We were here

a pixelated pick'n'mix

From top to bottom:

1. Unknown.

3. Album artwork, Maxwell - Embrya(1998).

5. Unknown.

6. Album artwork, 2 Unlimited - "Get Ready!"(1992).

7. Models perform at Cocoboyz.com.

8. Manuscript, a sculpture by designer Paul Cocksedge.

9. Model Brandon Barratt on a video shoot.

10. Unknown.

11. A dog observes passersby from a hole in the wall.

12. Art by Cris.

13. Photographer John Conn's images of the New York subway in the 1970s and 1980s.

14. Unknown.

15. Unknown.

16. Occupy Wall Street propaganda posters, by Fro Design.

17. Unknown.

18. Spoof of awareness campaign targeting racially-themed Halloween costumes.

19. Bel Ami models Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert pose.

20. Poster for new film We Were Here.

21. The lobby of one of the World Trade Center's twin towers.



thegayte-keeper said...

Ready to return...

Professor Locs said...

A very provocative image.

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