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It's a man's world, and you men can have it

 M A N N E Q U I N 
 M A N I A 
special edition*

1. Ismael Dado, by Kwame Dwumah Brimpong. More pictures.

1-4. Dominick Hill, by Joseph Bleu. More pictures.

1. Anthony Gallo, by Christopher Logan. More pictures.

1. Sacha M’Baye, by Nicolas Valois. More pictures.
2. Zach Picotte, by Michelle King. More pictures.

1. Jhanelle Castillo, by Adolphus Amissah. More pictures.
2. Jhanelle Castillo, by Joseph Bleu. More pictures.

1. Adam Killian - and others - by Justin Monroe. More pictures.
2. Ian, by Archie Yuan. More pictures.

1. Fernando Cabral, by Jacob Sutton. More pictures.
2-3. Riccardo Giordano, by Ryan E. Wibawa. More pictures.

1-2. Dominick Hill, by Horacio Hamlet. More pictures.

1. Salieu Jalloh, by Jill Greenberg. More pictures.

1-2. Zach Zimmerman, by Saty + Pratha. More pictures.
3. Dion Thompson, by Calvin Brockington. More pictures.

1. Norbert Johns, by Armando Branco. More pictures.
2. "Word's War", by Guillaume Deperrois. More pictures.

1. Jake Genesis and Seth Knight, by Marek+Richard. More pictures.
2. "That 70′s Show", by Georgie Wileman. More pictures.

1. Devon Spence, by Rick Day. More pictures.
2. Rickstar, by Seth London. More pictures.

1. Guetan Elito, by Torian Lewin. More pictures.

1. Jourdan Copeland, by Laurence Ellis. More pictures.
2. Alexej Roman, by Kosmas Pavlos. More pictures.

1. Briefs Brasil, by Pessoas Desaparecidas. More pictures.

1-2. Glen Abrantes, by Christian Oita. More pictures.

1. G-lad. More pictures.

1. Oraine Barrett, by Neil Gavin. More pictures.

1. Dominique Hollington by Rowan Papier. More pictures.
2. Chris Moore, by Leonardo Corredor. More pictures.

1. Kenneth Guidroz, by Rick Day. More pictures.

Mannequin Mania Special Edition:  01 March - 07 April  2013.

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*Not all models feature lifelike articulated movement.
Some models feature small parts not suitable for size queens over 18.
Colour and packaging may vary.

"It's a man's world, and you men can have it."
Katherine Anne Porter, American author, 1894 - 1980.


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