London's burning

Riots, looting as "disturbances" continue to spread across London, and throughout the UK, for a third night:

||| Anarchy spreads to other major UK cities: Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

||| A police station in Birmingham is set alight.

||| Injured police officers are attacked at hospitals; similarly, medical personnel going to their aid are assaulted.

||| Journalists covering the anarchy are beaten up and their cameras destroyed.

||| In Ealing - near to where ka-os|theory is based - restaurants have their windows smashed with diners inside. Cars are torched.

||| A Guardian journalist has his bike taken by a gang of youths. "Just as one of the thieves grabbed my bike from under me a red van raced screeched around the corner and smashed into a parked car."

||| LIVE coverage at The Guardian.


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