Review: Broken Sky

Hypnotic, enticing and achingly beautiful, Broken Sky puts the rise and fall of a relationship under the microscope, depicting the pain of unrequited love, rejection and loss with blistering accuracy.

There's barely any dialogue - proof indeed that actions speak louder than words - with most of the action played out in body language: stolen glances and intense sex are the language of this piece. The BFI says it's a "masterful exercise in visual storytelling" and it isn't wrong. The two leads, Jonás (Miguel Angel Hoppe Canto) and Gerardo (Fernando Arroyo) as two students, are thoroughly engaging, and just so happen to be very, very easy on the eye - even if, distractingly, Jonás bares an uncanny resemblance to Jason out of Coronation Street.

If there's one flaw it's the duration, an ailment modern cinema suffers acutely from - at more than two hours and eighteen minutes this one tests the patience, and my reaction might well have been considerably less favourable had I been trapped in a cinema for that long. But here we have quantity and quality, and that's rare. Broken Sky is nothing less than stunning - if, by the final act, you don't feel the full, stomach-churning impact of the flashback revealing what really happened on the dancefloor, then you haven't really loved and lost...

*Edits were made to this article on 18/10/2011.


Tyler said...

"I'm going to see if I can buy this now. Good review! Lots of sex!!!!!! My type of movie!!!!!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!"

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