19-year-old Jason Benjamin Josaphat, a baby. That Saturday night should have been the best Saturday night of his life, where he met the love of his life, or the best fuck of his life, or the worst fuck of his life, the one he laughed with his friends about later.

19-year-old Jason Benjamin Josaphat, someone's best friend, someone's secret crush, someone's future soulmate. A son.

19-year-old Jason Benjamin Josaphat. I should be posting his picture because he's fucking beautiful, because he's an Instaboy, because he was beautiful inside too, and he was loved. But instead I know 19-year-old Jason Benjamin Josaphat because he's dead, the face - just one of forty-nine faces - of a real life horror story. What was it like for him in those last moments of life? Do you dare to try and imagine it?

19-year-old Jason Benjamin Josaphat. A baby - our baby - who died before he lived.



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