All universal moral principles are idle fancies

20 UK MEN,

25-year-old Jazzy Alexander from London.

27-year-old Antonio from London (and Spain...)

28-year-old "Endz" from Birmingham.

18-year-old Michael Christopher Ilu from London.

23-year-old Justin Hengl from London.

24-year-old Craig Gordon from Telford.

22-year-old Sam Heard from Worthing.

19-year-old Randal from Rochester.

18-year-old Raymond from London.

25-year-old Anthony E Alexander from London.

21-year-old Anthony from London.

19-year-old Dino Arrigo from Derby.

22-year-old Ramar Alexander from London.

Karim, from Cambridge.

32-year-old Louis Kim from London.

19-year-old Rayon Rashid from London.

23-year-old Jarrel Henry from London.

20-year-old Chuku Modu from London.

26-year-old Shaun Doxey from Buxton.

21-year-old Pokyes Hirse from Bristol.

Title quote: "All universal moral principles are idle fancies."
Marquis de Sade, French philosopher, 1740-1814.


thegayte-keeper said...

Ain't that the truth? THANKS FOR THE FEAST!

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