Indar Smith
Boyfriend, a new short film by Kyle Krieger, starring Indar Smith and Jake Wilson, explores an all too common dating scenario.

“I recently teamed up with a few of my best friends to create this short film for my application to film school," Krieger says. "This is my first attempt at directing a film and I really loved the process so much. I learned a lot about storytelling….When single, I have often encountered partners or friends or people who I was interested in who led me on and entertained my company without disclosing their honest intentions right away….A part of me understands why they would do that. I too have been in a relationship and was attracted at the newness and flirtation of a new acquaintance. Especially if my relationship was in a downturn or going through a rough patch. This film is just a glimpse into those emotions and that process.”

K A O S  ©  2 0 1 7


Anonymous said...

wow, in 5 minutes I went from happy and joyous. to sad and disappointed.This is an awesome little film and I was wanting to know how it progresses for both of them, well done.

KAOS said...

It's beautifully done, right? Glad you enjoyed :)

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