This is 15-year-old Temidayo Ogunneye, who was stabbed to death on Wednesday in Camberwell, south London.

Temidayo is the fifth London teenager to die from knife crime this year, whilst another boy, 17-year-old Ezekiel Amosu, was pushed under a bus by a gang.

The murder of Temidayo - on a sunny spring afternoon - came after he confronted boys who allegedly stole his phone hours earlier

Three teenagers have been arrested.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister David Cameron's Conservative government is closing projects designed to prevent young people joining gangs, The Guardian reports.

But Cameron and his government of millionaire public schoolboys needn't worry about their own offspring becoming victims of knife crime: their children will go to the very best schools, in the most privleged areas, well away from the rabble.

Note: Don't Die Before You've Lived is a series of ongoing entries recording the murders of teenagers in London. Although not necessarily GBLT-related, the desperately premature loss of these young boys deserves our full attention. Please remember the names and faces you see here, and spare a thought for kids who really did die before they lived.

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kayjays said...

So it's the Government's fault that almost all victims and all perpetrators of knife crime in London are black? The black community needs to look at itself, the number of single parent fatherless families and the propensity of black males to leave a trail of fatherless children wherever they go, with no financial or moral support.

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

Nice, kayjays, real nice.

The point I was making was that the Government is withdrawing help from communities that need it.

Had you bothered to read The Guardian piece, you'd have seen that the youth groups etc under threat are run by people in those communities.

So it is "looking at itself", as you put it.

Nevertheless, your warmth and humanity has been noted.

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