*SINGAPORE won't be throwing out its law forbidding gay sex. But it's not all bad news. Their Law Minister says, "The way the society is going, we don't think it's fair for us to prosecute people who say that they are homosexual." Pictured left, Alex Au with his photos featuring same-sex kissing. Au is the founder of Singapore gay rights group, People Like Us.

*INDIA: Meanwhile, someone described as "India's top television yoga expert" has challenged the Delhi High Court's decision to strike down a law forbidding gay sex. "Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and other meditation techniques," he believes.

*SWEDEN: There are gay pensioners. We know this because "elderly homosexuals in Stockholm are hopeful that their long-held hopes of having a nursing home of their own may soon become a reality."

*US: Towleroad talks to Daniel Choi about being a gay Asian-American in the military, Don't Ask Don't Tell, and Barack Obama.

*US: U.S. Navy Seaman August Provost III, is buried. Media reports of his death attract racist and homophobic comments.

*US: 23 years in prison - that's the sentence handed down to the murderer of 20-year-old Roberto Duncanson. But it should have been life.

*US: We don't want you sort around here!

*UK: A 19-year-old Algerian thief cries rape over the brutal murder of a 28-year-old gay man.

*UK: The House of Lords votes to retain the amendment "that legitimises the defence of free speech in cases involving the incitement of anti-gay hatred".

*UK: The Queer Youth Network lodges a formal complaint with the Press Complaints Commission following The Scum... er, I mean, The Sun's branding of a 16-year-old transgender teen as "tacky, sad and slightly sick".

*UK: Peter Tatchell led the 30th birthday celebrations for the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association. Michael Cashman MEP, president of the European Parliament's all-party 'Intergroup' for gay and lesbian human rights, said: "Unless we can separate religion and politics, we will never advance."

*Old plastic face on why his gay kiss wasn't a gay kiss.

*Homophobia in places you might not have thought to look: "I've seen firsthand the macho, anti-gay attitude that can be prevalent in the horror community."

*Some American beefcake is outed by his ex. Don't have a clue who he is, but he's hot, and the story's a juicy. And there's more here. Oh and here too.

*Gay football sex shocker!

*Baby man beef slab Micah Richards is stranded in Cyprus after contracting swine flu. Poor thing, never mind, a healthy, strapping lad like Micah will be fighting fit in no time!

*Speaking of strapping lads, Oguchi Onyewu (try and say that after a bottle of wine) has transferred to AC Milan. Do you care? Do I care? Nah. I just wanted to run the pictures, that's all.

*And just to wrap up our extensive sports coverage, boxing boy babe Amir Khan's going to Los Angeles. Let's hope he doesn't lose his Northern accent.

*Blog daddies.

*Male engagement rings.

*Naked! I mean, NAKED!

*Erica Dorn's Anatomy of Intimacy.

*Gay Icons opens at London’s National Portrait Gallery.

*Beautiful, old, forgotten furniture.

*43 per cent of us have dated a colleague: would you?

*The iconic BBC Television Centre is Grade II listed.

*Big Ben is 150 - and Little Ben is celebrating too!

*Leicester Square for sale on eBay! Sort of.

*30 minutes is all the time it would take to flood Westminster. Downing Street and the Houses of Parliament are at risk.

*"As I speak, people are riding the lions and climbing up as far as they can on the reliefs of Nelson's Column." The Director of the National Gallery isn't happy about Trafalgar Square's transformation. I can't say I blame him.

*London's burning: fire guts an office building in Soho. The fire, in pictures.

*Another teen stabbing halts an Alexander O'Neal concert in Bermondsey. The last fatal stabbing was 17-year-old Jahmal Mason-Blair in May. Eight young boys have died this year.

*Six boys, aged 16-20, are convicted of the murder of 14-year-old Shaquille Smith (left) in August last year. Judge Paget said: "The most shocking aspect is that it was completely unprovoked and completely unnecessary. It was truly mindless violence resulting in the death of a totally innocent 14-year-old boy sitting yards from his front door."

*Woman held for breaching an Antisocial Behavioural Order banning her from noisy sex.

*Perhaps she should refer the police to the NHS. Apparently, NHS leaflets are "advising school pupils that they have a right to an enjoyable sex life and that regular sex can be good for their cardiovascular health."

*You'd have thought the Health Service had enough to do. There's something called swine flu going about, so I hear. "As with all flu-like viruses, some people are at higher risk than others. Unfortunately, people who are otherwise healthy could also become seriously ill or, sadly, die." Sadly, yes. That's exactly what I'd say. Anyway, we're all going to be vaccinated, so that's okay.

*A science teacher is held on suspicion of attempted murder, following alleged attacks on three pupils. The children had been taunting the recent stroke victim with cruel chants. Ain't karma a bitch, kids?

*Speaking of playing with fire...

*Crude oil bath.

*Sand storm!

*Was everyone's favourite pantomime villian, North Korea, behind the July 4th cyber attacks?

*Another broken promise? No end on the needle exchange ban the Obama administration promised to end.

*11 Theories Why Irma... er, I mean Palin, resigned. They left off that she might have been missing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and her old friend April O'Neil.

*Study: "For every 1 per cent increase in unemployment, both suicides and homicides rose by 0.8 per cent."

*And the economic crisis is even hurting Ikea!

*You too could be Brazilian.

*A remarkably small head.

*Gee I guess Australia isn't all bad. One town has banned the sale of that most obscene, and wasteful, contrivance: bottled water. Who'll have the balls to do it next?

*The antibiotic that delays the aging process. (Just watch the stampede to the doctor.)

*Caffeine may delay or even reverse Alzheimer’s.

*Swearing might increase pain tolerance.

*You might not have the willpower to be a vegetarian, but could you be a flexitarian?

*"Firstborns are plunged into an intellectually demanding, adult-only environment." Tell me about it! And furthermore: "Even sexuality appears to be influenced by birth order: the more older brothers a man has, the more likely he is to be gay."

*Could you survive a home-made nuke?

*Cyborg crickets!

*Mirrors on the moon!

*African sun to power European homes.

*What does the future hold for the Arctic?

*WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE! "Climate change will cause civilisation to collapse."

*Should crabs have rights?

*Introducing the Rosy Lipped Batfish. Ain't he pretty?

*Toy soldiers. Just a bit wrong.

*Digital-age freeconomics, online advertising, and why YouTube is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

*With the closure of so many magazines lately, it's good to hear one positive story: "Icarus is the first magazine devoted to gay-themed speculative fiction and writing - from fantasy to horror to science fiction, and all the weird tales that fall between the cracks."

*Blue's Duncan James: "I'm bisexual. I've been in loving relationships with men as well as women - and I'm not ashamed."

*A truly unforgiving portrait of Michael Jackson.

*Michael Jackson's albums now hold all 10 top positions on Billboard's top pop albums chart.

*En Vogue reunite.

*Big daddy LL Cool J might come out of retirement.

*London booes knackered child catcher Madonna.

*Mariah's got hand. Lots of it.

*"Ironik, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal: what's in a name?"

*Is the porn industry losing the plot? Not according to Randy Blue, who are venturing into the story-based porn format with That 70s Gay Porn Movie. And in Raging Stallion Studios' double-disc sci-fi sex saga, The Visitor, "Epoc finds himself smack-dab in the middle of one of the most oversexed and under-inhibited gay communities on Earth, his research becomes much more compelling than he imagined."

*Do you love Brüno or hate him? Your response might be more telling than you think.

*Christopher Meloni gets his guns out over at DListed, and it's quite a show! There's also snaps of Wentworth Miller dressed up as a NY cop, if you're interested.

*Aidan Gillen - of The Wire and Queer As Folk - talks to The Independent about his new role in the BBC's new credit crisis drama Freefall.

*A ten part David Attenborough documentary, Life, headlines the BBC's autumn schedule. Television firsts include "dolphins creating circles of mud to entrap fish, hunting cheetahs collaborating to bring down prey twice their size, killer whales who have learnt to stalk seals and Komodo dragons trailing buffalo." Expect "epic spectacles such as millions of fruit bats darkening the Zambian sky, dozens of polar bears feasting on a whale and a billion butterflies cloaking a forest in Mexico" too.

*A licence fee martyr - who has refused to pay on the grounds of alleged biased reporting - will appear in court next week. 70-year-old John Kelly claims the BBC's reporting lacks political balance.

*Veteran producer Tony Garnett has criticised the BBC's output of junk food drama: "In addition to EastEnders and Casualty, it now has Holby City and numerous other lengthy series. There are very few single pieces or mini series, the kind of original writers' work which a voice can communicate directly with an audience."

*Chat show host Trisha Goddard has lashed out at "white, middle-class" TV producers.

*Charlie Brooker has been thinking about a second series of his zombie horror Dead Set: "If we did a Dead Set 2 we thought we'd do one based on I'm A Celebrity but actually The Apprentice would be better because then you could have ten really ruthless, foul-mouthed people." Sir Alan as a cannibalistic zombie? Hmm...

*Danniella Westbrook (right) - the actress best known for her nose completely collapsing - will shortly return to EastEnders as Sam Mitchell.

*Tyson Beckford talks to Digital Spy about the second season of Make Me A Supermodel. Sadly, in response to a question about losing his clothes, he says, "Me? No, not so much. They don't want to see me!"

*Mathieu Montcourt, the tennis player, 4th March 1985 – 6th July 2009. He was 24.

*Arturo Gatti, the boxer, 15th April 1972 – 11th July 2009. He was 37.


"You know, we might just as well not have bothered to come. The whole thing's been ridiculous."


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