Taron O. Webb

Tonight, I belatedly learned of the death of one time porn star Taron O. Webb, aka CocoDorm's Pimp. The news came not through any gay news site, or even from the big gay porn news sites like The Sword and Queer Me Now, but by word of mouth, from a friend. Taron's passing wasn't covered by them: the life of a young black man isn't newsworthy enough, even if he was once a part of the industry those sites cover.

With no reputable news coverage of his passing, we're left with his Facebook page, flooded with condolences from friends, family and fans. Their words - and Taron's own - tell us a little about him. One moving post is left by one Moe Marquize, a former partner:

"They say never wait until it's too late to apologize & for that I'm so thankful I had a opportunity to tell you in person... how sorry I am & also to let you know I forgive [you] as well. People coming into [your] life at the unexpected time, and you was one of them. Now looking back every obstacles I had to overcome I overcame them from the lesson I learn from you (my first) and for that [you] will always remain in my heart... words can't explain how hurt I am right now, but I'm know your in a better place. I will always love you Taron O. Webb R.I.P (tore this pic up almost 7 years ago, every time I wanted to threw it away I couldn't, I'm glad I didn't."

Taron was seriously ill towards the end of his short life. On the 4th May, he posted, "Life is rough and can get very depressing watching your body deteriorate before your very own eyes having surgery after surgery and most of all doing it all alone with no one there to encourage you but yet I'll still lift my hands up until the Lord Jesus Christ and tell him thank you anyhow, thank you for what you have given me, thank you for being my God and my guide, and thank you that heaven is my final destination in the name of Jesus Christ thank you."

Two weeks later, he was dead.

Moe Marquize posted on 18th May, "Nobody will never know, you was my first my everything, I love [you] soo much Taron O. Webb I thank God I got to hold you right before you took your last breath.. I'm soo hurt right now, I can't stop cry.. please god, I need help."

That's what's left, lives touched, lives devastated. Those of us who knew of Taron through his performances - a short chapter in an even shorter life - are saddened, shocked, confused by the the jarring juxtaposition of sex and death, of youth and mortality. And there will be those who will write Taron off for the path he travelled; "another dead porn star", as if witnessing him having sex diminishes him, but not the viewer.

But he mattered. His life mattered, and his passing matters.

Taron O. Webb (1985-2015).


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Taron but I remember some of the HIV/AIDS activism he participated in several years back.

He would have had no way of knowing this but by sharing his story he encouraged me and my friends to make wiser choices.

Because he was so handsome he made my younger self dismiss all those silly thoughts about what HIV looked like and focus on protecting myself.

It's strange to say you'll miss someone who you never met but I wish Taron could have been healthy and stayed with us longer.

Out of desperation (I'm sure) he did some things that I bet he wasn't proud of but if he hadn't lived through so much he wouldn't have reached so many.

Gilbert said...

wow i remember him....

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