans, on the other hand, must surely rank as the Worst White People On The Planet. They're like that embarrassing, backward relative; mankind's very own wild boars. White South Africans have made an art form out of brusque self-importance, with a dash of nastiness and a twist of sheer repugnance. And they revel in it.

My loathing of the Boer's - er, I mean, white South Africans - goes back to the Eighties, when my uncle left Northern Ireland to work in the mining industry there. He didn't last long, since he was unceremoniously slung out of South Africa for socialising with his black colleagues. Yes, socialising.

The latest horror story from the Rainbow Nation comes from black Belgian tourist Aridi Amipi, the latest black man to be refused entry to gay bar Bronx. Apparently, only regulars are allowed in, but being a white is a free pass too. Amipi said, "My white friend from England was admitted, but I wasn't. The doorman wouldn't tell me why. I showed my ID, but still I wasn't let in." And his friend Lee had this to say: "When I take my black friends they get told only regulars are allowed. This is nonsense because my white friends who haven't been there before are allowed in."

Nice, innit? Let me know if you have any horror stories from the occupied territories...


Anonymous said...

thas some bullshit! in this day and age niggas still racist...fuck dat..

Jackeroo said...

"Australians might be an obnoxious bunch"? .. I was born in Australia but living in London some 20 years .. and a big fan of your blog but I'm not obnoxious just by virtue of where I was born.

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

Jackeroo: I lived in Australia for 12 years, and they were absolutely miserable years. I've written about it here at ka-os|theory several times. I've lived in several countries - including the US - and I'd struggle to find anything good to say about Australia.

I'm sure you aren't obnoxious, but then you've wisely chosen not to live in Australia for the last 20 years, which says it all, really ;)

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