Take the long way home

Faithless - Take The Long Way Home (1996)

Epic, deep, dark, Take The Long Way Home is all of these things.

Watch as, under the I've-seen-everything gaze of the deceptively ancient-looking Maxi Jazz, a black boy in a baseball cap collides with a white man in a suit carrying a briefcase. Watch the white man's wallet fall to the floor. The black boy bends down to pick it up. The white man looks back, but keeps walking, fear on his face. The black boy runs back to the white man, and hands him the wallet. The white man looks confused, afraid, and retreats. The black boy trots off, head down, crushed by this taste of the world...

How many music videos can you say have made you die, a little, inside? The further I go the more I know / Turned up in places that I never intended to go / And so ended my youth... Ain't that the truth, right there.

Take the long way home, but don't expect to enjoy the trip.


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