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Introducing Team Angelica Publishing

Longtime readers of ka-os|theory will already be aware of Rikki Beadle-Blair's thought-provoking "What I Learned Today" entries, which the director/playwright first debuted - to widespread acclaim and an ever-growing band of followers - on his Facebook page. By popular demand, Rikki and longtime collaborator John R. Gordon are now releasing a book drawing on Rikki's year-long journey, as the first release from their brand new Team Angelica Publishing house.

Team Angelica have kindly sent me the covers for their first two books - launching later this month - and I'm proud (and very excited) to unveil them here first.

Rikki Beadle-Blair and John R. Gordon are behind some of the most exciting gay film, theatre and literature from the last decade plus - from Gordon's landmark, award-winning novels such as Skin Deep and Black Butterflies, through to his and Beadle-Blair's work on the hugely popular Noah's Arc, and Beadle-Blair's much-loved TV series Metrosexuality, as well as a raft of brilliant GBLT plays. Team Angelica is also behind the feature-films the groundbreaking FIT, brilliant gay football comedy KickOff, and the forthcoming Bashment, which could well be THE gay film of the decade.

In addition to the What I Learned Today collection, Team Angelica are also releasing as its fiction debut John R. Gordon's fourth novel, Faggamuffin. From the back cover:

‘Foreign… me haffi go a foreign…’

Outed and driven from his homeland by a murderous mob, gay Jamaican Cutty Munroe arrives in London penniless and desperate. At first he is relieved to be given shelter by Buju Staples, a petty crook on the White City Estate, and his girlfriend Cynthia, but Cynthia soon wants to be rid of this ‘wasteman’ crashing on her man’s sofa. Cutty, however, has nowhere else to go. Traumatised and lonely, Cutty falls in love with Buju, and starts to believe that Buju might share his feelings. One night while out on the rob Cutty makes a move on his spar. And then his troubles really begin…

Gordon has received acclaim for his earlier work from literary heavyweights such as Larry Duplechan and Alan Hollinghurst:

"Skin Deep is thought-provoking, subtly erotic and in-your-face nasty by turns, often deeply touching and, at times, surprisingly wise." Larry Duplechan

"I enjoyed and was moved and swept along by Black Butterflies… both a romance and full of real-life detail and observation and poetry." Alan Hollinghurst

What I Learned Today, by Rikki Beadle-Blair, is published on 30th October 2011, and Faggamuffin, by John R. Gordon, is published on 31st October 2011, in the UK. US releases will follow.

Look out for a competition in the coming weeks, where we'll be giving away signed copies of both books!
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