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left & found

Black is the new leather. "How African-American organizations and leathermen are shaking up the leather community’s status quo."

How gay porn helped build the gay equality movement.

The fifty weirdest and coolest facts from LGBT history.

Michael Sam on the criticism he receives from the black gay community for dating a white man. “My fiance gave me the strength [to come out]. The challenge I get now is, why are you not dating a gay black guy? Why are you dating a white guy? Why would I do that? Why would I leave someone I fell in love with and have been through so many challenges with.”

On being masculine and homosexual in a gay niche culture that celebrates femininity. "Some of us are just not into throwing shade, sipping tea, etc. Why are we (masculine gay men) only depicted as lustful objects of sexual desire in gay books, gay films and gay web series? Not depicted as real human beings with real lives and struggles?"

The truth about Toveygate.

What life is like for homeless NYC teens who have sex to survive.

I'm an 18-year-old boy who wears blue nail polish - get over it.

What happens when you ask people when they became gay? Watch.

Empire's queer family of colour is the real "new normal", writes Karamo Brown: "According to the Census Bureau sampling known as the American Community Survey, African-American or Latino gay couples are twice as likely as whites to be raising children."

Black people are not more homophobic than everyone else...

...But millennials are more racist than they think.

And this: Why white straight males don't talk about privilege.

A letter from black America. "Yes, we fear the police. Here’s why."

It's time for successful gays to raise up the next generation.

news from america

Alex Teal and Stephen White were planning their future together. But one last night on the town changed everything.

This is Lawrence Reed. In 2013, he doused Clarksdale mayoral candidate Marco McMillian (above, right) with petrol and set him on fire. He claims he acted in self-defense after McMillian, who was gay, tried to rape him.

This is 18-year-old Kyle Box. He has confessed to stabbing and setting fire to 62-year-old gay man Randy Bent.

San Diego man pleads guilty to spreading HIV. 30-year-old Thomas Miguel Guerra lied about his status to his partner.

Police investigate possible connection between two shootings in Houston's gaybourhood.

TV host Rodner Figueroa - the first presenter on Hispanic TV that is openly gay - fired for comparing Michelle Obama to Planet of the Apes.

All the ways that NYC's St. Patrick's Day Parade is a disgrace.

Al and Chuck Travel "private gay cruise" anything but inclusive, marred by homophobia allegations.

Outspoken activist Dan Savage tells potential Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson: Prove being gay is a choice and "suck my dick".

Republican Congressman Aaron Schock under scrutiny for taking undisclosed male companion on official trip to India.

A tale of money, sex and power: The Ellen Pao and Buddy Fletcher affair. "How Alphonse 'Buddy' Fletcher Jr., an openly gay hedge fund star, came to marry Ellen Pao, a partner at a powerful Silicon Valley firm, before they 'went to war with their elite worlds.'"

Why it’s time to shut down poisonous US college fraternities.

Christian university forbids bake sale for homeless gay youth.

Orthodox Jewish drag queens: joyfully putting the sin in synagogue.

Notorious Harlem church hit with violations for installing anti-gay sign without permission.

Meet the straight couple that goes to bat for LGBT immigrants.

Khalid el Khatib, the son of a Palestinian refugee, stayed in the closet on the advice of his therapist because he did not want to disappoint his Muslim father. This is his story:

My life as a gay congressman. "It took me 32 years to come out. This is what happened when I did."

Inside the prison for teenage sex offenders where some inmates are as young as thirteen.

The road to Selma, in pictures.

news from latin america

Brazil | Rubbish Rio, in pictures.

Jamaica | Horrific video shows gay youth stoned to death.

Haiti | Haitians cross the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic carrying goods bought in the Dominican Republic, 12th March 2015.

news from europe

United Kingdom | Conservative Members of European Parliament have voted against or abstained on a motion praising same-sex marriage.

United Kingdom | Conservatives slash HIV prevention cash by half. And health bosses say it may cost too much to save gay men from anal cancer.

United Kingdom | One in five gay teens are bullied in school by teachers or other adults.

United Kingdom | What it's like to be gay in the British countryside.

United Kingdom | Stop sneering at working-class youth at play in Magaluf and Ibiza.

England | The mother of 33-year-old Orashia Edwards says the UK government is driving her bisexual son to the brink of a mental breakdown as they prepare to send him back to Jamaica. His asylum case will be heard on 15th April.

England | 24-year-old Lee Taylor convicted of blackmailing married men he had sex with in parks.

England | Former TV weatherman Fred Talbot has been jailed for five years after being found guilty of indecently assaulting two teenage boys.

England | The BBC threatens London club G-A-Y with legal action after EastEnders' "Kathy Beale" is announced as a G-A-Y Porn Idol judge.

England | London gay venue The Yard saved from redevelopment.

England | 37-year-old man dies at London's Pleasuredrome sauna. Three men died at the venue in 2012.

England | My evening at a bisexual orgy in a South London sauna.

England | The murder of a teenage boy on a London street exposes the city’s great wealth divide. "The killing of Alan Cartwright on Caledonian Road, next to the huge redevelopment of King’s Cross, was committed in a working-class area rich in heritage and community, but increasingly surrounded by gentrified neighbours."

An introduction to the UK's black gay community...

Ireland | Yes Equality campaign launched in Dublin. A referendum on 22nd May will decide if marriage is extended to same-sex couples.

Ireland | Parishioners walk out of mass after priest criticises footballer’s stance on marriage equality. Local footballer Eamon McGee backs the Yes campaign.

Europe | Train company Thalys announces new customer service training announced in response to reported homophobia.

Immigration and LGBTs: Denied safe haven in Europe. "Each year thousands of LGBT asylum-seekers travel to Europe hoping to secure a future free from discrimination and violence. But for many, the European Union is not what they’d anticipated."

Switzerland | Parliament votes for law to protect the LGBT community from prejudice.

Germany | This is Nasser El-A, who at fifteen lived with his Lebanese family in Berlin. After he came out to them, they doused him in gasoline, beat him, poured boiling water over him and threatened to ram a knife into his throat. His father and uncle kidnapped him in an attempt to whisk him off to Lebanon and force him into an arranged marriage with a woman, but they were stopped by Interpol. Now German courts have slapped large fines on the kidnappers, and Nasser has found Papatya, an outreach group specialising in the housing needs of battered women and children.

Ukraine | Remembering those lost on Flight 17. "When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was caught in the crosshairs of an ongoing war in Ukraine, six people dedicated to fighting HIV and AIDS were killed. They are remembered here."

Russia | IKEA is shutting down its magazine to avoid violating the “gay propaganda” ban.

Italy | How Pope Francis fooled us all on LGBT issues.

Turkey | Male belly dancers - “zennes" - are making a comeback in the contiguous transcontinental Islamic republic.

news from africa

Nigeria | President Goodluck Jonathan: Vote for me if you oppose gay rights.

Kenya | Ugandan LGBT refugees protest treatment.

Uganda | Frank Mugisha lists fourteen ways the country can break free from homophobia.

news from asia

China is on a crazy mission to build artificial islands. What the hell is it up to?

Vietnam | The beautiful marriage of Adrian Anh Tuan and Son Doan.

Ten reasons Cambodia should top your gay travel wish list.

India | American religious evangelicals aren’t the only ones who need to learn to respect LGBT people and sex workers. Progressive activists do too.

Singapore | Tired of waiting for "the one," Andrew Chan married his imaginary future husband.

Australia again justifies torture as a means to an end, this time by attacking the UN.

Australia | Anti-gay marriage ad airs during Sydney Gay Mardi Gras.

Australia | 2015's Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, in pictures.

Fourteen unbelievable facts about LGBT rights in Australia.

news from
the middle east

Iraq | ISIS reportedly beheads three men for being gay.

Living in the ruins of Gaza, in pictures.

inside the spaceship

The Web as we know it is about to fundamentally change, undergoing "a massive re-architecture and re-platforming in the next decade."

The importance of keeping the Internet's past alive. And ponder on this: "The vast majority of human photos are up on Facebook and nowhere else, and that's a dangerous thing."

Why America's internet is so slow.

Why are flip-phones making a comeback in Japan?

Mobile-charging phone boxes - using solar energy - planned across London.

art & design

The unknown notebooks of Jean-Michel Basquiat. "Graffitist, painter, actor, poet: The late artist’s rarely seen personal writings and sketches are expressions of 1980s downtown New York, and, perhaps, of his truest vision."

Corinna Kern's pictures of transgender people in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Photographer Steve Davis' pictures of teens behind bars.

Staying Power: Photographs of Black British Experience 1950s-1990s, a new exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum. In pictures.

And this: Nineteen pictures of west Londoners, by Charlie Phillips.

The pictures that are too hard to keep.

Photographer Russell Frederick's pictures of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighbourhood of Brooklyn, taken over fifteen years.

Size Queen, an exhibition by artists David Page and Eros Biox, captures relationships between 12" dolls and real people. It opens 24th April at Gallery 446, Palm Springs.

Will the UK's gas holders be missed?


Finalists for the 27th Annual Lambda Literary Awards announced. KAOS favourite John R. Gordon is nominated for Souljah. Read the KAOS review of Souljah. Iraq war veteran Rob Smith is also nominated, for Closets, Combat and Coming Out: Coming Of Age As A Gay Man In The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell".

Andrew Holleran talks to Larry Kramer as his magnum opus, The American People, is published, and asks our angriest activist all that he has learned.

Review | James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination, by Matt Brim. "What kind of monument is James Baldwin and the Queer Imagination? How might we make use of it? 'This book is by no means, then, an homage,' Brim admits, knowing he has written something better. 'It is, most generally, a recognition of the fact that Baldwin gives queer thinkers a lot of work to do.'"

Review | On My Search for a Better Life, This Is How I Became . . . Infamous!!!, by Kent T. Jackson. "In a new autobiography written by Ta’Leon Goffney, we not only discover his version of the events that led to the heterosexual twin (briefly) diving into the gay porn industry, we also get insight on how he became a career criminal."

Looking back at Handjobs magazine, the last issue of which was puclished in October 2014.

Terry Pratchett, the author of the popular Discworld series of comic fantasy books, is dead. He was 66.

at the movies

Filmmaker Kate Kunath's new documentary We Came To Sweat takes us into New York's first black-owned gay club Starlite, which existed long before the Stonewall Inn, and "is a love letter to the renowned, all-inclusive space, which managed to survive 50 years of racial and sexual social inequality, but sadly wasn't able to withstand Brooklyn's tide of gentrification."

Why we should stop expecting the Oscars to support gay films.

Talking to Mo’nique about why black Hollywood shunned the gay-themed Blackbird: "Everyone was afraid of it."

Review | Blackbird. "A tricky film – I really wanted to like it but ultimately the problems with the script, the lack of nuance in direction, and some of the more wooden acting and dialogue hold it back. I’ve never read Larry Duplechan’s book on which the film is based, the adaptation doesn’t seem to do it justice."

Read The Advocate's 1995 cover story on Playgirl's departed Dirk Shafer. "Filmmaker and taboo-busting Playgirl model Dirk Shafer was found dead Thursday at the age of 52. Read how Shafer challenged the sexual status quo in this Advocate cover story on him from future New York Times theater critic Charles Isherwood."

Campaign launched to pressure New Line Cinema to release My Own Private River, James Franco's tribute to actor River Phoenix, who died tragically of a drug overdose in 1993. Franco recut the film My Own Private Idaho using hours of never seen before footage of River Phoenix, but it has only ever been screened at festivals.

Grease 2 star Maxwell Caulfield on life as an unknown actor in pre-AIDS New York City. "Before the damned plague hit it was absolutely party central... I lost friends like everybody."

Will Smith's 16-year-old son Jaden "comes out", Tweeting rapper Tyler the Creator: "I Think Im In Love With You, I Don’t Know I’m Still Figuring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday." Maybe he was "turned", True Blood-style, by Daddy...

The restored 54, starring Ryan Phillipe and screening at this year's BFI Flare festival in London, has been vastly improved. "What has been added back in is a lot more drug-taking and a lot more guy-on-guy action."

Talking to Ira Sachs about his latest movie, Love Is Strange.

What do male models make of Zoolander?

An incredible Back to the Future documentary is coming later this year.

Review | Kissing Darkness. A cheap, cheesy and very gay horror movie, which may sometimes be sexy and occasionally quite fun but is mostly pretty rubbish.

Watch the trailer for Montage of Heck, about the life of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain...

the box

Is there too much pressure for gay TV shows to succeed?

Gay black lives matter: The importance of TV’s sudden about-face in LGBT racial diversity.

Review | Cucumber. "Anticlimactic end to a sometimes glorious series." (Digital Spy). "From misery to joy in a truly magnificent ending." (The Guardian)

Cucumber: Was Russell T Davies' return a masterpiece or a misfire?

Cucumber is disappointing TV – which is why we need more gay dramas.

Cucumber and Banana are coming to Logo.

Looking: Daniel Franzese is still breaking new ground ten years after Mean Girls.

Hollyoaks unveils new family The Lovedays, with Metrosexuality's Karl Collins (above, right) playing father to Duayne Boachie's Zack. There's an interview with Boachie here.

Empire's Jussie Smollett doesn't come out on Ellen. So stop saying Jussie Smollett "came out."

Empire's Jussie Smollett gets why his sexuality is something to talk about. But, “It was a bigger deal to everyone than it was for me.”

Empire: Are we ready for a black Dynasty?

Empire: How Fox's hip-hop drama broke a 23-year-old ratings record.

Empire season two will have bigger stars, less opulence.

Empire: Is it wrong to portray blacks as criminals?

Empire state of sound: How the original soundtrack took on a life of its own.

James Van Der Beek on being discovered with gay porn by airport security. The former Dawson's Creek star had been given a VHS copy of Dawson's Crack and wanted to share it with his co-stars.

Talking to Lisa Kudrow about Valerie Cherish, Friends, and why women in Hollywood should demand more.

The Comeback comes back: Lisa Kudrow's prescient show returns to TV. "The 2005 series predicted a strain of reality TV that’s ubiquitous today: faded stars humiliating themselves for our attention."

Review | The Billion Pound Hotel. "It’s a tower of vulgarity, properly hideous."

Julian Clary backs petition to make him host of Top Gear. "I thought Top Gear was a clothing range for dominant homosexuals."

RuPaul's Drag Race will finally be seen in the UK after TruTV UK acquires all seasons of the hit show.

Kathy Griffin quits Fashion Police after just seven episodes. "I discovered that my style does not fit with the creative directon of the show and now it's time to move on".

Michael Sam to appear from 16th March on the 10th anniversary season Dancing With The Stars.

Gays of our lives: What sort of a week have our favourite gay characters in soap had?

The story behind the set of EastEnders.

EastEnders casting director on the lack of working class actors. "My worst job is trying to get a white, working-class actor, male, aged 25 to 35 for EastEnders. That is the most difficult area to get."

Former EastEnders actor Sam Strike - who played gay teen Johnny Carter - has signed up for Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie Leatherface; meanwhile, another former EastEnder, David Witts, has joined ABC drama Recovery Road.

How we made Neighbours. "It has always been heavily censored. When the show started, we weren't even allowed to say the word toilet."

Eighteen steps to deliver perfect shade from a 1984 episode of Dynasty.

Videos | Lumbersexuals vs Metrosexuals is the latest episode of Steam Room Stories; Confrontation is the latest instalment of Triangle; watch Rupaul's Drag Race pit crew play dirty charades with oiled up, red-headed new stud Bryce; and the Dynasty vs. Empire mash-up we've been waiting for...

Sam Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons, is dead. He was 59.

beats, rhymes & life

Enigma announces eighth album.

Talking to gay hip-hop artist Solomon about depression, resurrection, and drugs.

Why the Blurred Lines verdict is bad news, even if you hate Robin Thicke.

Blurred Lines and Marvin Gaye: Robin Thicke really did have it coming. "He might have been able to encourage rape and get away with it, but it's nice to know that not all of the singer's moral lapses have gone unchecked."

Is the Wu-Tang Clan broken, forever?

Talking to out country singer Steve Grand - who shows off his new CD that was completely funded by his fans.

Talking to Madonna about Grindr, the LGBT community and her Rebel Heart.

How Michael Jackson destroyed his looks in 100 operations.

Video | Gay rapper Andre Xcellence - Game of Thrones; AYER - Digital Fantasy; and The Irrepressibles - Always On My Mind. Plus: Tutting!


Porntopia. "Besieged by pirates, and youngsters unused to paying to watch sex, the porn industry just isn’t what it used to be."

Porn and condoms and Prop. 8. "How California's marriage equality case can (and should) sink L.A.’s 'condoms in porn' law."

A brief history of the Falcon Studios crystal head logo.

Sean Zevran on being an escort. "Escorting has always been something of a sexual fantasy of mine. It involves a high degree of—and is often purely—sexual objectification, which I find very arousing."

Brent Corrigan: “I have no shame in admitting I often harness the exposure and controversy garnered for my involvement in a long lasting, bitter feud with my first producer, Cobra Video.”

Talking to legendary director Kristen Bjorn.

Randy Blue's first bareback scene, in pictures.

The finalists for the 9th annual Hookies, to be held 20th March in New York. KAOS favourites Tyson Tyler and Armond Rizzo are both nominated.

YouTube's Tre Melvin serves up cakes.

st. elsewhere

Doctors in South Africa have performed the world's first successful penis transplant.

HIV can be controlled by genetic engineering.

Survivors of the 1980s AIDS crisis share accounts of their experiences. "I kept a memory book/photo album of everyone I knew that died of AIDS. It's quite large to say the least. Who were these guys? These were the people I had planned to grow old with. They were the family I had created and wanted to spend the rest of my life with as long as humanly possible but by the time I was in my late 40s, every one of them was gone except for two dear friends of mine."

Twenty-three celebrities who lost their battle with AIDS. Above, Arthur Ashe, the first African-American tennis player to be selected to the U.S. Davis Cup team. He died of AIDS-related pneumonia in 1993.

We're still too shy when talking about HIV.

Scientists discover a vaccine for herpes.

You can turn your eyes from brown to blue with new laser eye surgery - and $US5000. (Image)

Why we are saying "uh" less and "um" more.

ghetto romance

Rape happens in gay relationships too.

The beautiful marriage of Neil Singh and Eli Pew.

Are Indian gay men obsessed with sex?

Seven things straight people can actually learn from gay relationships.

hell's kitchen

How alcohol consumption changes dramatically over a person's lifetime.

"Flavour scalping" is why your wine-in-a-box tastes bad.

How the sugar industry continues to subvert public health policies.

A spider which can give men four hour erections has been found amongst bananas in UK supermarket Tesco.

Dunkin' Donuts ditches titanium dioxide – but is it actually harmful?

McDonald's might rid its chickens of antibiotics — but critics say that factory farming remains rotten to the core.


Cows are more deadly than you ever knew.

Giant alligator invades golf course.

Perfectly preserved 10,000-year-old woolly rhinoceros calf discovered in Siberia.

trains, planes & automobiles

Is the air quality on passenger planes killing people?

Is this eco-jet the future of air travel?

On board the world's biggest ship.

Watch American passenger rail shrivel up and die in this animated map.

betta work!

The isolated lives of North Dakota's gay oil field workers.

The demolition of workers’ compensation. "Over the past decade, states have slashed workers’ compensation benefits, denying injured workers help when they need it most and shifting the costs of workplace accidents to taxpayers."

and whilst you're thinking about that, think about this...

The haunted dolls of eBay.

This Lego Doctor Who console room.

And finally, gay fraternal twins face-off against gay identical twins. Rogue "Marbie" Scott toys with a strap-on; Andrew struggles with money; and Walter takes on fear and confusion in Atlanta...

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Issue 209: 08-13 March 2015
On the cover: Jean-Michel Basquiat.





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