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When it comes to the unintentionally funny, there's no more fertile ground than porn. One of last year's Dorm Life releases (the 18th in that series) was Cum Hard Or Fuck Off, which more than surpassed the previous year's rib-tickling 13th volume, Skipping Class For Ass.

Elsewhere, there's even juicier nuggets to be found. Self Suckin' Dildo Ridin' Rampage would have Oscar Wilde green with envy. And then there's Cunt Wreckers. Yes, you heard right: Cunt Wreckers, a gay porn film. It's a phrase that almost defies belief, but at least feminists will be pleased.

There's a dark side to these titular tales. In fact, let's call it His First Dark Side.

Some time ago, I stumbled upon a clip featuring one of my favourite models, Jovonnie. Anyone who's seen Jovonnie in action will know he's an absolute pro, the kind of performer who throws himself into his work, body and.... Well, you get the picture. He thrives on demonstrating his proficiency in the sack - or wherever he's called upon to do so - and is clearly proud of the gift nature has bestowed upon him.

Not in this clip, from The name of the site is an obvious enough signpost to the road we're about to head down: "blacks" as things, on boys. It's one of those sites where the cameraman likes a bit of chat with the models beforehand, and this particular scene is a pretty horrific example of that.

Jovonnie - usually cocky and chipper - looks unsettled, a bit confused, and increasingly uncomfortable with the disturbing racist trash spewing from the cameraman's mouth. This scene is one of the most disturbing pieces of porn you're likely to see, and demonstrates why, in an ideal world, sites like BlacksOnBoys should be shut down.

"Andreas, back in front of my camera," Mr. says. "I heard you went back on the other side of the fence, you've only been fucking white boys, and now you need me to introduce you to black cock."

Andreas - the sorriest looking porn star, possibly ever - squirms, looks around, and fidgets.

"Is this the case? Is this true?" Mr. B.O.B. ploughs on.

"I guess," Andreas mumbles.

"I guess so," Mr B.O.B. repeats, for the benefit of the audience. "I got you a big one... I got you a very large penis."

Silence from Andreas.

"'Cos I don't want you to go back again," Mr. B.O.B. purrs, somewhat threateningly. "Once you go black..."

"...You don't wanna go back," Andreas finishes hurriedly, looking like he's just walked on in Mom and Dad being intimate.

"You don't wanna go back," Mr. B.O.B. repeats the mantra, in case we miss this pearl of wisdom. "So what caused all this? Did you get a little white boyfriend or something?"

Andreas looks like he's been punched at this stage.

"A little Latin boyfriend, a little white boyfriend?" Mr. B.O.B. pushes him. Then he says something unintelligible which really shocks Andreas.

"You're not supposed to says that!" he exclaims, looking animated for the first time.

"I can say anything I want," B.O.B. retorts. They then talk about old times, back when Andreas first went black. "Want me to introduce you to your, er, piece?"

"Sure," Andreas says, much like a patient when the dentist asks if they're ready.

Enter Jovonnie, stage right, who gets the dubious benefit of a filthy glower from Andreas. Maybe they've had a spat in the green room beforehand. Jovonnie, it must be said, is the Jovonnie we know and love: cool, calm and collected, confident in the (not necessarily unfounded) belief he's God's gift to mankind.

"You horny?" B.O.B. says, redundantly. "You wanna see them white lips on that dick, huh?"

"Mmm hmm." Jovonnie tries letting that one go. He's not one for talk at the best of times, and this kind isn't likely to stimulate debate. There's some more business, as Andreas squirms like a scorpion's making it's way up inside him, and Jovonnie pulls his top off, starting to look confused by the pyscho vibe in this asylum. It sure wasn't like this at PapiThugz!

"This time we wanna make sure he doesn't go back to the other side of the fence," B.O.B. goes in for the kill: "This time we gotta keep him in dark meat. Even when he goes to a restaurant he gonna order dark chicken."

Oh God, make it stop! Andreas looks like he's about to fidget himself to death, and he still won't look at Jovonnie. Jovonnie, for his part, looks more confused than ever, because people usually can't stop looking at him. What is this mad place he's found himself in? Can somebody get his agent on the line!

But it gets worse:

B.O.B. tells Andreas: "You're gonna get a drumstick at Thanksgiving." You know, like black people do...

Jovonnie casts his eyes to the floor - maybe it's clicked that something's badly wrong with this picture - but the show must go on, and he pulls out his famous piece. But things take a turn for the worst. You see, Jovonnie is used to an enthusiastic level of dick worship, and Andreas half-heartedly jerking him off (whilst looking elsewhere) just ain't cutting it.

"You can do it," B.O.B. coaxes his reluctant star, "You can take it."

Then, beautifully, Jovonnie pulls a face that says it all: "No - he can't."

Fortunately, Andreas won't have noticed that look, because he hasn't once looked at Jovonnie's face. He's just a big black dick, after all.

Watch the clip here, if you can stomach it.

*This article was originally published on ka-os|theory in a modified form as "Racism? What racism? It's just a bit of fun! (Right?)" on 6th January 2010.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to read more of this sort of analysis.

Your last question set me thinking, too. "Blacks on Boys" sets up an uncomfortable opposition - a skin colour versus a human being. I've spent more than 20 years lecturing people that I am a "gay man" rather than "a Gay", because making an adjective into a noun means you can elide my humanity in describing me (and History has shown that to be a bad thing). It's the same here - the skin colour is fetishized to such an extent that the individual disappears, becoming only black. He is there to dominate, to "own" the white boy's arse, seemingly to punish or humiliate the passive guy for desiring a black partner. It's perverse, but the name of the site suggests a disgust for, rather than an appreciation of, interracial sex.

How delightful it is to come across porn where the participants look excited to be with each other. How delightful and how rare.


Garçon Stupide said...

Greg - I'd like to read more of this sort of comment.

I've been meaning to vent my spleen about this for ages. I completely agree with your comments, and I intend to go into the whole issue of sites like BlacksOnBoys in the next part of this.

"How delightful it is to come across porn where the participants look excited to be with each other. How delightful and how rare."

Now that's a statement I strongly disagree with - grimly exploitative sites like B.O.B.s are in the minority. The models appearing the flicks by the best known "brands" are clearly excited by one another - Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin, the Peters twins (lol), Jovonnie's couplings with real life lover City Boy, Shorty J and... er, anyone who worships his cakes...

Thanks for your comments - thought-provoking indeed!

.::.~*Dovie*Lee*~.::. said...

I can not stomach some of the dumb shit that the camera man says in those films..after seeing one i was done and this sounds just like him from reading it.

one time the ONION NEWS did a parody of interracial straight porn where things like this are always said by the white girls. One white girl in the ONION NEWS parody said to the black guy fucking her


what is it with whites and the bbd syndrome? BBD IS BIG BLACK DICK.

Garçon Stupide said...

"what is it with whites and the bbd syndrome? BBD IS BIG BLACK DICK.

I hope you're not suggesting that all "whites" (which itself is pretty offensive) are all "BBD" hungry racists. Which your closing comment suggests you are.

One thing this blog is about is recognising that there's a big problem with racism in the gay community - but it doesn't stop with "whites".

Cogent Ascending said...

One thing this blog is about is recognising that there's a big problem with racism in the gay community - but it doesn't stop with "whites".

Thank god some one said it.

Though I think its an interesting concept to discover in the gay scene racism takes on a whole different dimension.

It ISN"T just white people who behave badly concerning race and in many cases it is not only expected but encouraged for gay men to behave in a way that in any other setting simply would not go unpunished as blatant racism.

Porn being one of those cases.

Here the fetish of dark skin or pale skin is seen as more important than the act of racism itself.

Here because it can be masked as fetish or even as an adjunct to fetish the racism is percieved as less than the ugly act that it is.

You can't escape your personal preference and when it comes to sex I certainly am not an equal oppertunity affirmative action partner. I don't like white men and probably never will when it comes to my bedroom.

And thats okay because its sex, its my preference, my fetish, if you will, and how can one be blamed for being the racist they are when it sounds so absurd to demand equality of color when referring to sex?

Please explore on.

Eduardo Guize said...

The problem is that the kind of interracial gay porn offered by BlacksonBoys (a name that says a lot indeed) is the easiest and cheapest to find on the net. Surprisingly enough, I can only remember one interracial gay sex sequence I've found on the net with more romance than stereotypes, and it was a Titan movie with Diesel Washington and some French actor in it if I'm not wrong... Not a big porn expert here, anyway...

This is not all fun for white men (always suspected to be "experimenting" when dating a black guy), but obviously the worst part is for black men: those who are rejected for "not being black enough", those who look down at their cock then up at the sky to ask God why they didn't get "the perks of being black", but also those who try to take advantage of the stereotype and start "acting black" to attract dark meat seekers, which only ends in alienation and shallowness.

I know my Dovie doesn't mean to generalize.

And GS, I do think your blog is helping change that.

Olly said...

I think the line between fetish (which I find generally acceptable) and racism (BAD BAD BAD!) is vague at best. Fetishes are usually linked to stereotypes, i.e. bears, army guys, bikers, twinks and in this case, the stereotypical, big-dicked, cocky, dominant, vernacular-speaking black thug'.

I think the question is whether a fetish influences one's view of that particular group of people. When it comes to purely sexual gratification, one's partner may become less significant than the stereotype he/she represents. With that said I think this particular brand of porn is geared at exactly that: stereotypical black men dicking down stereotypical white boys.

Greetings from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Forbidden Light said...

Whew! 'Nuff Said...

I agree with Greg's comment, I'd like to see more posts like this...I love porn analysis! There are so many socio-political nuances revealed when porn is picked apart.

Five-Star Post!


This was a good entry, only wished that I could watch the clip though I don't like the porn from that site.

J. Clarence said...

BlacksOnBoys is one of those websites that just makes you want to shake your head in disgrace, and punch someone in the face when they claim gay people of color are fabricating the notion that there is a serious issue within the gay community around the objectification of race.

Aside from the question you asked, about why such a site exists in the first place, what I would like to know is who the producers are targeting. Are they targeting gay people of color you fantasize about dominating a White person or a White person that wants to be dominated by a Black Brute?

Donn M. said...

WOW, that had 2 be an uncomfortable. I wont get into the whole racist thing, BUT MOST of the time when there's a white & a black dude in a porn scene together, they try 2 make this "WORSHIP the BLACK COCK" type of thing out of it. ANDDDD the white dude is almost NEVER attractive(at least from what i seen)

Garçon Stupide said...

J. Clarence - I've been wanting to raise awareness of sites like BlacksOnBoys for a while, and I was going to go into more depth about it, solicit opinion of relevant parties et cetera, but I felt like this was a prime example of what goes on at that site, particularly seen through Jovonnie's eyes, as it were. This is just part one!

Your question is one I want to address. Depressingly, I'm sure B.O.B. serves both black and white.

The question remains though - is all fair in sex and sexual gratification? That's open to debate. My main concern is the gay youth, and the damage exposure to sites like these does to them - whether they're black or white...

Garçon Stupide said...

Donn - I've got a pretty good knowledge of porn, sad as that might be, and I can tell you there's plenty of really hot interracial porn out there. This BlackOnBoys type crap is an American thing. You don't see it in the UK or Europe, where black performers aren't described by their race the way they are in the US.

Even in the US, "reputable" studios like Falcon feature black models who don't fit the thug stereotype with their equally hot white/Latino models.

And then there's the any racial mix will do free for alls like Collin O'Neal and Kristen Bjorn. BlacksOnBoys really are the minority - and the bottom of the barrel.

J. Clarence said...

Garçon, no doubt an inherent part of pornography is objectification; however, I believe what we see here goes well beyond sexual objectification and finds itself ultimately rested in our (American) long held perception of Black men as brutes. And so it is not purely sexual, but rather contingent on racial stereotypes.

The Black male performers here are not portrayed as just Black performers, like say the Black performers in Blake Mason or even Randy Blue videos, but rather they portrayed as characters, brutes, vicious uncivilized lustful creatures that prey on the innocent, in this case the (White) boys. Conversely, one could also take issue with how the White performer is objectified and degraded as a piece of meat in many of these films.

As for whether or not this kind of portrayal ultimately harms anyone I think it does, because it perpetuates notions of gay people of color as subhuman--as someone else said here "a skin colour versus a human being"--which only reinforces already stereotypical notions held by others within the gay community.

Another issue is that this type of depiction is so prevalent in gay pornography. If it was just a humble niche it would not be that serious of an issue, but because it is generally perceived as the norm bumps it up to another level.

Garçon Stupide said...

J. Clarence - God, DEAR GOD, I completely agree with you.

You hit the nail on the head when you cite Blake Mason - and even Randy Blue - but take Blake Mason, a British company, which features a fair number of black models, who just don't conform to the US thug sterotype. No reference is even made to their ethnicity - and why would it be? Models are treated as just another sexy boy, no different from the white models. This shouldn't be cause for celebration, it should be the norm across the board.

The freaky objectification of black models by companies like BlacksOnBoys in this day and age is truly mind-boggling. I need to do some research, but I'm pretty sure the UK's Race Relations act wouldn't allow this kind of vile racism - and if not that, then EU directives.

Really - how can it be allowed? It's utterly barbaric. It's sickening.

Your last statement is erroneous, however - "his type of depiction is so prevalent in gay pornography".

It's not - it's prevalent in American gay porn. The problem is YOURS. Look at the out of Europe, Brazil etc - big dicks are big dicks. But in the US there's big dicks, and there's BIG BLACK DICKS.

J. Clarence said...

Garçon, you will have to forgive me for being American-centric on that last point, yes, it is principally 'our' problem, as it is produced here. (Though, porn is a global industry and both Europe, and its anti-immigrant/foreign spurts that crop up every now and again, as well as Brazil's troubled history with its darker population, would lead me to presume it may not be just stateside.)

But unequivocally you all have had a much easier stint with race relations (recently), partly because of the very low numbers (some only 3-4% of all of Europe's population, and that's including all non-Whites), the fact that you all have not had as troubled a history with race as we have--at least in contemporary times--and social policies that push a more egalitarian philosophy.

As for how they can get away with it? "Who will stop them?" is the better question to ask. Gay people of color have very little voice in the gay community, and many, too many, brush off these depictions as just preference. And because it is perceived as the norm--after all television shows like COPS sold the prepackaged image that this really was like how Black men behaved--why would they think differently?

More studios are changing slowly to a more Blake Mason model, especially the online ones like Randy Blue which has a pretty big roster of Black male performers, who aside from being labeled "Black" for search purposes are just one of the regular performers. But, sadly, there is a market for this kind of pornography. And in capitalism if you see a need you fill it.

Also as food for thought you might find Michael Galletta, the webmaster for Addicted to Black Boys, defense of his fetish insightful...maybe.

Garçon Stupide said...

Uh uh. It's not just "a preference". It's racism. It's obscene. Pure and simple. We all need to do something about this.

Call to arms!

vitaminE said...

Hilarious but true. I agree though porn does go a bit too far sometimes, especially with interracial scenes. LOL(cunt wreckers)

Anonymous said...

You see this as a racism against blacks? It sure is also that, but mostly this racism is aimed against whites. Try and make a porn flick where there is a black man sucking on a dummy and simultaneously fucked by huge dick. Whoaa, not possible!
All this "black domination" grows from the fact that blacks are (used to be) suppressed in America.

John R Gordon said...

Wow - gruesome & interesting, & your own analysis was very sharp, & people's comments thought-provoking. On a more frivolous note, looking up stuff about a cutie from one of your other features, Angyl Valentino, I was excited to find a defiant black sub bottom determined to be a star, who appears in (speaking of accidentally funny titles) a work entitled 'Piss & Boots' - which connotes the panto here in a way (surely?) it doesn't in the US...

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