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Dark Passage

scaped convict Humphrey Bogart, with the help of beautiful Lauren Bacall scour the streets of San Francisco in search of the person who murdered his wife in Delmar Daves' Noir masterpiece Dark Passage (1947).

This film is unique in the history of noir, as the first forty-five minutes are shot from the first person point of view and you are Bogart, accused of murder and on the lam. Rounding out the cast, are some of the most vivid character players on the Warner Brothers lot headed by a marvelously reptilian Agnes Moorehead in one of her rare roles as a femme fatale. The atmosphere is dark and dank, the black and white cinematography is gorgeous and the convoluted plot line will have you delightfully spinning in your seat. It's classic Bogie, Bacall and Warners all the way!

Steve Hayes

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