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<<< Dylan Rosser has lensed "Zavier" for his website TheMaleForm. More manikins later.

But first...

>>> Naked, unarmed and distressed, Reggie Doucet - a fitness model and college football star - is gunned down by black LAPD officer.

||| A gay couple who were refused a double bed by devout Christian hoteliers have triumphed in a "landmark claim for discrimination in a case funded and supported by the Equality and Human Rights Commission."

<<< The ruling sends an important message on equality, Stonewall's head Ben Summerskill writes. Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell also speaks out.

||| Why the Cornish hotel ruling should worry conservative Christians. "Even devout judges and lawlords seem to have rejected the idea that laws should reflect the Judeo-Christian position," Andrew Brown writes in The Guardian.


<<< A gay teen thought to have killed himself after being bullied at school is now said to have died from natural causes.

>>> But 14-year-old Kameron Jacobsen, of Monroe Woodbury High School, did take his own life this week. He was "tormented by Facebook bullies who taunted him about what they thought was his sexual orientation."

Naked housekeeper, Thomas Cordero.
>>> Naked cleaner cleared of butchering his gay employer. Writes So a videotaped confession, surveillance video, and DNA evidence weren't enough to convict the killer of a gay man?

||| The family of murdered Portugese journalist Carlos Castro dump his ashes down a Times Square subway grate.

<<< Meanwhile, his alleged killer, 21-year-old Renato Seabra, is being held in Bellevue Hospital Center, having apparently attempted suicide.

>>> "People try to make it about black and white. He talked about equality for every man, every woman. We have a thing going on now – people discriminating against homosexuals in this country. I love the people. God bless the gay people. They are great people. We have discrimination against Hispanics in this country right now. We need to answer to that." NBA star Charles Barkley says his hero Martin Luther King supported gay equality.

||| Black GBLT groups march in Los Angeles' Kingdom Day Parade, in honour of Martin Luther King.

<<< Meanwhile in St. Louis, a slave auction was re-enacted to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Not everyone was thrilled about it.

||| A Lifeline call centre for suicidal GBLT youth is to operate out of Harvey Milk's old camera shop at 575 Castro in San Francisco. It will be run by the Trevor Project and the Human Rights Campaign.

||| Don't Ask, Don't Tell cost the Defense Department nearly $US200 million in administrative, recruiting and retraining costs over six years, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

||| U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear challenge to D.C.'s gay marriage law. But a voter referendum could be equality opponents' next port of call.

>>> Same-sex parenting more common in the South. Right, Reginald Maffett, 14, attends church services with his mother and her partner.

||| American gays are greener than straights.

Chi Chiz now...
...And then.
<<< Last week we heard about the horrible fate that befell the Starlite Lounge - Manhattan's first black-owned gay bar - and now comes news of a similar fate facing Chi Chiz, another former black Manhattan gay bar. Yes, you guessed it: it's now "prime retail space."

<<< Why can't the richest country in the world afford to pay its police and firefighters? In New Jersey, laid-off firefighters and police officers lined up Tuesday, 18th January, to turn in their helmets and badges.

||| Congratulations to Blabbeando - one of the best GBLT news blogs out there - on their nomination in the category "Outstanding Blog" at the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards. Good luck!

||| Homophobia: Why it's gonna cost ya!

>>> Milton Rogovin, the photographer, is dead. He was 101. Rogovin "dedicated his life to photography. His pictures documented the lives of the poor, the dispossessed, and the working class."


||| Conservative minister Baroness Warsi - who once said schools "promote homosexuality" - says Islamophobia is seen as socially acceptable. Guess she didn't get the memo about 9/11 and 7/7 kinda looking bad...?

||| A gay employee has won an appeal against Realpubs: Charles Lisboa joined the Pembroke Arms in December 2008, a gay venue Realpubs wanted to turn straight. Managers asked him to place a sign outside the pub stating that it was no longer a gay venue, and asked him to stop a male couple from kissing in public. UK Human Rights Blog has more detail.

<<< UK Gay News points out: "The Pembroke, in Earls Court, London, used to be called The Coleherne and is eidely considered to have been London's first gay pub back in the mid-1950s when homosexuality was still illegal. There are refernces to The Coleherne in Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City and among the pub's better-known habitués were Rudolf Nureyev, Kenny Everett, Anthony Perkins and Freddie Mercury. The change of name came after Realpubs purchased the pub in September 2008."

<<< Irishman Glenn Cunningham and his Brazilian partner Adriano Vilar have become the first couple to have their civil partnership recognised in the Republic. The couple held their civil partnership ceremony in Northern Ireland last year.

>>> Ibis hotels goes ahead with Islamic extremists' conference. More.

||| Lesley Pilkington, a Christian psychotherapist, may lose her license if a disciplinary hearing finds she attempted to cure a patient of homosexuality.

||| National Musem Wales to host LGBT History Month exhibition.

<<< The first British portrait of a freed slave has been spared export to Qatar until 2016. The Qatar Museums Authority acquired William Hoare's painting of Ayuba Suleiman Diallo in 2009.

>>> Did the New Cross fire create a black British identity? "On 18 January 1981, 13 black youngsters died in a London house fire which some feared may have been a racist arson attack, prompting a vocal outpouring of grief from Britain's Afro-Caribbean communities. Thirty years on, what is the legacy of the New Cross fire and what does it tell us about changes in British society?"

||| A live chicken was thrown at staff in a Warwickshire KFC. It's thought it's the first time chicken of any kind has been in a KFC restaurant.


<<< The belated homecoming of Tom of Finland. "The man who invented the macho gay image could be the hero of 2011's European city of culture," Alfred Hickling writes in The Guardian.

||| European Parliament denounce anti-gay proposals by Lithuanian MPs.

||| ALBANIA: Protests - demanding the conservative government call an early general election - turn violent:


||| The Big Picture: Landslides in Brazil (40 more pictures). Above, a landslide in Nova Friburgo, 130 km north of Rio de Janeiro. Below, "Leao" sits next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, for a second consecutive day.

||| BRAZIL: Murder rates in the GBLT community are soaring, with one death every day and a half.

<<< The situation is equally dire in Honduras, where transexuals have been increasingly targeted. More: "Honduras' best-known GBLT leader, 27-year-old Walter Trochez, was assassinated by state security forces in December 2009 for having launched a public campaign calling attention to the wave of anti-gay murders."

>>> What do Buenos Aires, Berlin, Stockholm, Helsinki and Tel Aviv all have in common? They're all chasing your pink pound.

||| CHILE: Marcia Alejandra, the first transsexual woman in Latin America, is dead.

||| VENEZUELA: Two 18-year-old gay youths have been shot and beheaded.

||| Obama to ease travel restrictions to Cuba.

||| JAMAICA: "Dis a gangster swiper, yuh nuh see his lips? When him swipe yuh, him mek yuh feel like yuh deh inna di sky." It's the two faces of Jamaican gay life.


<<< NIGER: The male beauty contest judged by women.

||| SUDAN: Slices of life from a cattle herding tribe:

<<< IVORY COAST: Like chocolate? This is where it started out.

||| CAMEROON: The European Union has given more than €300,000 in funding to gay equality associations in the west African country, much to the chagrin of the Cameroonian government.

>>> An interview with Cameroonian GBLT activist Stéphane Koch.

<<< The Big Picture: An uprising in Tunisia (39 more pictures).


||| PAKISTAN: More teens are choosing gay sex, according to Islamabad journalist Malik Ayub Sumbal - and it's all down to the influence of the wicked West, of course!

||| INDIA: It's been a while since we heard anything of Manvendra Singh Gohil, the famous gay prince of Rajpipla state. He's set to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show again.

>>> INDIA: Mumbai's pride march will last a week. Visit the official Queer Azaadi March.

||| Elsewhere in Mumbai... Employees work inside a banana chips factory, on 20th January:

<<< INDIA: Gay magazines hint at quiet revolution. In New Delhi, Fun magazine consistently sells out.

>>> CHINA: Bus in distress in Zhejiang Province on Sunday, 16th January.

||| TAIWAN: Marine trainees participate in the gruelling 'Road to Heaven' test:

||| Australia is becoming more like America every day.


<<< IRAN: Stoning sentence for two boys for alleged gay sex. More.


||| Frightening: Some men are allergic to their own cum.


||| Boffins think they can bring the woolly mammoth back to life after thousands of years extinct. Why can I hear the Jurassic Park theme in my head...?

>>> A monkey rides a bull in Nicaragua on Sunday, 16th January. Neither the monkey nor the bull are the dumbest animals in the picture.

||| Taj, America's oldest elephant, is dead. She was 70.


<<< Paris apartment, by Pascal Grasso Architectures.

>>> Tokyo office by Japanese studio Schemata Architecture Office. Every workplace should have a slide. Except maybe abattoirs.

<<< The University of Nottingham will exhibit a Roman cup once considered "too shocking" to be displayed. The Warren Cup can be seen at the three-month exhibition, Roman Sexuality: Images, Myths and Meanings.

>>> Powerless Structures, Fig.101 - a sculpture by Berlin artists Elmgreen and Dragset - will be the next installation on top of the Fourth Plinth in London's Trafalgar Square, in 2012. Yinka Shonibare's model HMS Victory is the current incumbent, whilst Thomas Schütte's sculpture "Model for a Hotel 2007" and Antony Gormley's "One & Other" have also held the spot.


<<< Slut Machine by Shane Allison. "A thoroughly enjoyable, frequently raunchy, and poetically compelling account of gay male eroticism and identity."

>>> Hidden by Tomas Mournian. "Terrifying, triggering and without a doubt one of the best novels I’ve read in very long time."


||| Ouch! Ricky Gervais takes aim at closeted fruitcake Scientologists - Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Will Smith - (not naming any names) at the Golden Globes:

||| Arnold Schwarzenegger's mother once took him to the doctor because she thought he was gay.

<<< Susannah York, the actress, is dead. She was 72. York appeared alongside Beryl Reid in the cult lesbian campfest The Killing of Sister George.


||| Moe's Tavern becomes Mo's Gay Bar on The Simpsons.

>>> A transexual woman and two gay men for Big Brother Brazil 11.

||| Joan Rivers gets snubbed by FOX & Friends after criticising Sarah Palin.

<<< Twinks in school uniform! Yes - it's Glee!

>>> Gays of our lives with Anthony D. Langford - everything you wanted to know about the week in gay soap from all over the world. Right, Lucas and Edwin kiss on Good Times, Bad Times (Netherlands). And meet Law Thompson (left) who's soon to appear in Hollyoaks (UK) as an openly gay fitness instructor - and he'll be naked in one of his earliest scenes. Meanwhile, James Roache is to return to Coronation Street (UK) as Ken Barlow's gay grandson James.

||| Cathode Ray Tube reviews the DVD release of Doctor Who - The Daleks, the series' second story from 1964.

>>> The Doctor Who Experience - an exhibition that opens at Earls Court in London on 20th February - will feature some familiar (to fans) props from the original (proper) series, such as the TARDIS console seen from 1983-1989, Zygons and Ice Warriors...

<<< ...And here's the current TARDIS making a cameo on the EastEnders set (something to do with material for the National Television Awards next week).


>>> Ricky Martin gets wet. He's interviewed by El Pais.

<<< Here's Elton John and his brand new baby. Gawd - imagine looking up at that every day. And let's hope Elton Jr. doesn't want to breast feed...

||| A country ballad by Manhattan drag queen Lady Bunny about Sarah Palin? Yes please!


<<< COLT Studio Group's Chapter 11 plan was confirmed by a federal bankruptcy judge on Tuesday. The bankruptcy of COLT Studio - one of the gay sex biz's oldest operating companies - follows the effective demise of fellow old-timer Falcon.

>>> "I suggest that thug-boy porn is akin to showing Nazis having gay sex... It's deeply offensive. Watching gay men have sex is liberating, because it denies homophobia. "We're here, we're queer, we're fucking, get over it." Watching thug-porn is racist, because it sexualizes and approves of thug-boy attitudes - which demonstrate one's acceptance of and agreement with racist oppression." Tim at Naked Came I on thug porn.

<<< MOC Blog talks to porn star and artist Cory Koons. On racism in the sex biz: "One director/studio head said that the reason why there weren't more black guys in the industry is because it's so hard to understand them because we don't speak their language. You have to hire a black guy that can understand them, to get black models." Visit Cory's blog here.

>>> Reese Rideout comes out as a married man.

<<< Hard to believe, but Milo and Elijah Peters aren't the only incestuous gay twins in the biz. Unfortunately, there's also the sorry-looking Adam and Konrad Richter, who have the personality/ies of a puddle of rapidly cooling semen. Not cute.

||| Corbin Fisher - "Amateur College Men and Amateur College Sex" - goes after Hotfile and some 1,000 file traders. "The suit hones in on Hotfile... which doesn't provide an index of content and 'represents an emerging model for stealing - and profiting from - others' intellectual property.'"

<<< The Bijou - the oldest gay porn theater and sex club in the US - celebrates 40 years.

||| This could be the most frightening thing you see this year: the Zeb Atlas music video, which is "horrible, awful, cannot unsee, made-me-deaf/blind, yougottabefuckinkiddingme, worst video of all time ever" according to The Sword. I'd still rather look at this than Minogue or Gaga...

<<< The Diesel Washington/Erik Rhodes bitchfest rumbles on: Erik Rhodes Responds To Diesel Washington's Response To Erik Rhodes...

||| ...And Diesel Washington Responds To Erik Rhodes' Response To Diesel Washington's Response To Erik Rhodes. It's all just too entertaining - more, please!


<<< Okay, so he's no Cristiano Ronaldo, but tennis ace Rafael Nadal (he's the one with the big ass and one bicep bigger than the other) still looks hot as Emporio Armani's new clothes horse. Viva España!


||| Calvin Klein (age 68) is to throw a birthday party for his grandsonboyfriend Nick Gruber's 21st birthday. With balloons and a clown, presumably.

<<< Daniel Garofali gets naked for Rick Day.

>>> Gregory Vaughan's gone and made some new photos of the delicious Chad White, who now boasts a bonce with hair on.

<<< Photographer João Arraes shoots Maikel Castro.

||| Male supermodel David Gandy: I'm "the lowest of the low."

>>> Reflections of Youth, a shoot by Andy Houghton.

<<< Dan Skinner has shot a story entitled When The Parents are Away... for Blake Magazine. Dave Wilkinson and Taylor Carron are the models.

>>> Sensual new shots from Kevin Slack Photography.


<<< Introducing DudelessNude: "The images on this blog are taken from public profiles on The exposed skin in the images has been replaced with text descriptions from the corresponding profile. When no additional text is available in a profile, the "stats" at the top of the profile have been used." Intriguing...

||| Should e-mails open with Dear, Hi, or Hey?

||| And finally, our favourite Guy With iPhones from the last week. Who's yours?

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Issue 84: 15-21 January 2011

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Mr. Toddy English said...

1.)On Reggie Doucet...
*note to self. while driving anywhere in Los Angeles wear your pink bullet proof Polo sweater...just in case.*
2.) I think it is so great that the black "kids" took to the streets on MLK day. Face it African American community WE are apart of it too...and have contributed GREATLY. Were it not for a gay man (Bayard Rustin) there would have been NO civil rights movement.
3.) When I move to San Francisco I want to work a phone line at the Harvey Milk center. That is really good.
4.) I am not surprised by the amount of same sex parenting in southern states. It is very common. Not everyone can afford to throw all caution to the wind and move to LA, San Francisco, or New York (or anywhere on the upper East Coast). There are plenty of thriving gay communities in the south, in spite of a lot of ignorance...
5.) Allergic to your own Mayo??? Seriously??? Oh my god that would be big drama for me...
6.) Ugh, I can just see it now...They clone and make miniature woolly mammoths as designer pets. Next we'll see Paris Hilton carrying one in her purse. Oh the humanity...
7.) I love Ricky Gervais for officially letting me know that I may have a chance to be with Will Smith. I mean he is closeted as hell, but a night would be fine with me.
8.) How HUMILIATING will it be to be picked up everyday, after school, by Elton John? Furthermore, I can just envision the INEVITABLE "No more wire hangers" moment. Elton is such a pill. God I hate him.
9.) LMAO I love Lady Bunny! (LOL)
10.) Okay, that Colt picture is so my new desk top.
11.) Myself, I never really cared for thug porn because the actors always look like burnt chicken wings..Unless it is a Tiger Tyson production (the actors are always hot and the production value is better). Furthermore, the instance on shoes, socks, and bling during sex turns me off.
12.) As for MOC blog...Uhm, who needs an interpreter to understand "fuck me???" Seriously???
13.) I want to see a Diesel Washington and Erik Rhodes scene...
14.) Favorite I-Phone guy: Tyson Kobie of course!
Another great issue!

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

6.) LOL! Don't! Just don't!!

8.) Yikes, I hadn't thought that far ahead. But seriously - what are the chances Elton'll make it to the school years? I don't have such a strong reaction to him, he's just an irritating celeb whore, really...

11.) I love me some RawRods. And ThugBoy is hot - come on Toddy, you'd turn down a ride on Baby Star? Or D'Angelo Jackson?

13.) Someone on another blog also pointed out a Washington/Rhodes "grudge fuck" would be fun. But the whole body odour - sorry, "Diesel Funk" - thing has really put me off Mr Washington. Not. Hot.

14.) I like the first iPhone guy, but the fem hottie in the black Tee has got me hot'n'bothered too...

Cup-o-Noodles said...

Scintillating, as always!

Wonder Man said...

I marched in that MLK parade. It was a great experience

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