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 B O Y S 

One of CocoDorm's most popular features is its Wannabees section, in which would-be models vie for a spot in the dorm. CocoDorm members rate the boys, and the most popular get into the house. Here's some of our current favourites.
23-year-old Texas Boi
Freakiest Thing Brotha Done: "Had a 3sum with my best friend."

20-year-old Tiny T
Freakiest Thing Brotha Done: "I had a foursome in the park."

26-year-old Little Boi Romeo

19-year-old Juicy
Freakiest Thing Brotha Done: "Threesome, and taken facials from everyone! Popped a split on a dick."

20-year-old Baby Face
Freakiest Thing Brotha Done: "Threesome with two tops in the park; I think that's the freakiest."

18-year-old Carmel Extasy
Freakiest Thing Brotha Done: "I fucked with this dude and his brother, so I guess they ran a train on me. I tried double penetration but that didn't work too good."

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