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THINK you know your gay slang? Here's 10 for you to try out on friends, family and colleagues!

sappho daddy-o n. [1950s] (US gay) a heterosexual man who socialises extensively with lesbians.

tonk n. [1940s+] (Australia) a male homosexual, or an effeminate heterosexual man.

tossed salad n. [1990s] (gay) anilingus and anal intercourse.

Uncle Samantha n. [1950s-60s] (camp gay) the United States government.

vagina little-finger n. [1950s-60s] (camp gay) a snob. [vagina puns on Virginia, seen as a typical upper-class name. Little-finger refers to the affected crooking of the little finger when drinking]

wall queen n. [1960s+] (US gay) 1 a man he leans against a wall while he has sex. 2 a gay man who enjoys reading inscriptions on public lavatory walls.

Xerox queen n. [1960s+] (US gay) a man who prefers all his sexual partners to resemble each other.

yankee n. [1950s] (gay) masturbation [YANK OFF]

yashee n. [1950s-60s] (camp gay) an idiot, a fool. [Rus. yasha, a peasant]

zelda gooch n. [1950s] (camp gay) anyone considered unfashionable. [anecdotal]

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Shamelessly lifted from Cassell's Dictionary of Slang, by Jonathon Green.


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