All that I got is you


Ghostface Killah - All That I Got Is You (1996)
From the album Ironman

In just four minutes, All That I Got Is You paints a picture The Wire took 5 years to.

I never knew poverty like this. My mother, however, grew up in a huge Catholic family presided over by parents who were both alcoholic messes, in a '60s and '70s Belfast ripped apart by "the Troubles". My upbringing was informed by the knowledge that life like this was just a stroke of bad luck away.

"Sometimes I look up at the stars and analyse the sky, and ask myself was I meant to be here? Why?" Oh yeah, All That I Got Is You is a glimpse into a life most of us are lucky enough not to know.

Next time you wonder about what you don't have, think about everything you do. And keep the tissues handy: All That I Got Is You might just bring a tear to your eye.


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