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Left & Found

We celebrate black culture one minute, and crush black lives the next. "Poet Claudia Rankine’s ‘genius grant’ win is a victory for African Americans. But there’s something devastating about the context in which it was awarded."

Why are there so few resources for gay Muslims online? (Image)

It Happens, Yana Mazurkevich's incredible photo series that "pairs potent imagery with the unsettling, true stories of sexual assault survivors."

Addressing the most forgotten letter in LGBT.

One in three LGBT travellers experience discrimination on holiday.

"We are building our way to hell." Tales of gentrification around the world. From community displacement in Mexico City to tourism-triggered evictions in Lisbon and crazy rent hikes in Silicon Valley, stories of gentrification – and the initiatives trying to tackle it.

Does cycling contribute to a city's gentrification? "Hostility to cyclists and bike lanes often seems to be a proxy for wider anger at gentrification. But does this urban phenomenon really arrive on two wheels – or is new cycle infrastructure a sign the street has already transformed?"

Being born in the 1990s isn't all doom and gloom.

Why I hate small talk. "Social life has slipped back to the 1950s, when manners were everything and truth embarrassing."

Liquid assets: How the business of bottled water went mad. "How did a substance that falls from the air, springs from the earth and comes out of your tap become a hyperactive multibillion-dollar business?"

News America

First Pride flag launched into outer space.

Crossing the line: How Donald Trump behaved with women in private. “He kissed me directly on the lips. I thought, ‘Oh my God, gross.’”

What happens when the alpha males run politics? Donald Trump.

The story of Donald Trump's Atlantic City comeback is even worse than his collapse. Spoiler: He made millions by ripping off shareholders.

In the heart of Trump country. On Logan County, West Virginia.

Trump will roll back Obama’s LGBT rights protections, Mike Pence confirms.

Why did the Obamas fail to take on corporate agriculture? "Activists hoped President Obama would fight for stronger regulation. Eight years later, they’re still waiting."

Philadelphia gay bar owner Darryl DePiano caught on camera using the n-word.

Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to bake a cake for a lesbian couple. Now, the homophobic bakery is shuttered.

Moronic Christian group One Million Moms launches a boycott of H&M after mistaking a Muay Thai fighting champ for a transgender woman.

Rentboy CEO Jeffrey Hurant pleads guilty to promoting prostitution and conspiring to commit money laundering.

Triplets with DNA from both of their gay dads born after rare pregnancy.

Death in the sands: the horror of the US-Mexico border. "Donald Trump has pledged to build a ‘beautiful wall’ – but America’s frontier with Mexico is already aggressively defended by the drones and fences of the US border patrol. It’s a strategy that is causing ever more migrants to die in hostile terrain."

WATCH  New York’s LGBT immigrants tell their emotional stories.

Don't ask, don't tell: Military members five years after repeal.

Could a boycott by black Americans end police brutality and injustice in the US?

Code of silence. "Two officers discovered rampant corruption and criminal activity at the heart of Chicago’s police department. Then they were punished by their peers. A four-part series."

Dispatches from the rap wars. A sociologist embeds with a gang, and writes about "my 18 months inside one of Chicago’s most notorious gangs."

The golden suicides. "When Theresa Duncan, 40, took her own life on July 10, followed a week later by her boyfriend, Jeremy Blake, 35, their friends were stunned and the press was fascinated: what had destroyed this glamorous couple, stars of New York’s multi-media art world, still madly in love after 12 years?"

The last battle for Brooklyn, America's most unaffordable place to buy a home. "It might be too late for Williamsburg, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy – but in Crown Heights, tenants have learned a few tricks to prevent the social cleansing of their neighbourhood. Can they succeed where the rest of Brooklyn failed?"

The untold history of gay Civil War soldiers.

BRAZIL  LGBT activist David Michael Miranda elected to Rio de Janeiro's city council; Miranda is the husband of American journalist Glenn Greenwald, who famously released classified National Security Agency documents leaked to him in 2013 by former CIA employee Edward Snowden.

HAITI  First LGBT film festival cancelled after death threats and police ban.

News UK

Stephen Port: Alleged serial killer "had appetite for sex with unconscious men."

Stephen Port: Alleged serial killer "tried to frame victim."

Homophobic attacks rose 147% in the UK following Brexit vote.

More young people than ever before are identifying as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Gay YouTuber Calum McSwiggan facing up to a year in jail if convicted of filing a false police report over alleged attack in West Hollywood.

"Outrage" as prisoners are told to remove "hardcore" images of women from their cells – but gay inmates can keep their pictures of men.

Vandals tear down Pride flags from LGBT-inclusive church.

INTERVIEW  Talking to House of Rainbow founder Jide Macaulay, as the inclusive church network celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Hysterical right wing tabloid the Daily Mail is furious about London's pro-LGBT traffic lights (that have been up for months without incident).

Hate preacher Shaykh Hamza Sodagar - who called for gay men to be killed - is now teaching in the UK.

Louis Theroux: Looking back on Jimmy Savile. "I was at my wedding in July 2012 when I learned that the DJ and TV presenter Jimmy Savile was to be unmasked as a sexual predator in an upcoming ITV documentary."

Edward Conteh was convicted of a murder he didn’t even see. He deserves justice. "A young Belgian national is facing deportation after his conviction under joint enterprise, a law that the supreme court says has been misapplied for years."

The racist ideas of slave owners are still with us today. "The surge in hate crime since the Brexit vote is one legacy of an overlooked period of British history."

On A Moving Image, the film Spike Lee might have made about Brixton. "It features an unforgettable cast railing against gentrification. Will Shola Amoo’s tribute help stop the exodus of locals – and the influx of gourmet jerk chicken shops?"

Is it the end of the frog and toad for regional slang? "Sounds of 2066 report says ‘talking to machines and listening to Americans’ will kill off British accents and slang in the future."

SCOTLAND  New police unit trained to fight LGBT hate crime.

NORTHERN IRELAND  is the happiest place in the UK.

News World

IRELAND  Roger Casement: Gay Irish martyr or victim of a British forgery? "A century since he was executed, the story of Irish rebel Sir Roger Casement remains controversial due to the Black Diaries – either a genuine chronicle of his sexual history or a forgery by British officials to discredit him. Two biographers have set out to settle Casement’s case once and for all."

SPAIN  The government has been dysfunctional for nine months — and the country's getting by fine.

GERMANY  Men convicted under historic gay sex laws Germany to receive compensation as 30 million Euros is set aside.

RUSSIA  Gay couple pull out of competition to become the face of IKEA Russia.

UGANDA  Out of Kampala’s frying pan, into Nairobi’s fire. "Kamarah Apollo is a gay Ugandan refugee in Kenya who is currently awaiting relocation to the United States."

NIGERIA  Homophobic American anti-LGBT organisation MassResistance opens branch in Nigeria.

CAMEROON  LGBT activist group Camfaids loses leader Eitel Joris Ella Ella to fatal illness

CAMEROON  Mass arrests at popular gay bar in Yaoundé.

KENYA  Senior judge says that homosexuality “will eventually be accepted in Kenya, though it would take years.”

ERITREA  Trapped and bereft in the world's "fastest emptying country".

ISRAEL  $5 million in funding for LGBT community announced.

AUSTRALIA  "Gay panic" defense to be scrapped.

Film Forever

On queer cinema's golden age, the gay '90s. "A New York film festival reminds us how wide the celluloid closet busted open 20 years ago [and] how these movies changed history and... identities."

On whitewashing in the movies: A failure of imagination.

Deepwater Horizon is a great disaster movie. It’s also a warning.

From Notting Hill to Poltergeist: How Hollywood handles gentrification.

Sean Paul Lockhart (aka gay porn star Brent Corrigan) thinks James Franco’s King Cobra is "heinous" and shows "contempt" for gay culture.

Sean Paul Lockhart (aka gay porn star Brent Corrigan) stars in indie short Midnight.

Shameik Moore, the breakout star of Dope, nearly squandered the biggest opportunity of his career. Here’s how he recovered (June 2015).

INTERVIEW  Talking to Shameik Moore. “When I was younger, I was definitely cool, but I was never the cool guy in the situation. The bad boys were always the ones who people thought were cool and wanted to hang with. Shameik was always on his own.”

The terrorist inside my husband's brain. On Robin Williams’s last months.

WATCH  Nate Parker forced by Robin Roberts to defend himself against rape allegations on Good Morning America.

Ten thoughts about Birth of a Nation.

REVIEW  Moonlight. "With an African-American cast and its progressive sexual politics, this movie isn’t destined for mainstream success. However, those who care deeply about the art of filmmaking and appreciate masterful storytelling will have their world rocked by this powerful film. Moonlight is a thing of beauty. People will be discussing Moonlight for a very long time."

REVIEW  Being 17. "The film explores the rapport between masculine boys in an unprecedented way, respecting its nuances, complications, and contradictions. Téchiné approaches his subjects with the same delicate queerness of Wild Reeds, doing justice to the closeness between repulsion and desire, difference and sameness, heterosexuality and homosexuality."

REVIEW  Being 17. "'Need is part of nature... desire is not of natural origin. It is superfluous.' So goes a reading in one of Thomas and Damien’s school assignments. The project of Being 17, which is realized via the accretion of dozens of wonderful details, is to prove that assertion entirely wrong, to celebrate desire as the most natural and necessary thing in our lives."

REVIEW  Coming Out. "Whether you’re yet to come out or looking back on your own experience of telling people you were gay, Coming Out is a smart, very personal and yet surprisingly universal look at the process. It’s rare to be taken into another person’s coming out in such an immediate way, with all the key moments caught live on film. It manages to be very affirming and yet aware that for some Coming Out may not have a completely happy ending."

REVIEW  Ali: Fear Eats the Soul. "Our consumerist 'me' culture could use more films like Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, one of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's most penetrating examinations of the social challenges of extending and receiving true, uncompromised empathy." (September 2014)

On the Barbara Stanwyck noir classic No Man Of Her Own (October 2005).

Shock, horror, spirit: On Hitchcock’s Psycho. "This two-part essay basically concerns Alfred Hitchcock’s relation to Catholicism. If it challenges at all Raymond Durgnat’s estimation of Hitchcock’s essentially 'fearful' vision, well and good."

The strangest, sickest and scariest midnight movies ever. "Depraved new shocker The Greasy Strangler recalls a tradition of late night cult favorites, full of severed limbs, psychedelia and fecal matter."

Michael Douglas: Kirk was film star first, father second. "The actor talks about his parents divorcing, his famous father, and being much more hands-on in his own second marriage."

Bill Nunn: Obituary.

WATCH  Filmmaker Michael Rohrbaugh's new short about internalised homophobia, American Male.

WATCH  Here's the trailer for Being 17; 13th, the new Netflix documentary chronicling America's history of racial inequality and white supremacy in the justice system; Shared Rooms; and Other People.

The Box

Why your favorite show isn’t on Netflix.

Many TV executives love talking about diversity. Doing something about it, not so much.

INTERVIEW  Talking to About Him star Gary Lavard.

Gays of our lives: All the latest news from gay soapland!

Deep Water: Were thirty unsolved Sydney deaths really gay hate crimes? "A miniseries inspired by real events and a true-crime documentary anchor an ambitious, multifaceted SBS investigation."

Westworld: Is it just Games of Thrones with lassos? "HBO hope to replicate Games of Thrones’ success with their new sci-fi drama. But with its rogue gunslingers and robot sex, the show has intrigue of its own."

REVIEW  Westworld. A "seamless marriage of robot cowboys and corporate dystopia... An absolute thrill. Unless you’re one of those robots trapped in a grisly Groundhog Day..." (The Guardian)

Westworld: Twenty-two cool things that happen in The Original, the series premiere.

Premiere’s Twitter response 545% greater than the ill-fated Vinyl’s debut.

Westworld: The showrunners on season 2, and the show’s video-game influences.

On the weird science of marketing Westworld.

Deadwood, HBO’s Western, is maybe the best drama ever made. Actually, scratch the “maybe.”

Luke Cage isn't afraid of the character’s blaxploitation roots. It embraces them, and is better for it.

Insecure takes the “aimless twentysomething” cliché and makes it feel entirely new. "Issa Rae’s new comedy makes the daring choice to show the intimate lives of black people without fanfare."

The CW is rebooting Dynasty...

...Here’s how not to ruin it. "The Carringtons and the Colbys are back in town – but can the producers of The OC recapture the glamour and melodrama of the original series?"

Why Woody Allen's TV sitcom is a failure.

Why Everybody Loves Raymond deserves to be remembered as a TV classic.

REVIEW  Divorce. "Unlike Sex and the City, Divorce is a slimmer and darker show. Sex and the City marked a moment of feminine power and found a way to reverse the conventional narrative of sexuality. Divorce is less obviously of its era, and is one of many series that has tried to illustrate the inner workings — or inner dysfunction — of a middle-aged marriage. But in its confused family life and uncomfortable intimacy, it is the perfect bookend to Carrie Bradshaw’s unfocused romanticism in Sex and the City. That was then; this is now."

Divorce is a darkly comic look at awful people being awful to each other.

From Sex and the City to Divorcethe television remaking of Sarah Jessica Parker.

On Sex and the City, and 9/11. "On September 11, Sex and the City had just ­finished editing its fourth season, six episodes of which were slated to start in January. But once the immediate crisis subsided, the producers knew they had a problem: Images of the World Trade Center were all over the footage, a ghost in the glamour machine." (August 2011)

OMG Golden Girls action figures!

INTERVIEW  Talking to George Takei: "I’d take a female friend to premieres. Then go out to a gay bar."

INTERVIEW  Talking to The Get Down's Shameik Moore. The Atlanta native on "his musical aspirations, being bros with Jaden Smith and A$AP Rocky, and how he handled filming his first-ever sex scene."

The greatest TV idents of all time.

Heartbreaking pictures of the old Coronation Street set gone to wrack and ruin.

How Sabrina the Teenage Witch spelled a change in 90s TV. "With its wisecracking cat, screwball dialogue and its smart, empowered lead character, Sabrina’s magic lingers 20 years after it was first broadcast."

WATCH  The latest episodes of The DL ChroniclesStreet Behavior; Fallacies; Kaleidoscope; and the trailer for season two of Willology.

Art + Design

Serge Attukwei Clottey: The artist urging African men to dress as women. "Serge Attukwei Clottey walked through Ghana’s capital city in his dead mother’s clothes to honour her memory – and to highlight injustice against women. It is the latest step in his art collective’s mission to create social change."

Bohemians say goodbye San Francisco, hello LA. "The once alternative city by the bay has become a playground for tech billionaires, so its artists are fleeing to an unlikely new home: la-la-land."

On John Edmonds' Lovers & Friends, a gorgeous exploration of loss and desire.

REVIEW  Beyond Caravaggio (the National Gallery, London 12 October 2016 – 15 January 2017). "It is easy to see from this deathly, sexy, unforgettable masterpiece, lent by the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, why Caravaggio inspired so many followers."

James Baldwin, Gladys Bentley, Jason Collins, Alvin Ailey, and the LGBT artifacts in the National African-American Museum.

The Tom of Finland photo booth, in pictures.

The Tom of Finland Art Fair, in pictures.

Dillon St Paul (currently competing in The Apprentice) joyful gay art.

A forest grows in Brooklyn as artist Spencer Finch plants miniature redwoods in the concrete jungle.

How the cleanup of Detroit has erased graffiti history.

Why brutalist architecture is back in style.

The beauty of unloved buildings, in pictures.

The curious case of San Francisco's leaning tower: 'There is nothing like this'. "The city’s tallest residential building is sinking, and has been compared to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now the blame game is coming swift and furious."


LGBT stories dominate 2016 list of most banned books.

Poet Caleb Femi named first young people's laureate for London. "The 26-year-old says he wants to use his role to ‘normalise poetry’ for disenfranchised young people and ‘show them how their voices can be heard’."

Truman Capote's ashes sold for $43,750.

In Cold Blood, half a century on. "Fifty years ago, Holcomb, Kansas was devastated by the slaughter of a local family. And then Truman Capote arrived in town..." (November 2009)

Why do writers drink? "Does it help writers to drink? Certainly Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, John Cheever, Ernest Hemingway and F Scott Fitzgerald thought so. But are the words on the page there despite and not because of alcohol?" (July 2013)

REVIEW  The Angel of History, by Rabih Alameddine. "The son of a Yemeni prostitute and an absentee father, young Jacob is raised by a colorful cast of 'aunties' at a Cairo brothel and, later, by a stern but subversive Catholic nun in Beirut."

REVIEW  Uplift Cinema: The Emergence of African American Film and the Possibility of Black Modernity, by Allyson Nadia Field. On "the lost history of African-American filmmaking in the first half of the 1910s, uncovering a surprisingly diverse body of genres – from local film and sponsored production to drama and comedy – through which early Black entrepreneurs strove to self-fashion racial representations on their own terms."

REVIEW  The End of Cinema?: A Medium in Crisis in the Digital Age, by André Gaudreault and Philippe Marion. "At times their confidence gives way to feistiness, but the authors shrewdly determine that the so-called digital revolution is not the final death blow to a proud and prominent art form."

On Christopher Street: Transgender Stories, Mark Seliger's new book.

Why teen magazines have gone queer.

On the rag, your weekly look at the free gay 'zines. 30th September here. 7th October here.

On Elska magazine, the bi-monthly "male photography and culture 'bookazine'. Each issue is dedicated to a different city and filled with images of local boys who are photographed in the streets and in their homes, in their own clothes and style or nude."

Multimedia Platforms, the owner of LGBT publications in New York, Florida, and California, has folded...

...But local LGBT papers "here to stay".

How massive cuts have remade the Denver Post. "Journalists at the state’s largest newspaper once wondered how much more they’d have to endure. Now they’re finding out."

Beats, Rhymes & Life

INTERVIEW  Talking to Craig David. "I sort of find it weird when people get very ‘No! I’m not gay!’ I mean, are you homophobic in some way?"

Kid Cudi’s announcement that he's checking into rehab “for depression and suicidal urges” is a powerfully honest blow to mental health stigma.

An ode to DeVante Swing on his birthday. "According to Wikipedia – the world’s most reliable source of information – he is now 47 years old. Based on the series of unfortunate sightings of Jodeci in both its parts and its formation, I think I speak for everybody in saying that it’s an amazing feat of both grace and mercy that all of the members of Jodeci are still with us."

This is what happened to Jodeci after 20 years. "They soundtracked our childhoods then took a two-decade break. Now, the R&B legends open up about their new music and grown-up lives." (April 2015)

Marilyn: "I sat in a room for 20 years, taking crack and watching the Alien films". "In the 80s, the bitchy, ‘bloody gorgeous’ singer was groomed to be the next Boy George. Stardom beckoned – until drugs and a very lengthy breakdown got in the way."

Red Light District

Folsom: Behind Closed Doors, in pictures.

Pornhub reveals what gay guys are searching for.

eLine announces the relaunch of and

Is Randy Blue dead?

INTERVIEW  Talking to Helix star Sean Ford.

Bel Ami legend Tim Hamilton talks about piloting a small airplane, Buddhism, life after Bel Ami - and having sex with four ladyboys.

Bel Ami joins Snapchat, teases Kris Evans and Ryan Kutcher series.

Ghetto Romance

Healthy gay relationships aren’t plastered on Facebook.

The one tried-and-true rule of open relationships.

Médecins Sans Frontières

British man might be first in the world to be cured of HIV after "breakthrough" treatment. "Pioneering new therapy launches two-stage 'kick and kill' attack on the virus."

Could children be evolving resistance to HIV?

Meet the sexy PrEP Squad.

Sixty percent of gay men aren't aware PrEP could save their life.

Why undetectable HIV-positive men are better in bed.

The first outbreak of drug-resistant gonorrhea has hit the US...

...And syphilis rates among gay men are catastrophic right now, too.

Ten ways drinking coffee is good for your health.

Every body goes haywire. "It’s inconceivable to most people that this is it—there is no other, underlying condition. The headaches are the condition itself."

Common painkillers "increase heart failure risk".

Do branded painkillers work better than cheaper generic ones?

Hell's Kitchen

The people’s cheeseburger. "The most important fast food restaurant in America is a radical burger joint in Watts."

When to cook with fancy salt — and when cheap salt will do.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

A fatal mistake. "Why did the El Faro cargo ship sail directly into the path of Hurricane Joaquin, killing all 33 aboard?"

Child-free sections on planes is a good start. Now let’s sort out the trains. "IndiGo’s ‘quiet zone’ policy banning under-12s from premium seats is an all-too rare attempt to hold back the babyccino-swilling hordes."

"Tube chat" campaign provokes horror among London passengers.

How the Trans-Siberian Railway reshaped world history.

Australian made: Looking back at Ford's car factories. "As Ford closes its last car factories in Australia – 91 years after beginning production in the country – we look back at the days when the automotive giant was in full swing in Victoria with construction plants in Broadmeadows and Geelong."

Tomorrow's World

Why people are "bewildered and fearful" about companies use of their data.

WhatsApp chats are about to look a lot more like Snapchat.

It's time to accept that we will die at the hands of our smartphones. "What end could be more fitting for the self-respecting modern human than death by a randomly exploding handset?"


Are gay slurs a cause for Odell Beckham’s on-field meltdowns?

Why it’s time for Mexico to play soccer matches in empty stadiums.

Chinese team to attend 2018 Gay Games for the first time ever.

WATCH  Olympians Tom Daley and Greg Louganis perform a synchronised dive; and Brian Anderson on being a gay professional skateboarder.

Planet Earth

52 Blue. "The story of the loneliest whale in the world."

And Whilst You're Thinking About That, Think About This...

And finally, Jack and Ben on dating a bisexual; how to speak Jamaican - with the Baddie Twinz; meet gay mermaid Blix; and Andrew dries...
See you kids next week - it's been emotional! Zee Jai

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Issue 243: 26 September - 09 October 2016
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