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Ways to burst balloons, no. 74.
<<< Rob Evans is one of dozens of boy babes naked for bl33n. More manikins later.

But first, the last couple of week's top stories...

||| Gay rights movement started in 19th century Germany, claims American Scholar.

Where's the steering wheel?!
>>> 20-year-old Anton Hysén becomes the first professional footballer to come out since Justin Fashanu in 1990. Hysén plays for Swedish 4th tier side (like I know what that means) Utsiktens BK.

Nice floorboards.

<<< New York model uses gay inequality to dodge jury duty. Jonathan D Lovitz wrote on Facebook, "I raised my hand and said, 'Since I can't get married or adopt a child in the state of New York, I can't possibly be an impartial judge of a citizen when I am considered a second class one in the eyes of this justice system.'"

||| Donald Trump shows his hand, opposes marriage equality, and same sex partner benefits.

>>> This is 23-year-old Justin Alesna, who was viciously gay-bashed in Detroit whilst witnesses "gawked and laughed". FOX Detroit has more.

<<< In Indiana, a 16-year-old has been arrested for a homophobic attack on fellow pupil Rito Osorio.

>>> The January death of 18-year-old Lance Lundsten has been officially confirmed as suicide. Lundsten was the victim of anti-gay bullying at his high school.

Serious WASPs fight for mic time.
||| A bill to protect GBLT students has finally been introduced. The Student Non-Discrimination Act (SNDA) was put to both the US House and the Senate on Thursday.

<<< Man sentenced after racist, homophobic attack on 38-year-old Greg Davis (pictured centre, left) at Julius Bar, the "oldest continuously operating gay bar in New York".

Muscle boys try to figure out how to use zebra crossing.
>>> West Hollywood becomes an election issue. "Founded by gay activists over 26 years ago... prosperity and urban development [are] pitted against the city's history as a countercultural haven."

||| African Americans respond to Obama's shift on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). "Some say the decision is dismaying, though not damning. Others may be rethinking their views, given the influence Obama has in the African American community. And there are those who don't seem to care much at all."

Just call me "Daddy".
<<< The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports staff layoffs and plummeting attendance at Eddie Long's New Birth Missionary Baptist Church. Long stands accused of "luring at least four young men into sexual relationships and using church funds to give them cash, gifts and cars".

Grant Storms and his big broom.
>>> Another anti-gay pastor, Rev. Grant Storms, has been arrested for masturbating in front of children in a public park. He's pictured in 2003, sweeping with a broom. Clearly likes to have something in his hands...

||| Blurring the lines of military masculinity: "Strange pantomimed man-rape and struggles for dominance and grotesque, smoochy come-ons that
Why, it's enough to put Sarah Palin off her meatloaf!
could only make sense in a place where every other form of amusement had long since been used up. It was just so hypersexual that gender ceased to matter."

||| Navy seeks to discharge sailor found asleep in bed with another male sailor.

>>> What Would You Do? baits diners with gay soldiers in uniform.

||| "Ex-gay" group get iPhone app.

||| GBLT stories: From cancer diagnosis to fairytale wedding. Justin's story:

Yearning to civilise white folk. Tom Cruise a success.
<<< Nation of Islam loony Louis Farrakhan has lashed out at the GBLT community - and Rihanna - branding them "filthy". Oo-er, missus! He also thinks Scientology "civilises" white people.

||| In Kansas, a law criminalising gay sex could remain on the statute books.

||| Grandma warns Colorado legislators against anal sex: "It's tight for a reason! Keep out!"


||| Gay MEP Michael Cashman has revealed he was abused as a child. As an early member of the EastEnders cast he shared the first gay kiss in a British soap, and went on to co-found Stonewall.

>>> 18-year-old arrested over London anti-gay stickers...

...On 2nd April, a pride parade will take place in East London in response to the stickers.

||| Another landmark London gay pub is slowly but surely being "de-gayed".

||| Government denies appeal rights to refused GBLT asylum seekers from Jamaica, Nigeria and Ghana.

Photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna dated 2061
falls through crack in time.
||| Homophobia rising within British African communities.

<<< The Christians who are proud to be prejudiced.

||| Homosexuality, Christianity and child welfare. Why "this week's court ruling against a Christian couple seeking to foster children was right."

||| Humanist posters banned from UK railway stations.

||| Gay lover's tiff causes Heathrow bomb scare.


||| IRELAND: Three-quarters in favour of gay marriage in predominantly Catholic country.

>>> FRANCE: The story of Le Refuge, a charity that helps GBLT youth, "most of them from Muslim families, who have been rejected by their families and forced onto the streets."

"Barely legal pussy?
What barely legal pussy?"
<<< ITALY: Meanwhile, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has promised a Catholic conference in Milan, "Gays will never have marriages equal to traditional family values because there is only one family." Berlusconi is to go on trial for having sex with an underage prostitute.

||| POLAND: Marriage equality measures to put Poland ahead of supposedly fair and friendly Australia.

||| GBLT rights are part of EU accession conditions for Turkey and Montenegro.

||| The freer the speech, the stronger the democracy. "Europe could learn from the US supreme court Snyder v Phelps decision: free speech is the best defence against extremism."


Some models were confused by the subtle
difference between "underwear" and "hat"
||| JAMAICA: Male rape victim killed and two gay bars raided in Kingston.

||| ST. LUCIA: American couple brutally attacked in anti-gay hate crime.

>>> BRAZIL: National Underwear Day. Say no more.


<<< UGANDA: Enock Nsubuga - who has been charged with the murder of David Kato - has been remanded to prison until his trial continues on 17th March.

||| UGANDA: Christopher Senyonjo - the retired Bishop of West Uganda - has urged the Anglican Communion not to "keep quiet" about the abuse and violence faced by GBLT people in his country and elsewhere.

||| BBC World Debate programme asks "Is homosexuality un-African?" Uganda's anti-gay MP David Bahati will be a panelist.

||| SOUTH AFRICA: School prank ruled defamation. "Pictures of a principal and deputy principal pasted on an image of two gay bodybuilders was a defamatory action which warranted compensation, the Constitutional Court ruled."

||| SOUTH AFRICA: African It Gets Better campaign launched. Zimbabwean actor Frank Malaba kicks things off:

||| SOUTH AFRICA: HIV patients living in fear of "whoonga" addicts.

||| MOZAMBIQUE: GBLT activists want constitutional amendment to enshrine gay rights.

>>> SIERRA LEONE: Fernando Moleres won the World Understanding Award at the Pictures of the Year International competition, for this shot of prisoners at Pademba Central Prison in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

<<< IVORY COAST: Fears of a civil war intensify (27 more pictures).


||| JAPAN: 8.9-magnitude earthquake strikes (46 more pictures).

News of half-price Big Mac meals causes straight
Chinese couples to inadvertently switch partners.
>>> JAPAN: About Taiga Ishikawa, a GBLT writer and activist running for election in Tokyo.

<<< CHINA: In Wuhan, central China, gay couples have performed a ceremonial wedding. Debate over gay marriage rages on.

||| AUSTRALIA: Sydney's 34th Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, in pictures.

The drag queen Baywatch convention was a success.
>>> AUSTRALIA: Drag queens run on Sydney's Bondi Beach during the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras drag race.

||| AUSTRALIA: News anchor apologises "disgusting" Mardi Gras marchers comment.

||| AUSTRALIA: Foster's deny new ad is homophobic.


<<< Truvada - the drug that prevents HIV infection - hits a wall.

||| New Zealand sees surge in gay/bisexual HIV diagnoses...

...Infection rates are also rocketing in Burma.

||| Half of men may be infected with HPV.

||| The mystery of left-handedness, and how it still stumps boffins.

God runs out of tortoise shells.
||| Need an energy boost? How about some stallion semen? (No, not the porn star kind.)


>>> Two-headed tortoise!

||| Packed in like sardines. Really.

<<< Eastern Cougar declared extinct.

||| WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! Five ways the world could end.

||| WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! World's sixth mass extinction may be underway.

||| Solar storm 'could cause more damage than Hurricane Katrina'.

>>> The Sun, up close and hot as hell.

||| The search for Tyche, the real ninth planet.


||| Do you own a gay blog that makes money? Google can - and will - shut you down at any time.

||| Gay Facebook failed because of progress with gay equality, Fab.com founder claims.

||| But it's the internet that's killing gay groups in the real world. In San Francisco, it's the last ever International Bear Rendezvous, after nearly 20 years.


<<< Review: Caught off Base, by JM Snyder.

>>> The Tom of Finland Foundation's 16th annual Erotic Art Fair set for 25th-27th March 25 – 27.

<<< A month of GBLT comics: The Gay Existence.

America has "No Homo". Britain has JLS.
||| Playgirl UK launches – without the nudity.


>>> "You're looking kind of hot and sweaty there, Aston. I was wondering if I can do this..." Really.

||| Danish gay porn star Carsten Andersson storms Scandinavian pop charts. "Without my porn past, I'd be just another boy with a song out. Porn has made people take notice," he says.

Louis Walsh (far right) now regrets walking past a young Bieber.
||| George Michael says he 'deserved' to go to jail.

||| Be afraid. An Irish artist has created a work depicting Elton John breastfeeding.

<<< Guess who?

||| Miley Cyrus drags up as Justin Bieber.

||| Like mother, like daughter! Whitney Houston's spawn snorts some coke - Will Smith take note!

<<< Chris Brown goes blond and gets naked. Bet his Mama's proud!

||| More importantly, did Chris Brown show Bow Wow his winky?

||| Usher, Beyonce and Nelly Furtado are a few of the pigs caught with their snouts in the trough, shamelessly guzzling the blood money of an infamous mass murderer, then "donating" it to charity when they get caught. Utterly vile.

||| Buju Banton wants bail whilst he appeals his conviction for drugs offenses...

||| ...Meanwhile a June sentencing for Banton looms. Gonna be a hot summer (or fifteen) in jail.

||| Dublin band Dead Cat Bounce on why rugby's just so gay.


||| Tired TV has-been Chuck Norris says gays have taken over the American school system and turned it into a "progressive indoctrination camp". (That's a bad thing?)

>>> Felicia Pearson - best known as The Wire's Snoop - busted in drug raid. Art imitates life imitates art, as it were.

||| GLAAD files complaint against anti-gay Spanish language talk show, José Luis Sin Censura, where "verbal and physical attacks against women and LGBT people" are common.


<<< Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft fined for showing the Bruce LaBruce film LA Zombie.

||| Representation of gay families in Disney a question of when, not if, says The Lion King animator Andreas Deja.

>>> London's National Portrait Gallery to host Brief Encounters, a lecture highlighting GBLT film stars from early British cinema, such as Dirk Bogarde, Mary Morris (right), Kenneth Williams and Derek Jarman. Find out more here.

<<< London’s annual Lesbian and Gay Film Festival has been cut from 14 to just 6 days thanks to cuts by the Conservative government, but a new event will help fill the void. "Fringe! the London gay film fest" will feature parties, twelve films, talks and performances. Promoter Alex Karotsch says: "It's a grassroots, not-for-profit festival for people who like gays and films." There's more at the website.

||| Watch Change, a new film doing the rounds of the film festivals: Jamie, a gay African-American teenager, grapples with his young identity on the night Obama was elected president, and Proposition 8 - the voter initiative to eliminate same-sex marriage - passed. More on the website...

...And there's the trailer for Punch Me too: "With a romance on the rocks and a father on his sick bed, a young man must accept his true identity before he loses the two people he loves most." More on that at the film's Facebook page.

||| It's a clean sweep for Sex & The City at the 2011 Razzie. Well deserved, girlsladies.


||| Michael Lucas issues public statement supporting rival studio's hardline on piracy - even if closeted gay teens get caught in the crossfire: "We should prosecute thieves mercilessly. We should not and will not discriminate on the basis of age when it comes to piracy."

<<< Bel Ami touts "Kinky Angels" test run. The Euroboys were also in Australia for Mardi Gras, where they modeled some Speedos.


<<< Tony Duran's nudes, and they're awesome.

>>> Photographer James Demitri's campaign for underwear brand teamm8. The model is Nick Taylor.

<<< Steven Klein for Vogue Hommes Japan. Epic!

>>> Eddie Griffin gets naked for Rick Day. There's more.

<<< Chad White works it for Details magazine.

>>> Build Me Up, a new book by photographer Laure Bernard, takes us on a hot'n'sweaty trip into the boxing ring.

<<< Will Brown is spectacularly naked for shutterbug Bell Soto. There's more.

>>> Chuck Ryan Strogish by Rick Day. There's more.

<<< Dennis Lewis by Richard Pier Petit.

||| Juan Esteban shot by Walter Aguirre for Vuthy menswear, below left.

||| 18-year-old New Yorker Alex Barbosa, by David Arnot, below centre. There's more.

||| Calvin Brockington lenses 25-year-old Dallas boy Shawn White, below right.


||| Cricket backs Steven Davies after player announces he is gay...

...And Davies praises his Ashes teammates after coming out.

<<< England rugby star Ugo Monye and Manu Tuilagi share a special moment in Worcester.

...Whilst pampered football powder poofs Benoit Assou-Ekotto and Jermain Defoe share some body heat on the pitch, right (presumably before they go for a manicure and facial).

<<< Martez Wilson is 6'4" and 250 pounds. Here's a photo of him...

...Cam Newton, another big NFL lad, is nearly busting out, right. It's just all too much.

||| Baltimore Ravens player Brendon Ayanbadejo urges his fellow Marylanders to join him in supporting equality.


<<< Mugshot mayhem!

||| Our favourite GuysWithiPhones from the past week, after the jump - enjoy!

Issue 90: 28th February - 11th March 2011

||| Remember what was going on this time last year? No? How about a reminder? Read Issue 54.

Cover photo: Japan disaster, 11.03.11.

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Oura said...

Pencil dick!! hahaha that pic will never get old

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

LOL... Who?

Oura said...

Chris Brown

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

OH! lol... It's flaccid - I'm pretty sure it inflates, Oura...

Oura said...

it's flaccid and SKINNNY. Skinny willy

Prince Toddy English said...

It is just normal flaccid; but I imagine it becomes a whole other person when he's randy...teeheehee.
I ♥ Chris Brown.

Prince Toddy English said...

Oh dear! My FB comment showed up before my entire news compendium comments...

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

You're not off the hook - Toddy's Take is the best part of the news compendium!

Prince Toddy English said...

1.) The next time I get a jury summons I'm going to use the gay defense too. That or I just won't answer and pretend I never got it. That always seems to work. I hate jury duty.
2.) I am sick and tired of gays watching Celebrity Apprentice. Do you realize you are supporting that rat nest head homophobe?! God I hate him. Once a customer was going to purchase a Donald Trump tie and I convinced him to buy another brand. F**k Donald Trump.
3.) I want to visit West Hollywood before it is ungayed.
4.) I totally support President Obama's decision against DOMA (yay). It is time for the rest of the black community to evolve on the issue. Get over it. There are gays everywhere and we won't shut up.
5.) I wonder how did the all male orgy...whoops..."prayer service" go?
I bet you some attendees got baptized in the spunk.
6.) ::Groan@Farrakhan:: We are not amused by him, at all. He is BFF's with a tyrannical dickhead and he is the leader of a sexist and homophobic religious organization...Oh, and he was allegedly involved with a conspiracy to kill Malcolm X. He sickens me.
7.) As for the grandma saying "It's tight for a reason..." I say TRUE. It's tight to maximize pleasure. No one wants to throw a hot dog down a hallway. Lastly, you can buy lubrication at the local drug store...It goes right in.
I think Granny had a painful experience. Keep trying. It eventually feels lovely dear.
8.) I think the more rights Gays acquire the more all the prejudice increases. Too bad. Gays and lesbians will get full equality. Get over it.
9.) Oh my goodness the UK is filled with just as many crazy Christians as we have over here. Ugh...and I was going to repatriate. Blah.
10.) More anti-gay hysteria in the Caribbean. Same ole same ole.
11.) As for Truvada...Uhm, just keep using condoms and lubrication people. It is not worth it, I feel.
12.) Leave us Lefties ALONE. Look, I've learned to adjust to being left handed in a right handed world. It works just fine for me. I was BORN THIS WAY. I cannot be re-educated out of lefthandedness. Take that Bothans.
13.) Human beings on the verge of extinction? Well it was a good run. I wish they would find a specific date to when we will all bite it. That way I could plan an all day back yard orgy.
14.) I'd better not tell Google that I was paid for advertising then...::zips lips::
15.) I want to invite Chris Brown to my end of the world orgy.
16.) Let the record show Beyonce returned her blood money BEFORE this story broke. Furthermore, she had no clue that this benefit was directly linked to the Qaddafi family!
17.) Buju Banton should OD.
18.) Okay, I find nothing remotely enticing about seeing porn with blood in it. Well maybe I'm just a frigid bitch. Oh well...
19.) I want to see CHANGE and PUNCH ME!

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

Beyonce had no clue who she was playing for? Oh, please! Come on! She returned the money before the story broke TO THE PUBLIC. Prior to that, the minders and public relations people were fixing it to make her look good.

Ignorance is no excuse, and if there's one thing these fame/$$$ hungry whores ain't, it's ignorant.

Prince Toddy English said...

Well, I shall respectfully disagree. I don't believe Beyonce would have done it had she known. I chop this up to being her first big career fuck up.
Also, it was verified that she did in fact donate the proceeds to Haitian relief.

thegayte-keeper said...

Could ALWAYS use some naked Rob!

LOVE the gay inequality to dodge jury duty.

Donald is an idiot!

Justin Alesna situation just shows us what we knew already.

I hope Obama's change on Marriage shows others that they are wrong.

Another anti-gay pastor doing what?

iPhone app, what is next?

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